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Title: One Headlight
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MORGAINE DRAKE - October 2, 2010 04:20 AM (GMT)
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- One Headlight -

    It was a bit of a chilly night to be outside in the middle of a park in gang territory. It made the hair on the back of Morgaine's neck stand on end, but she needed stock. Without her magic for protection and to make profit, she was high and dry. That was the only reason the El Camino had briefly parked at one of the gates to the middle section of the sprawling 'park'. There was a botanical garden in it, a green house, the whole nine and that should have every thing she needed in it. With the headlights illuminating things (one side dimmer than the other, about ready to flicker out and call it quits), it wasn't hard for her to get through the lock. The metal swung open relatively easily, just squeaked awfully as it did.

    The rusting vehicle made it's way to the botanical center, parking in front of the building. She again exitted her car, rubbing her hands together for warmth. She could see her breath floating in the air - the first cold night of the year. It meant stocking up would soon be a problem as things went out of season and the need to travel for what was wanted grew. It was one of the things that made her miss the old house with her grandmother and great aunt. There, the plants were grown, and there was an abundant stock of everything needed for the craft. It was at her fingertips. No scounging for what was needed once it was all gone. No stealing for it.

    A sigh left her as she approached the greenhouse, spoon in hand. No greenhouse was going to have a top of the line lock system. She shimmied the spoon under the door, then used an old library card. The thing slid open difficultly, but it opened, and the witch slipped in. She gently flicked strands of her hair away from her brown eyes, looking well put together for it being just after midnight. Her hair was still neatly curled, make up intact. Only now she was hugging a jacket tightly to her, Jack Skellington messenger bag with little bottles, vials and such containers slung across her. From one of the pockets of the bag, she fished out a small flashlight, a pocket knife and a list of what was needed.

    "Wow... this place might actually have everything..." She mused to herself as she shined the flashlight around, illuminating plants, most plots labelled with little signs posted neatly. She doubted that most people that came to the place actually needed the help of signs. She looked at the first three things on her list as she started to tread through the place in her black and white Chucktaylors, skinny jeans tucked into the high tops. "Dittany, Hellebore, Wormwood and Bloodroot... Yeah... let's start with that, shall we?" She continued to mutter to herself.

    She stepped carefully, black peacoat buttoned snuggly as she manuvered to get back to the Hellebore. There, she crouched down, fishing out the propper container before placing the flashlight in her mouth and starting to carefully cut what she needed to pack into the little jar. The greenhouse was warm, at least, until the door had been left open. The warm air was starting to slowly leak out. She wasn't worried about it either. The caretakers could worry about it later.

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ADAM MILLIGAN-WINCHESTER - October 7, 2010 03:59 PM (GMT)
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    Nearly out of breath, the youngest Winchester brother kept running as fast as he could while still keeping quietly. Anything to get away from that damn prison. His so called brothers Sam and Dean had been driving him insane ever since he came back from the grave.

    From what he picked up, he had just been resurrected from his grave by Zachariah. Why he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he was back. He woke up inside Bobby's house and was told he was to stay there in hiding while his brothers figured out what the hell was going on and why he was back. Some welcome for your dead brother. He wasn't about be kept cooped up in some old trucker look alike's house and wait to be killed again. No, he was going to make a break for it. He had waited until Bobby wasn't around. It wasn't too hard to get away from the old grump. The big problem would be the angels. Even though he couldn't physically see them all the time, he could hear them talking when they were close, kind of like Chuck claimed he could.

    Adam had made it a good couple of miles away from Bobby's when he came across an old abandoned looking shack with a overgrown looking greenhouse next to it. He figured he would crash here for a bit or at least lay low. He frantically looked around as he slowed down his running pace to a steady walk, tumbling over a giant rusted metal trash can while he was at it. What an odd place for that. In the middle of the field. He looked around in panic, afraid that someone may have heard him. He knelt down to the ground, the tall overgrown wheat like grass surrounding him keeping him somewhat hidden. The fact that his tan jacket was a similar color worked to his benefit. Breathing heavily, he cautiously stepped around the side of the old shack, careful not to knock anything over.

