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Title: marvel zombies vs night wing and robin.
Description: just wait.

ND4 - November 15, 2008 03:17 AM (GMT)
The Marvel zombies have transported into the dc world and shortly found Bane trying to stop Nightwing and Robin .The zombies grabbed onto Bane and consumed him .Night wing got onto his night cycle and has rode away .While Robin ran into the alley with his staffs .
Two groups of zombies chase after Night wing and Robin sepreralt.y.
Okay Zombie Iron fist,zombie Spipder man,Zombie venom chased after Nightwing who was riding away on his night cycle and he has his two staffs and zombie ,Captain america,Zombie luke cage and zombie terrax who I made into one are chasing Robin with his staff and two robin rangs down a long dark alley.
Night wing and Robin are trying to get to the batcave.
The zombies win if the two groups get them .
Night and Robin win if they get to the batacave.
Who wins?

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