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When she was four years old, Pippa saw the first fat person she could remember. It had been a scarring experience for the little girl who, tiny as a button, was intimidated by the great size of this woman who was some kind of a relative to her. It shouldn't have had that much of an impact on her but it did, though she didn't start to actually worry about gaining weight until she hit her teens and all she could think of was that second or third cousin with rolls spilling everywhere. If she had been one of those unstable teenagers there would have been a likely chance she would have developed an eating disorder but instead she developed a sort of exercise complex. It's not that she even ate all that well, hell, she liked to shove her face full of all the good stuff as it tasted fantastic but her deal was she had to work it all off in order to not gain weight. It's not like she's even ever had an ounce of fat on her either, what with a fast metabolism keeping her trim, but it was still one of those obsessions that were going to be ever so present probably throughout her entire life. She was determined to not be fat ever and if what she had to do was keep herself going to the gym every single day then that's what she'd do. The plus side was that she wasn't some kind of a freak in that she had bulging muscles and honestly, the older she got, the lesser of fucks she gave but it was still in the back of her mind almost always. The determination that she wouldn't let herself go, no matter what. She was in America for only a week before had to find a gym for herself, somewhere nice and up to her personal standards, and upon discovering a decent one she paid for a six month membership. Enough to keep her solid for her time here in America and then she wouldn't have to worry about blowing up, especially because American food is the worst health wise. Today was her first day acutally coming and using the facilities and upon entering the building, she took a little walk around to familiarize herself with the area. Done with that, Pippa made her way for the treadmills and hopped herself up, starting the setings off slow since she hasn't done this in a few weeks.

MAXIM WYATT WEST - June 2, 2012 06:57 PM (GMT)
Maxim was in a completely different boat than Pippa…never in his life was he surrounded by people that were less than in top physical condition. One of the perks of working and growing up on a farm was the multitude of intense and hard labor that was put on your body, it was almost expect that by the time you were thirteen you had muscles on your muscles to help the family. Maxim never really minded the thought until he stopped growing to be as tall as his brothers or sisters, and it was at that point he also realized that perhaps he should make sure that he had everything else the family had…strength. Maxim wasn’t a three hundred pound juice head by any means, but he did have some muscle under his skin, muscle that, now that he isn’t working on a farm, might turn to flab. Flab. A word he never even thought about before, but now when you are in Chicago, he finds himself attracted to all types of food that weren’t supposed to be in your diet without exercising them off. That lead him to a pretty nice gym membership, one that he had asked to borrow money from his parents for till he could find a job that would coincide with school. Completely in tune to running on the treadmill, his headphones in, he hadn’t notice the girl hop on the one next too him. His head turned slightly, becoming shocked at the body. His muscles froze for a moment and backwards he went, body crashing to the floor seconds later. Smooth Maxim, smooth.

The problem with America was the food and the fact there were fast food restaurants on pretty much every corner where Pippa was only used to one maybe ten minutes from where she lived. Everywhere had fast food, this is a fact, but not everywhere had ridiculously unhealthy fast food like Taco Bell and Sonic and places like that, they didn't exist in England. All they had was stuff like McDonalds which is even in the farthest corners of the world so one can't be too shocked by that and honestly, she didn't even like half of what was on their menu. It wasn't like everyone was slim and trim back home, oh no, but people were definitely way fatter in America and that made her feel pretty gross in turn if she considered how much possible weight she could gain between now and her returning home in December. She'd rather not go home with 50 extra pounds so this was the way she was going to do it, even though exercise was a pain in the ass in the first place but she always tried which was a lot better than not bothering at all. Her focus was on getting started and that was exactly what she was doing, barely paying attention to anyone around her when suddenly she heard a loud crash and Pippa practically jumped five feet in the air. Her eyes found where the sound came from and on the ground was a male, flat on his back, and the brunette's eyes widened. "Are you okay?" she asked this fallen stranger, who looks like he had fallen off the treadmill he was on. The one right beside her.

MAXIM WYATT WEST - June 2, 2012 10:47 PM (GMT)
Georgia had fast food, of course it did, but Maxim had never really eaten it, mostly because they already had fresh food at the farm. Why eat something that could be how old and processed, when he could eat fresh corn, eggs, and every once and a while pig from their own farm. Good trick was too never name the animals you were eventually going to eat, something he had learned when he was at a very young age, and got quite attached to one bull, and one duck that he could not let be slaughter and eaten, that was when his father decided to sit him down and talk to him about why they needed to eat, and why they also couldn’t name any more of their pets. It was a sad life, but now it was something that he was used too. The shock took over his body as he laid on his back on the floor, just resting there for a few moments, glad there weren’t too many other people around, just this girl who he had never met before, and hey, if you never met them before, then there was a good chance that you would never have to see them again? Yes? He gave a small groan, pulling the ear buds out of his ear, and sat up with another louder groan. “Yeah…just a little….wounded in the pride area.” Slowly trying to stand up and leaning against one of the treadmills, wincing. Fucking A. “Sorry I scared you.”

Pippa would never be able to work on a farm simply because she was a pretty high maintenance gal and it would be like that episode of Sex and the City where Aiden took Carrie to his cottage. She did a lot better in a city where she could wear nice clothes and high heels and not feel like she was about to step in horse poop, though she's obviously stepped in dog poop before as most people have. Not to mention she'd feel a lot worse about eating meat if she had to witness how the slaughter actually worked but instead she didn't and instead just got to eat it straight up. There are always plus sides to being from the city as far as she was concerned, and her short attention span had a lot to do with that as well. Small towns and Pippa worked about as well together as her and farms and honest to god, she was just too much of a city slicker to even consider anything else in the world. She could practically feel the pain radiating off of the male and she slowed the treadmill she was on down so that she wouldn't fall over herself. "I think the pain in the back area should be a bigger worry for you," she said with a small frown, as that would be her big concern right now but alas, she's pretty used to embarrassing herself which is a sad fact of life. "It's quite alright. I'll survive," she offered him a small smile. "Do you need me to find you some ice or anything?"

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