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  1. Do you prefer reading or watching tv or movies?
  2. Favourite season
  3. Favourite thing to drink
  4. Fave Color
  5. What are your Favourite Sports
  6. What do you do during Recess or Lunch break
  7. Member pictures
  8. School
  9. Going On Holiday 1st Of August
  10. Fred
  11. Jewelery
  12. Can you swim?
  13. High School Musical the ice tour
  14. I'm so excited..
  15. Favourite breakfast cereals
  16. myspace
  17. Get Miley blogging?!
  18. What time do you go to bed?
  19. clothes
  20. Please vote for me on total popstar
  21. My ebay items - Celebrity autographs
  22. Can you vote for my acting video?:D
  23. I am back
  24. I'm pretty bummed...

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