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Title: Sam and Dean Winchester vs. Reagen MacNiel
Description: Supernatural

boratz - November 17, 2008 11:03 PM (GMT)

Sam stood with monster that was created by Victor Frankenstein. The monster that had caused so much damage to human life. The screams and cries from the apartment building that were blazing with fire were getting worse. Dean charged inside of the building to help the people inside. Dean watched the fire inside the buildings, and images came into his mind. He almost fell to his kneesm but he continued to hear the cries for help. He kicked a door open, and found the girl. He ran over to grab her. Fire blocked the exit, Dean now had to find a knew one. He kept hearing cries from other people, and went to get them Meanwhile Sam stood talking to the monster.

"Why are you hurting these people?" -- Sam

"Thee society in which thee live, turned away from me" -- Monster

"Just because they turn their back on you doesn't mean everyones like that" -- Sam

"Your wrong! Evil is in everyone! Including a monster like me!" -- Monster

"Not everyones evil! You have to be what you are on the outside. In the inside, and what you do; is what people notice" -- Sam

"Why do you care about thee" -- Monster

"Because your human" -- Sam

The monster heard these words clearly, and heard the screams in the background. He turned to see the building down, and started walking toward the building.

"WHat are you doing?" -- Sam

"Stopping what I caused" -- Monster

The monster walked inside. Moments later Dean, and many people came rushing out. Sam and Dean turned to see the monster standing at the doorway as the building was fixing to collapse.

"What are you doing?!" -- Dean

"Destroying this curse!" -- Monster

The monster turned and walked back inside the buring building as it collapsed on top of him. Sam and Dean stood in astonishment, and then turned to each other. Sam and Dean then left when the police sirens could be heard in the background. The night sky was all around the impala as they left on their supernatural road to their hunt. Their next battle was unknown, but Sam gazed out at the stary night.

"What's bothering you?" -- Dean

"Nothing just that monster that killed so many people, did something good before he died" -- Sam

"Maybe it was something that you did, or he just called Dr. Phil and everything became okay" -- Dean

"Whatever it was it did something that saved a lot of people" -- Sam

They went back to the motel room, and slept the rest of the night. They woke up in the morning checked out, and left for breakfast.

Days past Sam found something in the paper. A series of murders that happened in Georgetown have been confusing the authorities. The papers wrote of demonic colts, and others wrote of a qsycho path that is on the loose. Sam and Dean arrived in the town, but decided to stop at a diner before they hit the case. Dean ordered a hamburger, and started to eat it down. Sam was reading out the reports that he had gotten a hold of.

"Listen to this, each victim has been ripped apart. All their bodily organs have been spread across the room they were in. All the organs were in the same pattern" -- Sam

"What do you think it is? Witch? Demon? A man that doesn't have anything better to do with his time?" -- Dean

"I don't know I never seen anything like this" -- Sam

"We see stuff like this all the time" -- Dean

"But not organs in a specific pattern. It's like a code" -- Sam

"What kind of code?" -- Dean

"Well the end of the worlds coming, so maybe it has to do with that" -- Sam

"Maybe" -- Dean

Sam and Dean arrived at the last victims house, and searched the area. Dean smelt something, and sniffed around to find it. He found it on the wall beside where victim was murdered. It was sulfer. Sam walked in and Dean had an angry look on his face.

"It's a demon" -- Dean

"How?" -- Sam

"Sulfur" -- Dean

"Well where do we find this demon?" -- Sam

"I don't know" -- Dean

Sam researched the town, and found something he thought would be helpful. A girl by the name of Reagen MacNiel had been thought to be possessed by the devil. Sam and Dean glanced at each other, and decided to go to the house. As they arrived they saw the lights were off, and Dean grabbed the dagger. Sam took a sawed off shotgun, and both of them slowly walked into the house. The parents of the house were dead, and the daughter was nowhere to be found. Suddenly they heard something crawling on the ceiling. They looked up and saw the girl. He eyes were white. Something came out of her mouth, it was a green gewing substence. Sam and Dean jumped out of the way.

"Dude that was nasty" -- Dean

"What is that stuff?" -- Sam

"I don't know, but I never eating guacomole again" -- Dean

Sam and Dean ran upstairs, and found the girl. She spun around.

"Lilith!" -- Sam

"No I'm not Lilith. You can call me Pazuzu" -- Reagen

"I am gonna kill you, you son of a B****" -- Dean

"Bring it on B****" -- Reagen

********************************************************************Sam and Dean have found a girl possessed by a powerful demon. The demon has white eyes, and is more powerful than the usual demons they usually face.

Sam and Dean Winchester have Ruby's Dagger, Sawed off shotgun, and holy water

Pazuzu has the abilities of a demon from Supernatural and the abilities from all the movies


*Sam and Dean Winchester


*Prepare for War

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