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  1. What type of green are you?
  2. What's your pizza personality?
  3. What kind of donut are you?
  4. What Kind of Muffin Are You?
  5. What Part of Spring are you?
  6. The Chocolate Oracle
  7. Corrupt a wish
  8. Rumor has it
  9. The Question Game
  10. What colour is your birthday?
  11. ABC Names
  12. What kind of breakfast are you?
  13. Are You Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter ?
  14. Do You Have any Songs Stuck in Your Head?
  15. What time is it?
  16. This or that
  17. Count to a million
  18. Battle of the Names
  19. how many posts
  20. Finish the song[[HM]]
  21. Very complicated to explain, easy to play
  22. The Song Game
  23. Finish the sentence
  24. Battle of the Songs
  25. first thing that comes to mind

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