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  1. Survivor Series. Marvel vs. DC
  2. Battlebots, Marvel style
  3. A match of Cosmic proportions.
  4. Battle of Super Brawlers
  5. DBZ vs DC, Marvel, and Star Wars
  6. Battle of the Infesters 1
  7. Most Ridiculous Match Ever!
  8. Will anyone survive?
  9. Ryu and Ken vs Naruto and Sasuke
  10. Ultimate Marvel vs. the DCAU
  11. Silver Surfer Fanboys go balistic
  12. Link vs. Fanboys
  13. Lucario vs Vigoroth and Slaking
  14. Mewtwo vs. Gaara
  15. Kyuubi vs Eva-01
  16. A new take on an old fight.
  17. Link vs. Original 151 Pokemon
  18. Mew vs. Athena Asaiyma
  19. Zerg vs Tyranids
  20. Alucard Vs Yoda
  21. The Hulk vs. the Silver Surfer
  22. Kerrigan vs. Diablo and his brothers
  23. Master Chief and Venom vs....
  24. The Undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga
  25. Pre-Retcon Beyonder vs. Man of Miracles
  26. Predator vs. Species 8472
  27. Battle of the Amalgam Demigods
  28. Wolverine, Deadpool, and Deathstroke vs. the Hulk
  29. The Ultimate Crisis
  30. Triple Threat
  31. Fighters fighting
  32. Deadpool vs The Juggernaut(#%@ch!)
  33. FangNThunder vs Rei-Kai
  34. Enel vs. Superman Pre crisis
  35. the United States vs. China
  36. Create your own
  37. Battle of the Mega Brawlers
  38. You vs the Sentry... with a twist
  39. Very handicapped battle
  40. Capn' Jack, Ash, Godzilla, and Pirates...s#!%
  41. Battle of the powerhouses
  42. Gladiator Fanboys vs. Wolverine Fanboys
  43. fighting movies
  44. Superboy Prime vs. The PPG Prime.
  45. Cuba vs The Dominican Republic
  46. Superpope is your lord and master
  47. Wolverine vs Captain America
  48. Thanos vs. the Avengers
  49. Power Cosmic users vs. Fanboys
  50. Alucard vs Alucard

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