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  1. Essays
  2. Hmm
  3. Just a small thing I wrote for my Paranormal class
  4. Short Philosophy essay
  5. Essay on the Korean War
  6. Things about the Alamo that you thought you knew
  7. Ethics Paper
  8. Stalinís policy of collectivisation
  9. Pharmacology module
  10. Philosophy Essay
  11. Stalin essay
  12. Genghis Khan
  13. GCSE Media studies: Advertisement
  14. AQA GCSE Media Studies Animation
  15. Battle of Midway
  16. The best fighter aircraft...EVER
  17. Scinario match: Hitler takes Europe
  18. Germany vs. Japan
  19. F/A-22 Raptor vs. Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon
  20. What if?
  21. Persia fights
  22. What if... Civil War (The real one)
  23. This is why China doesn't have a chance...
  24. Greece vs Mongols vs Persia
  25. United States vs. USSR
  26. Ninjas vs the Britsh Army of the 1770's
  27. Battle of Britain
  28. Greco-Persian wars, with a twist!
  29. Mongol Empire v.s The Roman Empire
  30. Leonidas vs. Cyrus the Great.
  31. 300 Spartans vs. King Xerxes
  32. F/A-22 vs. Su-37
  33. M1A2 Abrams vs. Challenger 2
  34. King Leonidas in modern times...

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