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Title: Castiel vs. Pinhead
Description: The Raising of Evil Has Begun

boratz - November 26, 2008 02:28 AM (GMT)
Castiel has recieved new orders. News orders to stop the breaking of the 66 seals. Castiel returned to Earth. He gazed up at the sky, and thought about Anna. He knew she has become an Angel, but now she is doing another kind of work. Work he is not part of. Castiel came back to Earth, and started his new mission. Something was going to be unleashed onto the world. Castiel had orders to stop it. Castiel had to find the girl Kirsty Cotton. She had found an object, and now something is going to be released on Earth.

Now living in Italy Kirsty has started a new life. She keeps the Lemarchand's box hidden from the world, but something is happening to her. She is now experiencing allusions. She sees visions of Pinhead everywhere. Every shadow, every corner in the world that she lives, he is there. Everyday it becomes more real to her. Suddenly she knows that something has been released into the world. An evil that will bring a power that could destroy human life.

Kirsty sat looking out at the view of lands of Italy, but she a voice behind her. A voice that she had never heard before, but the voice knew her. She turned to see a dark haired man. He hat a light brown tan coat on, a red tie, and a blue suit underneath. She stood up, and answered the man.

"Yes" -- Kirsty

"My name is Castiel" -- Castiel

"Were your parents drunk when you were born" -- Kirsty

"No, I am here to help you" -- Castiel

"Help me with what" -- Castiel

"The Lemarchand's box" -- Castiel

"What did you just say" -- Kirsty

"I know what is happening. Pinhead is going to be released onto this Earth. Nothing you can do will stop it" -- Castiel

"Who are you?" -- Kirsty

"I told you" -- Castiel

"No, I mean who are you? How do you know about Pinhead?" -- Kirsty

"I'm an Angel of the Lord" -- Castiel

"Your crazy" -- Kirsty

"I can help you. I can stop Pinhead" -- Kirsty

"You psychotic, get some help" -- Kirsty

Kirsty walk away into the darkness. Castiel stood knowing something was coming. Kirsty returned to her home. The Lemarchand's box was floating in the air. Something happened. The box turned to fire, and vanished. She heard the voice that haunted her dreams for so long behind her. She turned to see Pinhead behind her. Something forced fly through the air. She was pinned against a wall. Pinhead started to walk toward her. Then the voice of Castiel stopped him.

"Stop there Elliott Spencer" -- Castiel

"That name is no longer used. I am Pinhead" -- Pinhead

"You turn around, and go back to where you came from" -- Castiel

"Or what you F*** me up. You can't do anything Angel" -- Pinhead

"Leave now. That is your last warning" -- Castiel

"It's to late. I have been unleashed. My armies have been unleashed into this world" -- Pinhead

"Not yet" -- Castiel

Chains broke out of the walls, and spike came out of the ceiling. Castiel charged toward Pinhead, and the battle began. Kirsty still pinned against a wall, watched the battle unfold around her.



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