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Title: The History of Videogameman
Description: My first muses and info on my universe

videogameman - October 17, 2008 05:01 PM (GMT)
We'll start off with the muses. When I got to the CBUB, I wanted to be remembered, like Acosta and geomease. They are famous because they had muses. I decided I would do that too. I have major muses and minor muses.


Calvin and Hobbes were my first muses. I made a Calvin and Hobbes vs Jason match, but it was scratched because of bad grammar and spacing. I was discouraged, but a few months later, I used them agianst Bugs Bunny, which they won. I then pitted them agianst Jason{loss}, then Freddy{loss}, and the Animaniacs{loss}. May do a match with him later.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is my second greatest muse. In a total of 8 matches, I pitted him agianst Invader Zim{Win}, Bugs Bunny{Loss}, Slappy{Win}, Gremlins{Win},Beast{loss}{Disney},Alvin and the Chipmunks{win} and Plankton{Loss}. I'm running out of people for him to face.

Deadpool is my greatest and most famous muse with 11 matches, 12 if you count Cable and Deadpool vs Noob-Smoke. It was first Deadpool vs Nightcrawler, a terrible rip-off of the Tick vs Deadpool, made before scratches were implemented. A month later, my first original Deadpool match came, Cable and Deadpool vs Noob-Smoke. After that, Deadpool vs Bugs Bunny, then Deadpool vs Goro,I chickened out on my Mortal Kombat arc, and just had Liu Kang and Raiden kill Sgang Tsung and Raiden. I then did a mob gang arc, where he faced off agianst Kingpin, and then Penguin.He won all of those matches. Then there was a short team-up with Deathstroke, which I quickly disbanded once he lost agianst Sinister Six and won agianst Red Skull.I had trouble writing Deathstroke. Deadpool was then an important part of Dc/Marvel arc, saving the day. He then faced Sabretooth and T-800, he won by the way, then lost to King Kong. I'm planning a new match with him.


Bugs Bunny is usaully a stepping stone agianst the major muses. He lost agianst Deadpool and Calvin, only winning agianst Courage. Very minor, no implication of of previous matches.

The Animaniacs have won agianst Calvin and Hobbes and Power Rangers. Geomease uses them better, but it's fun doing matches with them.

Samurai Jack, a very minor muse. Did two matches with him, quickly stopped, although I am planning on using him again.

My Universe.

My Universe contains Calvin and Hobbes,Marvel, DC, Terminator, Mortal Kombat, Gremlins,Beauty and the Beast,Courage,Spongebob,King Kong,Invader Zim, Looney Tunes,Slappy,Jason, Freddy,The Animaniacs,Power Rangers, and maybe Samurai Jack. Due to Bugs Bunny linking them together, as he has faced the major muses, Deadpool, Calvin and Hobbes, and Courage, linking them and their foes together. Marvel/DC is my first major crossover, with Lex and Doom as main villains, with Red Skull and Carnage as minor villains. It is hard to do these, so you may not see one.

There, some explanation on my universe, muses, and my style.

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