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Title: Predator vs. The Lochness Monster

boratz - December 3, 2008 10:56 PM (GMT)
Warkha gazed at both Burt and Tyler. Burt has his target in place, and fired upon the unblooded Yautja warrior, Tyler did the same. Warkha charged toward the two human beings, but all of a sudden a tremor broke out through the lands. El Blanco came out and caught Warkha in its tentacles. Warkha cut through the tentacles in half with his wrist blades, but was captured in its mouth. Burt just simply put his gun over his shoulder and smiled.

"That's how it should be done" -- Burt

"Yeah, that thing to could take our shots" -- Tyler

"Well may..............."--Burt

Something happened that stopped Burt from speaking. The blades from the unblooded Yautja broke through the graboid's body. Warkha cut his way out of El Blanco's body, and landed on the ground. El Blanco's lifeless body fell on the ground. Burt and Tyler once again started to fire at the Yautja. Warkha charged toward Tyler. Tyler turned around to get away, but he was to slow. Warkha impaled him with his wrist blades, and threw the body to the ground. Burt had a grenade in his hand, and threw it toward Warkha. Warkha jumped out of the way, but was still caught in the explosion. Burt charged toward the Yautja, but Warkha punched him across the face. Burt fell to thr ground, and lifted his gun to hit the creature. Warkha grabbed the gun, and broke it in half. Burt took out a pistol, but before he could fire; Warkha grabbed his arm, and broke it. Burt fell to the ground grabbing his broken arm. He reached for his pistol, and fired once again. Warkha picked him up, and ripped out his skull. Warkha then took the trophy of El Blanco's skull, and headed for his homeworld.

Warkha walked into his father's room, and put the skull of both El Blanco and Burt Gummer before Bloodlust. Bloodlust gazed down at the trophies, and turned his attention to his son. Bloodlust headed over to his wall of weapons, and took down a ceriamonial dagger. He placed it in Warkha's hands. Warkha got to his feet, and followed his father to a screen. The screen showed a picture of Earth once again. The screen turned to a location in Scotland. The heat singature of a monster came out before Warkha. Warkha watched a recording of the creature moving at incredible speeds in the water. Warkha turned his attention to his father, Bloodlust. Bloodlust put down his head, and Warkha turned around to head for his next hunt. Warkha gazed out at the passing planets, and was preparing himself for the hunt. A hunt to once again prove himself to an Elder. To prove himself to Bloodlust. To prove himself worthy of his father's reconition.

Warkha had broken through Earth's atmosphere once again, and landed in the lands of Scotland. The stars were high above the unblooded Yautja, and the grassy fields layed below him. He cloaks himself, and stealthly heads toward the direction of Loch Ness. Daylight came through the lands, and Warkha stood over the water. He saw nothing, but the stillness of water. Warkha heard something in the distance. He turned to see a speed boat traveling through the water. Warkha stood back to watch the speed baot pass by, and shake the water. He still saw nothing of his prey. Then once again silence overtook him. Warkha took a knee on the ground, and started planning on how find a creature that could not be found. Suddenly he heard something, a cry of girl's voice in the distance. Warkha started to run toward the direction of the cry.

Warkha finally got to the area where the sound came from. He saw a little on the ground behind a large rock crying. On above her was the creature that he was instructed to hunt. The Loch Ness monster came down o attack the little girl, but Warkha jumped in front of her, and hit its head away, with his combi stick. The Loch Ness monster came back up, and steered confused as the unblooded warrior. Warkha stood with his combi stick, and ready for to attack. The little girl started back away from the rock, and headed to hide behind a tree. The Loch Ness monster roared in anger, and Warkha stood there waiting for it to attack. Then the unblooded let a roar to signal that he was ready for battle. The Loch Ness Monster came down to attack, and Warkha swung out his combi stick. The little girl was watching behind the tree, and watched the the bloody battle begun.


Warkha has one last test to prove himself worthy to his father. Loch Ness has attacked a family, and Warkha came in between it. Warkha has a combi stick, and wrist blades. Loch Ness has the surrounding land, and body of water.


*Lochness Monster

*Time For Battle

E-Apple - December 3, 2008 11:45 PM (GMT)
............Warkha has to get into the water, thus going on Nessie's turf......he's in trouble unless he had a net or a shoulder cannon which he doesn't have.....

This is Grano. Just because you can get a word past the filters, doesn't mean you can type them out. Please refreign from using those words from now on.

granobulax - December 4, 2008 12:14 AM (GMT)
I can see this fight happening two ways.

One way is that the unblood becomes furious at the lochness monster for attacking a child and destroy the monster on land.

The second way would be that the unblood is not as skilled as his blooded counterparts and doesn't kill lochy on land and the monster reciedes back into the lock. The result will still be the same, it will just take longer. Yautja are patient and he will wait for the lochness monster to resurface and then kill him then.

I will say that this is an interesting match up. Nice job!

pinhead 2 - December 7, 2008 09:29 AM (GMT)
but a pred cant go into water?

granobulax - December 7, 2008 12:47 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (pinhead 2 @ Dec 7 2008, 09:29 AM)
but a pred cant go into water?

A predator can go into water. The bio mask that they wear can "Filter" the water to be able to breath. The think is, the predator would not be stupid enought to go into the water with a gigantic monster that can swim emensly well in the water. Nah, he'd just as well be patient and wait for the monster to resurface rather than enter its environment...

pinhead 2 - December 7, 2008 01:07 PM (GMT)

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