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  1. Holocaust vs Drax the Destroyer
  2. Haven Free-For-All
  3. snake and captian falcon vs donkey kong and diddy
  4. link and lucario vs m bison and wario
  5. Predator (Thunder Fang) vs Link (Ocarina of Time)
  6. Freddy Kruger vs Nemisis
  7. Dirty Pair vs. Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Won
  8. Golden Age Superman vs Kid Goku (21st Tornament)
  9. Rayman vs. The Killer Rabbit of Caernabog
  10. bane vs nightwing .
  11. nightwing vs deathstroke and shao kahh
  12. sabertooth vs nightwing and killer croc.
  13. Hamboy vs Silver Surfer092
  14. Dr. Strange & Dr. Fate vs Phoenix & Scarlet Witch
  15. A new enemy in Hyrule!
  16. Lion vs Silverback
  17. nicker vs bushwacker
  18. The Mothman vs. The Jersey Devil
  19. sliverback vs rhino vs gator vs lion
  20. Bandit vs Nd4
  21. Yamcha vs. Bane on alien crack
  22. Ash trains
  23. rhino vs hippo vs tiger
  24. Poodle vs tiger
  25. Elephant vs eagle
  26. saber tooth tiger vs grizzly and rhino
  27. Smolak vs. Toyman of Nazahk
  28. zombie vs zombie
  29. Ashley J. Williams vs Doc Ock
  30. A family Affair
  31. tarface vs roy burns
  32. Drink off!
  33. Elmer Fudd vs. Batman
  34. My first (and only) horror
  35. dc zombies 3
  36. dc zombies part 2
  37. dc zombies
  38. buji vs marco
  39. Shawn Johnson vs Nastia Liukin on Beam
  40. my own torument of swords
  41. iron fist and venom vs mind controlled avegners
  42. Riddick vs Legolas Greenleaf
  43. trecher vs daredevil
  44. Intergalactic War!
  45. okay raditz vs goku just goku
  46. Blade and Batman Prt.8.5
  47. Pinhead vs Ash J. Williams
  48. Blade and Batman prt.8
  49. doomsday vs bane vs the lizard vs thor
  50. nicker vs the sinster six.

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