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Title: Sasquatch vs. Captain Crunch
Description: Messin With Sasquatch

boratz - November 17, 2008 10:18 PM (GMT)
Jack Link's Beef Jerkey Presents Messin With Sasquatch Prt. 3

Lucky flew off into his rainbow. Sasquatch chased the rainbow until he finally caught up with the lephercaun who messed with him. Lucky shot a rainbow magical blast at the Sasquatch, but Sasquatch jumped out of the way, and picked up a tree trunk and threw it. The tree trunk destroyed the rainbow, and Lucky fell to the ground.

Lucky got to his feet and grew angry. He lifted his hands and the rainbow came back, and smashed the Sasquatch against a tree. Lucky then started to fly off once again, but out of nowhere the Sasquatch jumped through the air, grabbing Lucky by the foot, and held him up. Sasquatch roared in his face, and Lucky started begging for mercy.

"Oh please please don't hurt me. I was just wanting to make a joke. What is it that you want?" -- Lucky

Sasquatch then slammed Lucky against a tree, and the noise of Lucky's neck breaking echoed through the entire forest. Lucky was no longer lucky anymore. After a short, but tiring fight Sasquatch went back to his gave to eat sleep. Someone was hiking near his cave. A man who was again a man who represented cerial just like Tony the Tiger, and Lucky. Captain Crunch saw the Sasaquatch sleeping in the cave, and had something come through his mind.

Captain Crunch tied a bucket up on the top of the cave, and filled it with milk and his very own cerial. He then got down at the bottom of the cave, and put grease all over the ground for a slippery purposes only. He got at the end of the cave, and yelled.

"Ding dong!" -- Captian Crunch

Sasquatch got up to see what it was, but he slipped on the grease, and fell on his back. Captain Crunch then pulled a rope,and the bucket of milk and cerial turned over falling ontop of the Sasquatch. Sasquatch got up in fury, and rna out of the cave. He saw the Captain on a ship heading down a river. Sasquatch started running on the side, and ran to catch up with the Captain Crunch.

Will Captain Crunch get away?

Or will Sasquatch have his revenge?

darkender - November 18, 2008 12:50 AM (GMT)
LOL I dont know who wins.

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