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Title: Jack Bauer vs. Major Pa Tee Tint

boratz - November 27, 2008 05:17 AM (GMT)
Jack was sleeping in the back of a truck. He started to dream of his past. His memories went on to his special forces days, then his CTU days, to his wife's death, all leading to his time in China. He suddenly awoke as the truck stopped. People around him started to get off. Jack got up and got off the back. He gazed at his surrounding, and heard the sounds of the wind whistling in his ears.

Jack started to walk down a dirt road. He thoughts come through his head, thoughts of the subpoena. He started to run from, but everywhere he went, it caught up with him. Jack kept walking down the dirt road. He had been warned of the possible dangers in the area, but he continued. Nothing prepared him for what happened next. He saw a group of Americans riding on a truck.

The truck passed him on the road. Jack watched it disapear in the distance, and continued walking. He finally entered a near by village near the Burmese border. Jack walked through the town, and thought about the battle he fought. He then ran into the group of Americans. One of them saw him, and walked over toward him. Jack tried to get away, and prevent any communications. The woman caught up with him though. She then started to speak to him.

"Are you an American?" -- Sarah Miller

"Used to be" -- Jack Bauer

"Why are you here" -- Sarah

"I'm just passing through" -- Jack Bauer

"Where are you going?" -- Sarah

"I don't know" -- Jack Bauer

"My name is Sarah. I'm heading to Burma" -- Sarah

"Burma is dangerous" -- Jack Bauer

"I going with my church. We're going to help" -- Sarah

"Your just going to get hurt, that all help ever does is make pain" -- Jack Bauer

"That the kind of thinking that makes these hostiles the way they are"-- Michael Burnett

"Who are you?" -- Jack Bauer

"Oh forgive me. My name is Michael. We are taking a boat down the river to Burma. We're doing mission work" -- Michael

"Be careful" -- Jack Bauer

"May I ask what is your name" -- Sarah

"Jack. Jack Bauer" -- Jack Bauer

"Nice to meet you Mr. Bauer" -- Sarah

Sarah turned and left with Michael, and the rest of the missionaries. Jack found a place to stay. He even found some work he could do. A few weeks past, and someone came to him. A man dressed in a suit. He had a envelope in his hand. Jack knew what it was. It was the subpoena. Jack got up, and was about to leave. He stopped by the man.

"Mr. Bauer I have you sub.............." -- James Teller

"I name what it is. You tell those people in Washington if they want me they can come and get me" -- Jack Bauer

"I will, but I need to ask for your help" -- John Teller

"What?" -- Jack Bauer

"A week ago a group of missionaries went to a Burmese village. We haven't heard from them since. We got a team of mercenaries together, but I thought with your training...." --John Teller

"Forget it. I am not fighting anymore" -- Jack Bauer

"I can say you never here. You can live run away again. I can help you. These need you" -- John Teller

"They knew what they were getting into" -- Jack Bauer

"But they were actaully trying to help people" -- John Teller

Jack then paused. He thought about his daughter, and Audrey. He closed his eyes, and his dropped. After a few moments, he opened his eyes and held his head up high.

"Where is this team?" -- Jack Bauer


Jack Bauer- Has a team of mercenaries under his control. They will try to save the missionaries from Major Tint.

Major Tint- Is the villain from Rambo. He has his army.

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