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Title: Blade And Batman Prt. 7
Description: The Turning

darkender - August 2, 2008 09:06 PM (GMT)
Blade: Batman I can Handle the rest of these suck heads. You go find your butler.
( He says as he fight off the Vampires)
Batman runs through the doors after joker stopping at every door to check for alfred. Untill he gets to alfred. He finds him on the floor bleeding. He picks him up in his arms and begins to walk out the to find blade in the door way.
Blade: He has been bitten. We're gonna have to kill him.
Batman: Your not touching him.
Blade: By the looks of him he's gonna turn before the morning.
They decide to head back to the Batcave with Alfred to try to cure him
Blade: There is no cure Batman. Your gonna have to come to terms with it.
Batman: No, I have to try.
( They say watching alfred in the cage all ready turned and thirsting for blood)
Batman: I'm gonna find the Monster who did that to him. And he's gonna pay.
Spiderman: So Whats next.
Batman: Lex Luthor
Lex: It not my fault Mr. Fisk.
Kingpin: Well I dont see anybody else that messed up.
Lex: It was that fool joker's plan.
KIngpin: And you went with it.
Lex:No please!
Batman Busts through the doors of lex luthors office to find lex on the floor behind his desk

Blade: He's been bitten. It looks like this thing is bigger than i thought.
Batman: I dont get it. Why would they kill there main Producer.
Kingpin: Because we all make mistakes.
( they both whip around to see Kingpin standing in the dark with bloods all over his mouth)
Blade: Your a vampire?!
KIngpin: Yes and I am stronger than i have ever been.
Batman: Why
Kingpin: In order to survive in this world you need power. And I needed more power to stay in the game.
Batman: We're going to stop you.
Kingpin: Hahahahaha This is way above both of you. look at you two a half breed vampire and a human. You wont even make it out of this building.
Blade: Neither will you.

Okay This is gonna be a gauntlet. They have to make it out and get back to the Batcave. Spiderman will be there to help on the 3 wave
1 wave: Kingpin(bitten)

2 wave: Killermouth, Firefly(bitten)

3 wave: Clayface and Sandman

super_wolverine_Man - August 2, 2008 11:15 PM (GMT)
im liking this one darkender i'm liking it very much making kingpin and others into vampires was a good idea. i say clayface and sandman take them down.

darkender - August 3, 2008 06:45 PM (GMT)
Thanks but i gotta give some credit to ionkidmax he gave me the idea.

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