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Canus Minoris - October 15, 2008 01:55 AM (GMT)
All I have to say here is that Heroes recently has been leaving me in serious need of something. First of all, Hiro's outburst (i.e.: stabbing Ando) was extremely out of character. Sylar becoming good, I can live with, but it eliminates the major villainy. Why Peter would need to get Sylar's power is beyond me. Seriously. Claire is becoming more angsty than the best emos. Noah is beginning to seem to act out of revenge and greed than anything else. How they're going to get out of the hole they dug with Nathan is beyond me. Where's Micah? Tracy being Nicky's sister is a little hard to grasp. Matt is still in Africa. What's going to happen to him? As for Daphne, the new girl, I'm having a hard time seeing her as anything more than a petty gun, er, power for hire.


Bloody_Freak - October 15, 2008 12:40 PM (GMT)
The show rocks regardless! I doubt Hiro really killed Ando, I think it was staged..........

Sylar being good isn't to bad. I would have preferred him as a villain though...... I hate, I repeat HATE, what they did with Mohinder though! That is the most retarded thing they ever could have done!!!!

Whatever........ Still livable.

Claire needs to get kickass!

Tracy should have been a split personality of Niki and the reason she survived the fire would have been her ice power.

I always hated Noah. Thought they should have kept him dead when he died.

Peter gaining Sylar's powers is a bit odd, could become interesting but it's still a little off........

Canus Minoris - October 16, 2008 03:33 AM (GMT)
That's another thing. Mohinder going crazy is even more out of character.

Bloody_Freak - October 16, 2008 02:43 PM (GMT)
That's the only bad about the show I can find. Other than that it still rocks!

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