    His heart was still racing wildly. He closed his eyes for a second as he attempted to pull himself together. What a hell of a day. Literally. He jumped as he heard feet rustling through the grass from what sounded like the other side of the shack, over by the greenhouse. Oh shit. Just what he needed. He froze, eyes growing wide and the panic returning as he saw the reflection of a light zip by the side of the shack. 'Oh please don't let that be fucking angels.' He groaned as the though slipped into his head.

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MORGAINE DRAKE - October 7, 2010 04:53 PM (GMT)
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- The only difference -

    Success. One thing re-stocked, just about a dozen more to go. She stuffed the plant in the little jar to worry about getting dried out later for better storage. The drying and preservation process wasn't hard. She'd have to hang it out in light, and for that her El Camino's cab worked quite well. She'd just arrange it in the front dash and let the sun do the rest. She had to get it out to the car, which meant little jars and improper storing techniques for just the moment. Once she got what she needed, the jar was returned to the bag, pocket knife flipping shut and flashlight going back to a hand. As before, she moved cautiously through the greenhouse, the door still propped open. It wasn't until she moved her light and it glinted through the glass that she noticed that something was off. There was movement outside.

    The young woman froze up, body going rigid as she swollowed hard. There were so many things that could be out there. An angry caretaker, a gang banger, a cop, or any number of things that would actually eat her. She didn't want to get eatten. However, there was only the one exit and the thing was close enough that she wouldn't be able to leave without getting noticed. She was stuck at the moment. All she had for protection were a few weak hexes, a pocket knife and what she could manage to do with the plants around her. That all totaled to next to nothing. Plants were only good if you had the tools to prepare them right. She could make something to stun a creature, but she didn't have the tools to grind the necessary plants down into powder or the time to dry them out for them to turn to powder. She felt rather helpless, really, vulnerable. It made her wonder why she had left home in the first place.

    After a moment, she relaxed, deciding that it had just been the wind or a field mouse. She slowly crept along, flashlight sweeping as she sought out Dittany, Wormwood or Bloodroot. The silvery leaves of Wormwood was what came first into her sight. She crept towards it carefully, watching out for any rodents as she went. Once there, she crouched down to gather what she needed. That was when she heard the crash of a metal trashbin outside. It made her jump, the flashlight again darting around as she searched for an on coming threat. It made her heart skip a beat before starting to pound, adrenaline flowing into her veins from fear. There really was something out there - but what? She took a deep, shakey breath. "C'mon, Morg... you can handle this. You're a full grown witch... not a very good one but hey, it doesn't know that..."

    Nervously, gripping her flashlight, she crept out to see what was outside. She almost fell into Adam. At the sudden sight of another figure, one larger than her, she gave a slight squeal and about jumped out of her skin. It wasn't very graceful. No. She wasn't entirely sure what had happened, maybe she attempted to turn to run, or just tried to take a step backwards away from the 'it'. Either way, she found herself staring up at the stars, her messenger bag under her hand feeling kind of... crunchy, flashlight no longer in her hand.

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ADAM MILLIGAN-WINCHESTER - October 14, 2010 02:46 AM (GMT)
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Heart racing, Adam was looking the other way as another figure crashed into him. Taken by surprise, Adam let out a low scream as the other figure - a girl fro the looks of it...much smaller than him too - let out a high pitched squeal of its own. He stumbled back in attempt to get away from whatever this was. For all he knew it could be some demon or creature only posing as a human girl. He didn't want to take his chances and his first reaction was to back away and get out of there as quickly as he could. Keeping his eyes on the figure in front of him he backed up along side the old shack.

As he did so, his foot got caught on an old pcv pipe, causing him to trip backwards and fall flat on his ass, hitting his head on the wall of the old shack as he did so. And hard. "Dammit!" He cursed. What shitty luck. He reached up to where he hit his head and felt a slight wet spot behind his hair. Well crap. He was bleeding. He didn't think he hit his head that hard. His right ankle was throbbing. He could move it, so it wasn't broken. But he figured he sprained it pretty badly as it hurt like hell. He glanced down at his left hand that had started itching that moment and cursed out loud again as he recognized the leaf of poison ivy. Some one upstairs or downstairs was laughing at him right now, getting a kick out of this site. He was pathetic.

