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Title: Castiel vs. Freddy Krueger
Description: Evil Has Unleahsed A Nightmare

boratz - November 28, 2008 06:22 PM (GMT)
Castiel charged toward Pennywise. Pennywise lifted his arm, and Castiel flew back against a wall. From all around the balloons started to pop. Blood splattered everywhere. Castiel broke out of Pennywise's grip, and grabbed him. Castiel punched him in the face. Pennywise fell to the floor, but he came back up with a punch. Castiel staggered back, and Pennywise laughed. The ground crack underneath them, and fire come from the cracks.

Castiel jumped through the air, and jumped ontop of Pennywise. Pennywise pushed him on the ground, but Castiel kicked him in the chest, and threw him against a wall. Pennywise placed his hands against the wall, and from all around the walls cracked. Castiel could hear the laughter of small children from all around. Suddenly all at once small children walked into the room.

Castiel was blown back on the ground. The children surrounded him, and suddenly Pennywise stood over him. Castiel felt something inside of him. He felt a force trying to kill him. Castiel jumped off the ground, and grabbed Pennywise. He lifted the monster off the ground, and threw him on the ground. Castiel placed his hands on the clowns head. Pennywise just laughed, but his laugh turned into a scream. Pennywise's body started to light up the room, and suddenly It was dead. Pennywise's body started to burn away. Castiel back away, and left for his next mission.

After defeating Pinhead and Pennywise, Castiel knew there were more that unleashed because of the power of the power of Pinhead. He received a mission that would in the town of Springwood. As Castiel arrived in Springwood he saw nothing. Everything was completely quiet. Castiel through the town, but it was a ghost town. The wind blew slowly, and the clouds covered the sun. Castiel sat down on a bench, and waited for night to fall.

As night fell over Elm Street, a dark flash came across the land. Castiel felt the presence of something. He got off the bench, and started to walk across Elm Street. He heard something in the distance, and followed the noise. He came across three small girl. They were jump roping. The girls were singing a song: "One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay awake. Nine, ten, never sleep again". Castiel gazed at the childrens face, and saw that their eyes had been cut out. He heard an evil laughter from behind him. He turned to see Freddy Krueger.

"Hello there Angel. Welcome to my world" -- Freddy

"Turn around, and go back to where you came from" -- Castiel

"Now why would I do that B****" -- Freddy

"I'll give you one last chance" -- Castiel

"Huh guess what I think I'll just F*** you up" -- Freddy

Shadows from all around formed a large figure in the sky. The figure was of Freddy. It came toward Castiel. Castiel jumped out of the way, and prepared for battle. Freddy has all his dream powers. Castiel has all his powers. The armies have been unleashed, but can Castiel stop them? Or will he fail?

Castiel is from Supernatural

Freddy Krueger is from Nightmare on Elm Street series

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