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Title: Legally Blonde the Musical

hellobeautiful146 - February 26, 2008 03:07 AM (GMT)
ha I didnt know where to put this but since it was on MTV once I guess I'll put it here
but if you need to move it, go ahead:)

Did anyone ever see this?
I didnt actually see it but one of my friends did and she said it was great
so I looked up some songs and some clips on youtube and its great!
I love it:)
I've always wanted to be a singer or be on broadway, like Nick jonas was:)
it seems so fun:)

Angel inc. - February 26, 2008 03:21 AM (GMT)
No way LOL, I cant see it working HAHA but hey if you say its good then Ill have to check this one out. Hits youtube

hellobeautiful146 - February 26, 2008 09:05 PM (GMT)
Here's some videos:]

Ohmigod you guys:

I just bought that song on itunes yesterday xD
i'll put some more if you like that one. lol

nicky - February 28, 2008 03:27 PM (GMT)
Love that vid! haha good musical.

lala - August 3, 2008 01:51 AM (GMT)
i love the song OMG U guys.
The other link didn't work 4 me so i looked it up.

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