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Title: Dean Winchester vs. Candyman

boratz - November 16, 2008 09:41 PM (GMT)
Sam and Dean were hunting the demon Lilith. It was suppose to be the end of the end of times. Sam and Dean fought through Lilith's minions, but only they found her waiting for them. Everything they had ever faced; from vampires, to zombies, to werewolves, to wendigos were all waiting. Sam lifted up his weapons firing out at the creatures that waited before them. Dean fought his way through, but seemed like it was never ending.

After breaking through the monsters Sam and Dean finally confronted Lilith. She had a group of demons with her. Sam used his power fight them, and Dean blasted through them. Lilith threw them against a wall, and tried to burn them with the white burning light. Suddenly it all stopped, and all the demons that surrounded Lilith were blown away. Castiel came walking through the door, and was ready to fight this demon.

"You think you can stop me from unleashing Lucifer" -- Lilith

"I will not let that happen" -- Castiel

"Why are you so foolish?" -- Lilith

"Because I have faith" -- Castiel

"Just like you had faith in your little go boy Dean Winchester" -- Lilith

"Well guess B**** it works" -- Dean

Dean came up behind her, and stuck her in the neck with Ruby's Dagger. Lilith started to light up, and finally burn away. Dean turned to Castiel, who had a small smile on his face, and then turned to Sam. Sam had been impaled by a pipe Lilith threw him into. Dean ran over to Sam, and cried over his body. Castiel walked up beside him, and knelt down beside Dean.

"Dean I know you don't want to hear this, but Sam is in a better place" -- Castiel

"What?" -- Dean

"He is in heaven now" -- Castiel

"Get him out" -- Dean

"No Dean I can't. He doesn't want to leave" -- Castiel

"Why?" -- Dean

"It was his choice, and so you have to accepted his choice" -- Castiel

Castiel vanished in the darkness, and Dean got up to face the world without Sam. He started hunting once again, but found something. Before Lilith had died she unleashed a vengeful spirit back on Earth as a demon. The monster that had once been a spirit had come back to kill Dean Winchester. Dean Winchester has traveld to Mississippi to find out what this thing is before it unleashed a new kind of madness.


Dean Winchester

The Candyman

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