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  1. Mideval world vs. Modern weapons
  2. USA! USA! USA!
  3. Dio Tears through Marvel
  4. Consumption!
  5. Barack Obama takes them all on!
  6. The Sentry takes on the Gauntlet
  7. Wolverine Cage Match!
  8. Odin's mighty rampage!
  9. Who can stop Galactus?
  10. Doomsday runs the guantlet!
  11. Doctor Manhattan exiled on Guantlet
  12. Thanos takes on the gualanet
  13. Jason Voorhees
  14. Hulk takes on the guantlet
  15. Gauntlet Fight
  16. Superman's pissed again!
  17. Captain America takes on the guantlet
  18. A magic brick runs the gauntlet
  19. Team Undead runs the gauntlet
  20. Riddick goes on the Guantlet!
  21. Santa Claus Takes on the Gauntlet.
  22. King Kong takes on the gauntlet!
  23. Godzilla runs the gauntlet
  24. Marvel zombies takes on the gulanet
  25. Red hulk takes the gulanet
  26. Guantlet?Goku?Awsome!
  27. Metroid 40,000
  28. deaths head runs the gulanet
  29. World War Hulk vs DBZ
  30. Delta Squad runs the Gauntlet!
  31. Spiderman runs the gauntlet!!!
  32. John tries the gauntlet for the first time!
  33. granos pred takes on the 80s team.
  34. chompy takes on the gualnte.
  35. A Predator with the Carnage Symbiote has a go!
  36. cell takes on the world
  37. Ultraman takes on the world
  38. Hulk Against the Elements
  39. Smurfs run the gauntlet!!!
  40. The Sprit Detective.
  41. Yugioh vs. Superman
  42. Goku Takes On Gauntlet
  43. Blade And Batman Prt. 7
  44. Harold & Kumar vs. Evil Pokemon cast.
  45. Silver Surfer vs DC

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