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 Other Kitacon Pics
Posted by ferret14uk - 04-17-12 00:53 - 6 comments
user posted image
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 best christmas swag?
Posted by Macula - 12-29-11 09:14 - 3 comments
well, I'm sitting here with a cuddly oogieboogie and vampire bat, and thats not even the best of what I got.

Anyone else make out like a bandit? or still looking for what you really wanted in the sales?
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 Halloween scares :3
Posted by ferret14uk - 10-26-11 22:57 - 1 comments
we have a chap who comes into my local cinema every halloween and scares all the people who go in to watch horror movies. he dresses up as michael myers and pretends to be a manakin then he starts lashing at you. under the mask he is a great guy X ...read more
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 It's been a long time.
Posted by Gothic_Redemption - 10-17-11 05:18 - 15 comments
It's been... God, two years?
I'm sorry I left. I'd been going through rough stuff, and it never seemed to go away. I kinda lost track of here, and all you guys.
I'm not sure you're all still around, but I figured i shou ...read more
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Posted by manekineko - 06-19-11 19:29 - 10 comments
Hello! I haven't been here for a long time now, (I have been either really busy or bedbound with illness) but I now have more time for the internet and just wanted to say hello to all the lovely people that I haven't chatted to for a lo ...read more
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 new dolls today!
Posted by wake-the-dead - 05-9-11 22:27 - 17 comments
hello everyone! i am new to this forum and a recently new collector. mirari was my first lad. i have the first 2 series and a couple others here and there from the other releases. today i want to share my excitement as i have just received tr ...read more
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 Welcome, Chello!
Posted by MaliceInWonderland - 05-9-11 04:25 - 2 comments
Allo and welcome! I noticed your post on Nakea's LDD customs, so I wanted to properly welcome you here.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and looks forward to talking with you!

Do you yet own any LAD's?
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 Desperately looking for Solus.
Posted by apple_doll - 02-12-11 00:42 - 3 comments
I've been looking for solus for so long now. Does anyone know where i could get her or anyone selling her?

smile.gifread more
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 merry chistmas!!
Posted by ferret14uk - 12-25-10 12:59 - 18 comments
hey every1 merry chirstmas 2010 XD

wat did people get for chistmas?!

i got books, new camera, electric blanket(very much needed!!) the sims 3 on the ps3 and dragonball raging blast 2 XD
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 MATTEL is doing THIS?! :O
Posted by BlackKat - 04-30-10 01:50 - 103 comments
Mattel is releasing a new line of dolls in May.


It seems they're cutesying up some classic horror c ...read more
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