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Title: Captain Falcon vs Mr.T

videogameman - November 16, 2008 01:59 PM (GMT)
{Takes place after Chuck Norris vs. Captain Falcon}

There was nothing. Captain Falcon had defeated Chuck Norris, but a collision of the Falcon punch and Roundhouse Kick had destroyed the universe. And he was to blame. Captain Falcon would not accept such a place, and faced the nothingness behind him.

Captain Falcon: FALCON PUNCH!

First, there was nothing. But when Captain Falcon uttered those words and punched, the universe reassembled itself out of the sheer epicness, manliness, and depth in that action. Captain Falcon stood in his city, which was born again, and smiled. Now all he needed was a Captain Falcon Facts website.

1 month later

Mr.T walked out of his house to see a dozen of interviewers surrounding him.

Mr.T: I pity the foo' who doesn't get out of my face.

They all backed up.

Mr.T: Now what do you foos want? It's something bad, isn't it? You darned paparazzi, bring nothing but bad news. Mr.T has enough stress!

Interviewer: Captain Falcon has just said that he was the best out of all cosmic humans, after defeating Chuck Norris. What are your thoughts?

Mr.T: He's just an egomaniac. I learned not to listen to idiot foos like him.

Interviewer: He also said your mother was so fat that when she stepped on a scale, it said to be continued!

Mr.T: Oh! I pity that foo! You gotta treat my mother right! I'm going to throw that foo helluva far!

He stormed past as the interviewers smiled. A cell phone rang, and Black Shadows voice was heard.

Black Shadow: Did you do what I asked?

The interviewers nodded.

Black Shadow: Excellent. Return to base. Blood Falcon and you robots did an excellent job.

A few minutes later

Captain Falcon was training, riding his Blue falcon to break his record, when a van burst through the wall.

Captain Falcon: What the-

Mr.T: Now you will regret what you said to my mother foo!

Captain Falcon: What?

Mr.T: Not only that, but your a bad model for the kids! What's the use of singing about how you should treat mothers right if celebrities ignore that!

Captain Falcon: Now wait a minute-

Mr.T: And what's with the spandex! It ain't the 80s, foo!

Captain Falcon: Your one to talk! Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool! and the Mr.T cartoon ring a bell?

Mr.T: Oh! Now you see these chains? I'm going to beat you senseless with them!

Captain Falcon: Come on! Show me your moves!

They charged at each other and another epic began.

This fight posted by: videogameman

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