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Title: The Punisher vs. Robocop
Description: The Days of Punishment Prt. 3

boratz - December 8, 2008 02:35 AM (GMT)
Frank stood ontop of the roof of the warehouse. He gazed down at the League of Assassins, and clutched two M4 carbines. He then jumped down firing. Landing on the ground the people from all around, were blown down on the ground. The League tried fighting back, but the Punisher shot off a rocket. Body parts flew through the air. Ra's al Ghul ran with a pistol in his hand firing at the Punisher. The Punisher jumped behind a wall, and fired at as many men as he could.

Ra's al Ghul angery as all of his men were now dead. Blood covered the floors, and the Punisher charged out. Ra's jumped out and kicked the Punisher in the chest. The Punisher jumped off the ground, and threw out a punch. Ra's grabbed his arm, and elbowed him in the face. Frank almost fell to the ground, and he stopped himself. He then got kicked in the face.

"You are weak. You pain, fear, depression. That's going to be the death of you" -- Ra's al Ghul

Ra's then kicked the Punisher back into the truck. Ra's took out a sword, and smiled at the Punisher's face.

"I give you one thing though. You certainly made things harder for me" -- Ra's al Ghul

Ra's swung his sword out, but Frank took out two pistols. He fired them rapidly into Ra's al Ghul's chest. Ra's fell to the ground. He started reaching for his pistol. Frank took out a grenade, and took out the pin. He walked out of the warehouse, throwing back at Ra's. The grenade exploded in Ra's al Ghuls face, killing him. The Punisher went back to the old run down buildings. He heard something was happening in Detroit, Michigan. He got all his gear together, and left for Detroit.

As he arrived the city was in ruins. Gangs ran in the streets, people lived in fear. Frank Castle had a job to do. He heard of a corrupt organization within the city. The organization created something that was meant to help the citizens of the city, but instead it was used for their own personal gain. Frank Castle walked through the city, and gazed up at Omni Consumer Products building.

He went to an old run down building to stay. He got evrything set up, and started planning his mission to take down the corrupted faciliy. As he stood outside he saw something enter the building, a machine. The Punisher started his way toward the building, but now he had to face the ultimate cop.

granobulax - December 8, 2008 02:38 AM (GMT)
Finally! Two characters I actually know something about! YAY!!!

I would have to say that the Punisher wins this with ease. He's so much faster than Robocop it's not funny. Plus, Punisher's smart. Poor, poor Robocop... :lol:

darkender - December 8, 2008 02:38 AM (GMT)
Robocop is too slow. He'll get shot in his mouth and die or just get blown up.

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