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Title: The Animaniacs vs Power Rangers

videogameman - August 17, 2008 05:34 PM (GMT)
The Animaniacs walked closer to Calvin and Hobbes, but suddenly, a phone rang.

Yakko: Sorry, that's me. Yeah, a huh, got it. Guys, it's time for our job.

Calvin:What ? Aren't you guys cartoons?

Dot: Our show has been canceled, kid.

Wakko: The world can be cruel.

Yakko: Will, we'll be going now.

The three left behind a damaged house.

Hobbes: Your parents are going to kill you.

Calvin: I know. I know.

Meanwhile, The Animaniacs arrived at the base.

Rita: Perfect, you're here! I need you to go attack the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Dot: What? Slow down.

Yakko: Yeah, I think my ears are bleeding.

Wakko: Mine too, and I think my stumach's aching.

Rita: Destroy the power Rangers!

Yakko: {in slow voice} Speak more slowly.

Dot: {in slow voice} Like this.

Wakko: {in slow voice} I'm hungry.

Yakko: Wakko? We're done with the slow voice.

Wakko: Really? You guys should tell me that.

Goldar: Go destoy the Power Rangers!

The Animaniacs: Oh. She should have you speak for her for now on.

Rita: Go!

The Animaniacs: What?

Rita : GO!

She teleported them to Earth, in the Power rangers' city. Wakko and Yakko soon came across some hot teenage females, Dot male teenagers.

Yakko and Wakko: Hello Nurse!

Dot: Hello Doctor!

This caused panic, with the teenagers running and the fact that the Animaniacs looked inhuman. The Rangers saw this from the school windows, and they asked to be excused, using the bathroom excuse. They ran outside. When Yakko and wakko saw the girls, they said-

Yakko and Wakko: Hello Nurse!

When Dot saw Jason, she said-

Dot: Hello Doctor!

Jason, Kimberly, and Trini: Ah!

They managed to get them off of them, and the team started to transform.




Tommy:Green Power Ranger!

Trini:Saber-Toothed Tiger!


Power Rangers:We are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Yakko:You done? Okay. Now, power pf the blowfish!

Wakko:Power of the Anteater!

Dot: Power of the Playtapus!

The Animainaics:Now we're the Superstrong Warner Siblings! Right!

Pink ranger:Are they copying us?

Wakko: What was your first hint?

Red Ranger: Lets take these guys down!

Dot: Hey! I'm a girl!

The power Rangers charged at them, and the Animaniacs merely moved out of the way. The Power Rangers crashed into the wall.

Green ranger: I didn't see that there before.

Blue Ranger: I'm positive it wasn't! But how could this be!?

The Animaniacs:Right!

Black ranger: We could still beat these things.

Yakko: Are you guys going to di extreme violence now? That almost got you canceled.

Suddenly, angry parents ran over the power rangers.

Animaniacs: Right!

Yellow ranger:This is going to be tough.

Red Ranger: You think?

WakkO: you guys looked drained. Here, have some bannannas!

Wakko then tjrew bannas at thier feet, causing them to slip.

Red Ranger: That's it! It's time tp call in the Zords!

Dot: ugh. Not this again.

Wakko: Let's fast foward a bit.

Yakko: You guys are right.

He pulled out a remote, and skipped it to the part where the Megazord was together.

Dot: Ah, look at thier pet. I have one too!

Dot's pet monster soon appeared out of nowwhere.

Red Ranger: Come on!

Yakko: Now call in the Warner Building!

They soon were in machine as big as the Megazord.

Pink Ranger: What copycats!

Red Ranger: We can do this. Lets go!

Who wins?

supersk8er - August 17, 2008 05:59 PM (GMT)

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