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Title: What did you get for Christmas?

*Savannah* - December 25, 2008 05:39 PM (GMT)
What did you get for Chridtmas?

I didn't ask for anything I wanted it to be a suprise. Most of my stuff was Hannah Monana :lol:.

Well this is what I got:
An iPod (I wasn't expecting that at all!)
2 Hannah Montana tops
Hannah Montana frangrence set
Hannah Montana stickers
Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3D concert
50 Hannah Montana artist pencils
Hannah Montana goodie bag
Hannah Montana book and a address book
and more!!!!

I feel so spoilt!!

I'm glad my mum and dad liked there presents

I don't really feel that Chritstmas is about presents but I just have to say I love what I got!

Now for a relaxed night. My sister woke me up at 5:45am!!!!

Well I hope you all had a good Chritstmas. :D

lala - December 26, 2008 09:43 AM (GMT)
Merry Christmas.

I Got an Ipod too.
i got a Japanese bag and a Hello Kitty watch from my aunt.
I got the coolest Chinese bracelets from my cousin and My Uncle and Aunt got me a book.

The best thing was catching up with everyone. My cousin had just returned from 9 months in China teaching.

And we played a lot of Ping Pong.

Zenon - December 29, 2008 10:34 AM (GMT)
Wow you girls are so lucky! They sound like awesome gifts. As for me, as my family decided that we'd just treat each other to different events, so after Christmas, we've been to the beach, museum, movies and I was suppose to take them to the zoo but it's too expensive so I'm taking them on a scenic train ride instead.

Lala: Did your cousin go to China to teach English? I know many people do that.

*Savannah* - December 29, 2008 06:44 PM (GMT)
Aww they both sound great both of you. :D


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