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Title: Castiel vs. The Mummy

boratz - November 29, 2008 01:12 AM (GMT)
Freddy's shadowy figures came toward Castiel. Castiel dodged the attacks, but more yellow truck smashed into Castiel. Castiel fell back on the ground. The shadow then took hold of him, and threw him into a house. Castiel jumped to his feet, and saw a small girl in front of him. She was turned around, but turned to face Castiel. Her eyes were cut out of there sockets, and blood was dripping from out of her eyes.

"He's here. Freddy's here" -- Small Girl

The floor broke from underneath him, and Castiel hit the ground. Castiel got to his feet, hearing the laughter of Freddy echoeing the house. Freddy came out from behind a door. He gazed at Castiel, and started waving his arms at Castiel. Debris flew through the air, and smashed Castiel through a wall. Castiel finally got to his feet, and charged toward Freddy. Castiel collided with Freddy, but Freddy vanished. It was a decoy.

"Oh what's wrong B****! Are you getting angry" -- Freddy

Castiel jumped toward Freddy. Freddy swung his arm out, and Castiel was blown through the roof of the house. Castiel got up, but Freddy stood behind him. His smile reflect off the eyes of Castiel. Castiel charged toward Freddy. Castiel grabbed him, and both of them fell off the roof. After hitting the ground Castiel started to punched Freddy across the face. Freddy kicked Castiel back, and tried slicing him up. Castiel finally grabbed Freddy by the throat. Castiel picked him up, and pinned him against the side of the house. Freddy's body started to light up.

"I'll be back B****. I alway do" -- Freddy

Finally Freddy died for good. His lifeless body fell to the ground, and Castiel watched it burn away.

"Not this time" -- Castiel

Castiel vanished from Elm Street, and headed to recieve his new orders. After learning of powerful threat in Egypt, Castiel headed to Dean Winchester's location. He wanted to keep him updated on the situation occurring. Castiel in a corner of Sam and Dean's motel room. Sam was out getting some food. Dean walked over toward Castiel.

"So you finally show up. Tell me how's Anna doin?" -- Dean

"She is fine. She has been put into another group of Angels, that I am not apart of" -- Castiel

"So why are you?"-- Dean

"A powerful demon known as Pinhead, was released onto Earth" -- Castiel

"So what me and Sam stop him, and save your little fluffy winged selves" -- Dean

"No I have already destroyed him, but he has released an army of power creature from all over the world. I am going to be fighting. I may not be the one giving you updates anymore" -- Castiel

"What?" -- Dean

"I have been given a new mission. To fight the evils in the world. To help prevent human losses" -- Castiel

"Then what's going to happen?" -- Dean

"I don't know" -- Castiel

Castiel vanished, and headed for Egypt. As he arrived the sky were black. Fire rained down. Locust roamed the air. Water became blood. In the distance a sand storm came his way. In the center there was a large figure, in the shape of a face. Castiel lifted his arm, and the sand storm broke away. Castiel then saw a dark figure walk out before him. The figure became a human like person. He was bald, with a dark robe around him. He had gold jewlry on him, and he walked over toward Castiel. A smile came across his face.

The battle begins. Imhotep is trying to unleash his curse onto the world, but Castiel has been sent to stop him.

Castiel is from Supernatural

Imhotep is from the Mummy

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