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Title: Ragnok Strongarm/ The Executioner

Canus Minoris - August 26, 2008 10:32 PM (GMT)
I doubt many people here have read the book Epic (I highly recommend it), so I'm putting this character here. In the book, there is a character names Ragnok Strongarm. In his human form, he's nothing more than a normal human with an evil mind. But first let me explain the synopsis of this book. In the world of Epic, there is no violence. No wars, murder, no nothing. And there are no courts either or democratic governments. Everything is run by a group of people called the Central Allocations, and the entire court system and everything else in the world is run by a video game called Epic.

Ragnok Strongarm is the only person on the New Earth to commit murder, after killing the leader of the Central Allocations, Godmund. He then takes complete control over the Executioner: a super powerful character in the game Epic. He then proceeds to kill off every other character belonging to every other member of the Central Allocations, until a group of kids called the Osterfjord Players shuts down the game from the inside using the Etheral Tower of Nightmare.
(Note: The book itself is much more complicated, but it would take forever to explain it)

In the game, the Executioner has a hugely powerful sword called the b*****d sword of the moon that pretty much kills everything. He has a shield with some sort of a demon trapped inside that absorbs any magical attacks. Along with that he has the most powerful armor in the game.

The human, Ragnok Strongarm doesn't have much more than his intelligence, and an extreme desire for power.

Incidentally, if anyone else has ever read this book please let me know.

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