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Title: Barry Bonds vs the MLB fans
Description: Because Prison isn't good enough

Buzz Line - January 29, 2008 04:43 AM (GMT)
Barry Bonds has been sent to jail, but unsatisfied a group of New Yorkers decided they were gonna come to the state prison to give Barry Bonds the beat down for trying to cheat his way into beating the legendary Hank Aaron.

This was just fine to Bonds, who still claims to be innocent, and is looking for some retribution. The Prison Guards decided to sanction a match between the fans and Barry to help raise money to build a new jail. Barry Bonds was given a bat and base ball helmet, all the attacking MLB enthusiasts also get base ball bats. The fight goes until someone can't continue. The fight will be televised on ESPN and they even hired to of the biggest names in entertainment to give commentary.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You Know Tom, I never agreed to this. Barry Bonds was obviously setup, look at the man, hes fat! He's still a great athlete but to think that his body is the result of illegal substance is udder stupidity! Next people will say I'm on steroids, and if that roomer starts I promise to close line whoever says it straight to hell!

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Tom Joyner: Now JBL, Imma have to disagree with you. The subject of Bonds being a steroid abuser is up to date, but it wouldn't have to be if he had not been such a butt hole. What has Barry Bonds done for his community, what did he do for his girlfriend? II'll tell you, treat a woman right and she'll take your side even if you're guilty, my long marriage as proof. Look at these fans, they deserve better from their athletes.

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JBL: Tom, what? He got famous and hit home runs, thats enough for any community, no man should have to do more than simply preform, the wealth trickles down by itself. Women should be happy they have a man who can pay the bill. You see wronged fans? I see a pack of ungrateful animals. There just jealous of men like us, they wish they had our muscles and our power. They can only get big through steroids, thats why they accuse every successful athlete of using them and set them up to go to prison!

Tom: I disagree, but we'll come back to that later, the combatants have stepped out onto the black top. 11 angry fans vs Barry Bonds after this commercial break. Stay tuned for the cash call, you can win $1000 dollars.

JBL: The cash calls canceled, Tom, save your money.

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