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Title: Board Rules on Fights

hamboy - January 16, 2008 05:12 PM (GMT)
OK, I think it is a good idea to set some rules on deciding fights. This will be done for simplicity, and to avoid long winded arguments that go nowhere.

1. Please provide facts and evidence with your reasoning. No "Spiderman PWNES Batman cus he's Spiderman! LOLZ!!!!". A better answer would be: "I believe that Spiderman defeats Batman because he is far to athletic and fast for the Dark Nite to deal with."

2. Sheer utter stupidity. Sometimes, you get a comic in which two decently even characters battle to a reasonable conclusion. These can be used as evidence.
Other times, Spiderman defeats heralds of Galactus. Events like this are written stupidly, and should be ignored.

3. Canon. A lot of people hate hearing the phrase "non-canon" but really, it is necessary. If Storm beats Wonder Woman in a crossover, good for her, but it can't be used as evidence here. Some things are rather confusing cannon wise, so here is a quick rundown of common problem, as well as answers:

Anime vs. Manga: In these cases, canon is whatever began first.

Star Wars: For the purpose of fights, to use powers displayed in the Expanded Universe, the OP must state that the EU is going to be used. Otherwise, we assume movie versions.

Video games: Confusing, because of the various endings to fighting games, as well as things like every Zelda game being set in an alternate universe. For fighting games, a cannon ending is eventually usually revealed. For the second case, use the latest game.

That's all for now. If you have problems with the rules, please PM me, as I am locking this thread.

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