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Title: Jason Voorhees vs. Jacob Goodnight
Description: Camp Crystal Lake

boratz - December 11, 2008 02:49 AM (GMT)
"Do you know a young boy drown here. His name was Jason, he was my son, and today is his birthday" -- Pamela Voorhees


The night was cold. The moon was shining over the land. The wind whistled through the old run down cabins of Camp Crystal Lake. Something was coming toward the camp, a dark vehicle. A woman sat in the front seat. She glanced in the back seat, to see a large man singing a song to himself. She told him something.

"Jacob, we will be punishing those evil sinners once more, but I have found a new place" -- Margaret

Jacob continued to sing the song to himself, but his mom, Margaret, continued to speak.

"Jacob, you will be able to camp out my son. I will bring some evil dirty sinners over, and you will punish them as you always have" -- Margaret

Jacob still continued to sing to himself. The vehicle pulled up into Camp Crystal Lake. Jacob got out, and started unloading his weapons. He grabbed an axe, and his chains. His mom stood behind him. She smiled at him, and said,

"It won't be long my son. We will punish the evil in the world. You have to see that" -- Margaret

Jacob took his equipment into a cabin. Margaret turned, and saw something. It was a large man with a bag over his head.

"Hello, who are you?" -- Margaret

Jason Voorhees, the one with bag over his head slowly walked over toward Margaret with a machete. She saw the machete, and screamed.

"Jacob!" -- Margaret

Jason cut Margaret in half. Jacob ran out with his axe, and his chains to see his mom cut in half. A tear ran down his face.

"Mom!" -- Jacob Goodnight

Jacob turned his attention to Jason Voorhees. Jacob threw out the chains toward Jason, and battle began.


*Jason Voorhees is a cross between the new upcomming movie Jason, and the original

*Jacob Goodnight is from See No Evil

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