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Title: The Punisher vs. Ra's al Ghul
Description: Days of Punishment Prt. 2

boratz - December 7, 2008 07:28 PM (GMT)
The Punisher gazed at the Luthor mansion. Surrounded by assassins, and guards, the Punisher grabbed a rocket launcher. He aimed it at a helicopter. Knowing this could be the only way Luthor could escape his punishment, Frank shot out a rocket, and the chopper blew up. All at once the guards scrambled all over the place. Frank Castle took out his automatic rifles, and ran in fiirng at anyone he could kill. Bullets were flying through the air rapidly, and vehicles were exploding from all around. The Punisher finally made his way inside the Luthor mansion.

A siren was going off. It was an alert. All around assassins and mercenaries jumped out trying to take down the Punisher. The Punisher threw down his rifle, and took out a shotgun. Running through the hallwaysm Frank blasted his way through the dead bodies of fallen mercenaries. As he ran out of shotgun shells, Frank picked up an M4 carbine off the floor, and continued to go down to the lower levels.

As he was getting to the lower levels the mercenaries started growing in numbers. The guards came from all directions. The Punisher took out a grenade, and threw it across the room. The grenade exploded causing body parts to fly through the air. The building started to catch fire. The Punisher picked up whatever weapon he could reach. He took out two pistols, and broke through a door containing an armory.

On the walls were stacks of weapons. Some taken off by the guards and assassins, but Frank took a chaingun, and a bunch of explosives. He charged out of the armory blasting down all the guards. The guards and assassins were being ripped apart by the power of the chaingun. Finally they were all dead. Now in Luthor's safe room he stood with his assistant Riley.

"Go out there, and finash this man's life" -- Lex

"Sir he just killed everyone" -- Riley

"Do it now, or I will kill you" -- Lex

"Yes sir" -- Riley

Riley left the room with a pistol. He slowing walked around glancing in every direction. Then he stood before him. The Punisher shot out Riley's legs with chaingun. Riley dnow on the ground, trying to cralwl away got stopped by the Punisher.

"Where's Luthor?" -- Frank Castle

"In his room. Plea Please don't kill me" -- Riley

The Punisher walked away, but threw a grenade by at Riley. Riley tried crawling away as fast as he could, but the grenade blew up in his face. Punisher kicked opened Lex's door, but saw no one in there. A secret door was opened. Punisher walked through it. It was a door to the garage. He walked out in the middle, and saw a car coming straight for him. Punisher jumped out of the way, and fired the remaining shots of his chaingun at the car. The car flipped over, and crashed into a tree outside the garage. The Punisher walked over toward the car, and saw Lex Luthor struggling to get out.

"Please get me out of here. I'll give you as much money as you want" -- Lex Luthor

"You have hurt the innoccent. Your have been corrupt, and gave a nuclear warehead to suicide bombers. Someone has to punisher you" -- Frank Castle

"Please I can give you anything" -- Lex Luthor

Frank Castle walked back toward the garage. He heard the voice of Lex Luthor saying thank you. Frank grabbed some gasoline, and walked back over toward the car. He poured the gas all over Lex, and the car.

"What are you doing?" -- Lex Luthor

"Your about to receive your punishment" -- Frank Castle

Frank took out a lighter and threw it on the car. Lex's body was engulfed with fire, and the car caught fire. Frank walked off in the darkness, and heard the screams of the powerful billionaire in the distance.

Days have past since that night. Newspaper headlines wrote about how Lex Luthor was brutally murdered by the one known as the Punisher. Frank saw in an old run down building, loading up weapons. He had a picture of his family, and gazed at it for several moments. He grabbed some guns from his weapons rack, and left to go on a mission. Frank has left Metropolis, and traveled to Gotham City. A breeding ground for the criminals, and the corrupt.

"Tonight men, the world will burn to the ground. In this city we are in known as Gotham, we will destroy this filthy country, and begin something new. The United States has become corrupted with greed, and evil" -- Ra's al Ghul

From all around people came in with cases full of weapons. Then a box full of containers. A green substance laid inside, and Ra's gazed down at the containers.

"This country will destroy itself through plagues, and viruses" -- Ra's al Ghul

The League of Assassins brought in explosives, and heavy weapons. All the men were ready for their ultimate mission. To destroy the United States.


"Hello Frank" -- MicroChip

"What's the news here" -- Frank Castle

"Well I hear that some ninja freak as brought in a poisen that can spread rapidly. I hear details they want to spread it through the country" -- MicroChip

The Punisher got up, and left. He went to back an old run building, where he had his weapons. He planned out his mission, and grabbed what he needed to fight this mad man from releasing a poisen the U.S.

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