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Title: Kwai Chang Caine
Description: Iyaa Iya Cthulhu Ftaghn!'

Kamin - November 15, 2008 12:16 AM (GMT)

Kwai Chang Caine has the power to prevent Cthulhu from entering the mortal plane, if only he can invoke a Llama spell before The Stars Are Right. Kwai Chang Caine ahs the power, of a Shimbala Master in this CBUB.

Caine has been asked by Tibetan monks to investigate infiltration of monasteries throughout the world by evil cultists with strange powers that resist all excorcisms and mystical powers from the Shaolin. Caine only has the clue of an Elder sign at over a dozen murder sites of Ancients to lead him on the investigation, as well as a link with a Cthulhu cultist that has told him to investigate the nation of Portugal. Kwai Chang Caine's son is held captive by the Deep Ones. If he can find out where in Portugal Peter is, and save him within three months, then he will discover who the enemy is, Cthulhu, oldest foe of the Shaolin.(In my imagination.)

Then, he has to hightail it back to China and perform an ancient ritual to get rid of Cthulhu. IN Three Months, the Stars will be right, whether he saves Peter or not.

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