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Title: The Punisher vs. Lex Luthor
Description: Punishment Prt 1.

boratz - December 6, 2008 05:32 PM (GMT)
"Have they arrived in the country?" -- Lex Luthor

"Yes sir. They have the weapons, and they will be ready within the next 24 hours" -- Assistant Riley

"Good. Once they are ready bring out their threat, send in the specialist. Once I have stopped these terrorist this country will know they are not safe alone. They will be looking toward me for their next President of the United States"-- Lex Luthor

Yes sir, and you will be the best President this country has ever seen" -- Riley


The city of Metropolis was dark, and cold. A warehouse was lit up with lights. People were moving around, getting equipment set up. A middle eastern terrorist leader was standing on a crate, yelling out orders. Something was being pulled off the back of a truck. A nuclear warehead. Terrorist surrounded the warehead, and carried variety of weapons. The warehouse was filled with weapons, and men ready to strike fear into the heart of the U.S.

Someone stood ontop of the warehouse. He had a sniper rifle aimed at the terrorist leader. He shot it, and the leaders, head blew off. Frank Castle grabbed a chain gun, and threw a smoke bomb in the room. He jumped in the middle of all the terrorist, and fired rapidly at everyone. As the smoke cleared, more of the terrorist came running in. Frank threw down his chain gun, and took out two pistols. He ran back firing at everyone who ran into the building.

He ran bullets, and jumped on the ground to pick up an AK-47. Firing rapidly, Frank to cover behind a wall. He took out a knife, and threw it through the air. The knife hit one of the terrorist in the face. Frank jumped out blasted his way through the evil men that stood before him. Moments past, and everyone was dead, except for one. The last survivor tried to run off, but Frank shot his legs out from unders him. Frank stood over the terrorist, and gazed over at the warehead.

"Where did you get that?" -- Frank Castle

"If I tell you, will you let me go" -- Terrorist

"Maybe, now talk" -- Frank Castle

"The billionaire Lex Luthor" -- Terrorist

Frank aimed a shot gun at the terrorist's head.

"I thought you said you would let me live" -- Terrorist

"I said maybe" -- Frank Castle

The shotgun fired, blowing apart the terrorist's head. Frank left as he heard police sirens in the distance. He knew he had to serve punishment to Lex Luthor.


"Sir I have some troubling news" -- Riley

"What?" -- Lex Luthor

"Someone has killed all the middle eastern men. The warehead was retrieved by authorities" -- Riley

Lex smashed his hands against his desk.

"What!?" -- Lex

"They don't know who it is sir, but they think it is the Punisher" -- Riley

"The Punisher? Really? Well, if he is going to serve punishment in my city, then he will have to answer for his crime agianst me. Get all of my specialist in. Tell them to come here, and we will wait for this so called Punisher to arrive" -- Lex Luthor

"You really think he would come after you sir. You are the richest man alive, you cleaned up all your traces to the nuke, and.............." -- Riley

"Now please be quiet, and do what I told you to do! If you don't I will turn you loose the animals that I know you don't want to be part of" -- Lex Luthor

"Yes sir" -- Riley

Lex has an army of special assassins, body guards, high tech weapondry, and armed soldiers, and a big mansion.

The Punisher is a one man army. He has a variety of heavy weapons, and he will stop at nothing to lay out his punishment

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