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Title: Castiel vs. Carrie White
Description: The Rising Leader

boratz - December 17, 2008 04:19 AM (GMT)
Castiel and Dracula collided with one another. Dracula kicked Castiel in the chest, and Castiel fell back on the ground. Dracula then jumped over his body, and opened his mouth. Castiel gazed at his long sharp teeth, and kicked him back. Dracula staggered back, as Castiel got back up. Dracula smiled, and lifted his arms. A bright blood red light, blew Castiel through a statue. Castiel got back to his feet, but he was kicked back on the ground by Dracula. Dracula then put his hand on Castiel's head.

"Ready to die Angel" -- Dracula

Castiel uppercutted Dracula, and Dracula fell back. Dracula then was punched several times by Castiel. His vampire army stood ready to attack, but they waited for Dracula to give an order. Castiel then picked up Dracula, and pinned him against a wall. Castiel put his hand against Dracula's forehead, and tried to finish him off. Dracula then started to laugh.

"Well looks you can't kill me, so why don't you just cry to your daddy" -- Dracula

Dracula knocked Castiel back on the ground. Dracula stood over Castiel, and picked him up off the ground. Dracula then threw him against a wall. The vampire king then placed his hand over Castiel's forehead.

"Let's try this again" -- Dracula

A bright blinding light started to shine. Castiel broke himself out of Dracula's grip, and threw out several punches at Dracula's face. Castiel then tackled Dracula to the ground, and Dracula laughed at Castiel.

"You can't kill me" -- Dracula

"I don't have to kill you" -- Castiel

Castiel placed his fingers on Dracula's forehead, and Dracula fell back. A black smoke was then released from Dracula's mouth. It rose in the air, and started to burn away. Dracula's body then turned to ash. Castiel got off the ground to see that the army of vampires had vansihed. Castiel then left for his new orders. Castiel has received orders to elminate a girl with demonic blood, from a demon known as Pazuzu. Castiel headed to Chamberlain, Maine. He heard the news of the high school prom come around, but he was there for his mission.

He headed to a house. He teleported inside the room, and the girl turned to see Castiel. She was shcoked at first, but then got up to talk to him.

"I know what you are" -- Carrie White

"I am an Angel of the Lord" -- Castiel

"Your here to kill me" -- Carrie White

"I am sorry" -- Castiel

"Why?" -- Carrie White

"You have something inside of you. The blood of a demon, known as Pazuzu. We think you will become something evil" -- Castiel

"I don't wnat to die. I was asked to prom by Tommy Ross, people like me" -- Carrie White

"I am sorry" -- Castiel

"Please just me go to prom this weekend. Let me have at least a little fun before I die" -- Carrie White

"Okay" -- Castiel

Nights past....

Carrie got dressed up for prom. She went with Tommy Ross. The once picked on girl, was now being treated with royalty. Carrie had fun the whole night, until she and Tommy were called to be crowned. She got up there with Tommy, and a bucket poured pig blood all over her. Carried stood stunned while the everyone laughed at her. Anger fell through her veins, and finally something got unleashed. A power was unleashed, and she started to kill everyone in the building.

After all the students were dead, Carrie started to walking toward the exit. Castiel appeared behind her. Carrie turned around to see the Angel standing there. Blood covered her face. Castiel gazed at all the dead bodies, and then gazed back at Carrie. Carrie gazed straight at Castiel, and broke the silence between them.

"I won't let you kill me" -- Carrie White

"You killed these people" -- Castiel

"They deserved it" -- Carrie White

"You have let the evil overtake you" -- Castiel

"I will not let you kill me" -- Carrie White

The battle began...

Castiel is from Supernatural

Carrie White is from Carrie

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