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Title: Jack Bauer vs. Jackson Rippner
Description: What Will Happen At Camp Cyrstal Lake?

boratz - November 24, 2008 03:57 AM (GMT)
Jack Bauer sat waiting for the plane to lift off. He was gazing out the window at the U.S., and knew this maybe the last time he would ever see it. He felt the plane lift off the ground, and he sat back to rest. Thoughts went through his head; Audrey Raines, his daughter, his life was now all gone. He sacrafised everything so everyone he loves good be safe. He left the government behind, and now he is ready to start a new life. Someone came his way, and sat in the seat next to him. It was a young man, he had a suit, and a smile on his face.

"Hello how are you doing?" -- Jackson Rippner

"I'm fine" -- Jack Bauer

"So why are you traveling to Europe? Business, pleasure" -- Jackson

"I need to get away" -- Jack Bauer

"Europe is a nice place to do that at" -- Jackson

"I'm sorry sir, but can I get some sleep" -- Jack Bauer

"One more question" -- Jackson

"What is that?" -- Jack Bauer

"How much do you love Audrey Raines?" -- Jackson

"What?" -- Jack Bauer

"Mr. Bauer when this plane lands in Europe, your going to do a special job for me. If you don't your little girlfriend will be dead" -- Jackson

"You son of a B****" -- Jack Bauer

"Now what it Jack. Don't make me angry. The people that are holding Audrey are being updated by me every half hour. If you do something to me, Audrey's dead" -- Jackson

"What's the job" -- Jack Bauer

"There is a embassoder over in Europe that needs to be taken care of. You can do it. You killed killed that Chinese embassoder" -- Jackson

"Where's Audrey?" -- Jack Bauer

"Well she is in Europe. I will give her to you when you do your job" -- Jackson

"I will do this, but if Audrey is hurt I will kill you" -- Jack Bauer

Can Jack Bauer find a way to stop Jackson Rippner? Or will he have to be forced to assassinate an embassoder?

This is before the latest 24 tv movie, 24 Redemption.

Jackson Rippner is from the movie Red Eye.

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