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Title: Ozzaru Vs. Kyuubi
Description: ....which one wins?

E-Apple - December 11, 2008 01:47 AM (GMT)
its both forms of Goku and Naruto.......both in human and monster form.....

Great Ape found Kyuubi, wanted to eat him when he would back into Goku........after killing him...Kyubbi wanted just to kill him.

My opinion is that Full Power Kyuubi against The Great Ape Goku when he was a kid.....will win due to Kyuubis enchanced mountain busting attacks, Energy shield, quick healing and plethora of charka arms and attacks........while Ape can do a beam attack, its like city busting while the one shot by four tails Naruubi was mountain busting.....maybe I should make it four tail instead of full fails.....

Goku will win easily as he moves faster than the eye and the only time Naruto can do that is in the Shippuden or somethin.......and takes bullets like nothin, fires off a powerful Kamehameha shot, has a pole that extends forever, can fly on nimbus cloud, plus a freakin tail and incredible both are tied.

so, what you guys think?

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