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Put on your pretty lies

NAME: A’Albiel
NICKNAMES: A’llie, Ally (humans call her Ally)
AGE: Unknown
DATE OF BIRTH: Her vessel was born 5/15/1978
GENDER: Female
ORIENTATION: A’Albiel enjoys serving her fellow angels.

Faded pictures on the wall

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black.
MARKS: None.

A’Albiel wears mostly what her vessel was wearing when she claimed her. She could be seen in jeans and a nice shirt, or sometimes dress’s. A’Albiel is a beautiful women so she tends to be a bit glamorous at times. A’Albiel wears her hair long and straight, if she had an assignment from her superiors she would dress differently to go undercover for them.

A’Albiel enjoys fitting in with the humans, and she adores God’s creations so therefore she tends to wear what most humans would consider ‘in style’.

FACE CLAIM: Aisn Thottumkal

Your train of thought will be altered

• Michael
• Gabriel
• Castiel
• Cheeseburgers
• A’Albiel likes to watch the humans play in parks, enjoy the afternoons off, and do human things.
• She loves to sing. A’Alibiel is an incredible singer and loves to show off her human voice at times.
• Ice cream
• Italian Food
• Anything made by humans

• Demons
• She hates anything that is out to destroy her family or friends.
• She does not like the disloyal angels that have followed Zechariah.
• Zechariah.
• She dislikes anyone that would lay a finger on Michael.
• She does not like salads or green foods at times.
• She hates going to loud concerts with hard rock.
• She hates to fight.
• She dislikes when humans disobey direct orders from the angels.
• She is finding out more about herself, and she dislikes the fact that she was treated poorly growing up because she had special ‘gift’s’ that her father had given her.


• Loyalty to her friends.
• Her healing powers are stronger then most angels.
• She understands human emotions and even has some herself which is unusual for an angel.
• She can literally ‘feel’ what the humans are feeling, if they are in pain, sorrow, A’Albiel feels it.


• She’s afraid of the most powerful demons because she is not ready to face them on her own.
• At times she looses confidence in herself.
• Family is one of her major weakness’.
• Sometimes her emotions get the better of her in a battle.
• She often gets too close to the humans she is protecting.


• Becoming a fallen angel.
• She is afraid of being reprimanded for going against certain orders she had received (such as destroying Castiel).


• A’Albiel is an angel of the Lord, and acts as such.
• She is fun loving and easy going, but gets fearful when Michael gives her a command. She knows if she messes up, it would not end well.
• A’Albiel loves to sing, dance and play with the humans.

SECRETS: A’Albiel was asked to come down to Earth to destroy Castiel. Uriel had asked this of her, and she also was asked to destroy other angels as well. When she was asked, she decided she could not perform this task, and left Heaven. She is scared the angels would destroy her.


Ally is fun, outgoing, and occasionally shy. She is not shy around the humans, and she is not shy about asking how electronic devises work, or getting to know her charges. Delaney generally was more outgoing before the angels started turning against each other.

Ally is not afraid to say what she thinks, and she is not afraid to stand up for herself. She will do anything to make sure that what is being done is the ‘right ‘ thing. After being ordered to kill Castiel (who trained her), Ally refused and turned against Zachariah. She had trusted Michael for a long time, but now she is unsure of WHO to trust exactly. Though she wishes to get in contact with Michael more then anything, she has not been able to. The other angels had been trying to keep her from him.

Ally believes strongly in family and values. She believes in standing up for her brothers and sisters, and she wants them ALL to take a stand against the angels that are going rogue.

Ally is a young angel, though she has been around not as long as Castiel. Her name means ‘Servant of Michael, and she is just that. Her and Michael had been extremely close while she was growing up. He taught her everything she knew and he also helped her get her wings.

She had been under the care of the angels Gavreel who was the angel of peace, and the angel Charmeine, the angel of Harmony when Michael had not been able to be around. They were watching over her, up until they died when Zachariah and Uriel had been killing off the other angels. Ally had found out that it was indeed other angels doing the killings. This had upset her immensely. She wasn’t sure who to trust anymore so she left Heaven, found a vessel (a homeless girl who was dying), and stayed on Earth ever since.

While growing up, Ally had always been curious about Earth, and the humans that her Father had created. Many of the angels had noticed that Ally also possessed some of the human emotions, which was unusual for angels to have. While Ally herself didn’t understand it, the other angels too were baffled.

Ally is determined to learn things on her own if she has to, but she is also determined to do what is right in her heart. Ally has been forced to learn things early due to everything happening at once with the apocalypse. She is still somewhat afraid of facing a demon alone, but she knows that time will come when she might have to.

Ally wants to do what’s right in her heart no matter what her orders are (which also had worried Zachariah). She is very smart, and very slick, she manages to learn things on her own while the other angels would prefer she didn’t. She is also very loving, kind and gentle.

Ain't used to what you like


Al, or Ally has some of the humans called her, was actually pretty complicated in herself. The thing was, her name meant ‘Servant of Michael’, and well, most of the humans couldn’t pronounce it, so she had told them to call her Ally.

Ally had been living with the humans for quite some time, though she had missed her time in Heaven. Growing up, her and Michael had a special relationship that most of the angels did not have with him. Most of the angels also thought this was odd, but she was considered Michael’s best friend, or at least, a close alley.

It had been years since Ally had seen Michael, and she vowed to find him again someday. It was important to her. She needed to know that he still cared for her as her older brother, and that she wasn’t alone in this battle. Now that Lucifer was gone, she knew it was safe to seek him once again.

Ally had been visiting Dean Winchester, who had been in pain since the loss of his brother. On the outside, everything seemed normal with Dean. He had a family now, and a house and a child. On the inside, Ally knew better. It was her gift of healing that helped her realize Dean’s pain.

At night she would visit him, while he and Lisa were asleep. She would visit him in his dreams. When he had asked who she was, she told him. “I am Ally,” she said to him.

Dean would look back at her and say, “Well then Ally, how bout I call you Al?” he asked.

“That is a ‘boy’s name, is it not?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

Dean shrugged, “It’s a nickname, deal with it, I’m not a fan of angels kid, so why are you here?” Dean asked.

“I am hardly a kid, but I am here because I can see your pain. I can feel what you feel for the loss of your brother,” she said to him, “And I can feel your sorrow…” she added.

Dean backed away uneasily. “Listen,” he said. “That’s fine and all, but I don’t need a shrink, Lisa and I are doing fine…” he said.

“You say you are but you are not, why is this?” she asked, “Will you let me heal you?” she asked.

Dean shook his head, “NO,” he said stubbornly. “Look just leave me alone…”

“What are you afraid of Dean Winchester?” She asked going up to him placing a hand on his foreheed.

“I don’t want to forget him…ok?” Dean snapped. He turned and started walking away.

She sighed. When he left she escaped his dream and went onto the playground and sat on the swing that was just outside of Dean’s house. Ally sighed watching as Dean woke up and went to the bathroom to dry his wet eyes. She could help him, she knew she could but he would not let her. It was very frustrating and she could see why Michael had such a hard time with him.

Ally turned when she thought she heard a noise near her, “Michael…” she whispered. Was it him? She hoped so.

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