He immediately removed his left hand from the poison ivy and placed both hands on his right leg with the hurt ankle. The pain continued to go up his leg. Okay so maybe it was a bit worse than a sprain. He probably pulled a calf muscle or something while he was running and was just now feeling it. He watched helplessly on the ground, looking like a pathetic abandoned puppy as the flash light shone towards the other figure. She squinted at the bright light and brought a hand up to shield his eyes as he looked at her. She too was on the ground, but not for long.

Adam was tired of running. Hell, he had survived several things so far. Sure he had just been brought back down from heaven just a few days ago, but he didn't mind the thought of going back again. Maybe then he would get the chance to finish up that prom dance with Katie which had been interrupted when he had been brought back by Zachariah. He would face what ever thing it was he had just ran into. Maybe he would get lucky and it just be a human roaming these parts like him. Then again, with his shitty luck streak all week, he wouldn't be surprised for her to be anything else.

He sighed as he rested his head back on the side of the shack, wincing at his now throbbing and still bleeding head. He was a mess. Dirt was all over his face and clothes from his escape from Bobby's. That little fall of his didn't help one bit. He had suffered through much worse however. This was nothing to cry about. It just made matters worse. He couldn't believe how bad his luck was.

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MORGAINE DRAKE - November 8, 2010 06:09 PM (GMT)
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Soon enough the mostly uninjured Morgaine was up. Her hand hurt, bleeding a bit from slight cuts to it but that was nothing severe. Her tailbone wasn't too happy about the fall either but that pain was numbed thanks to the adrenaline surging through her veins. She crawled awkwardly to grab her flashlight, fumbling with it before managing to get a grip on it and the light aimed at the 'thing' she ran into. When she saw it appeared to be a human she took a heavy breath, sitting to breathe heavily for a minute, recovering from the scare. Her heart was pounding in her chest uncomfortably. With the second to gather her wits she finally realized what kind of state her hand was in. She made a bit of a face, wiping it off on her jeans after evaluating the minor cuts. They were nothing.

Seeing as the young man wasn't going to get up, she slowly did, shifting to clutch her bag with one hand. It wasn't really that much use in defending herself, but it could be a decent distraction to give her a chance to run if needed. With all the caution in the world she approached Adam, light kept trained on him as she nervously waited for him to jump up to try to eat her. When that didn't happen, she took a closer look at things, eyes going wide. "Oh my Goddess! You're bleeding!" Way to go Captain Obvious. She mentally slapped herself for that one before rushing to his side, dropping to a crouch next to him. He looked terrible. It made her feel sorry for him. She put down her flashlight and let go of her bag, hands going to reach to check his injury, stopping most of the way there. It was probably rude, she realized, to just start manhandling him. "Do you mind if I take a look? Make sure it's not too bad?"

While she wasn't very graceful or coordinated herself, she seemed to have him beat when it came to luck. At least this time around. It was very rarely that things didn't go worse for her. Thankfully, she had never died or been eatten alive yet. This time she had managed to avoid the poison ivy and a dizzying blow to the head. Most remarkable was the fact that she hadn't fainted over it all. It seemed her standard natural response to such shocks; play dead. Kind of like a possum. She winced at the blood on his head, leaning to get a better look. She was careful with him, brushing the hair out of the way. "Ohhh. Ow. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. Just out here gathering up... stuff. Not that I sneak around creepy old greenhouses frequently to gather things! I'm not a scavenger or anything like that. I just ran out of a few things that you can't buy in stores. That makes me sound like a druggie, doesn't it? And now I'm babbling. I'm sorry."

Her face went a nice shade of pink as she realized she had gone off on one of her babbling sprees. It was a bad habit of her's. She could be led off topic by her own thoughts and not realize she was sharing them with everyone either. She found it rather embarassing.

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ADAM MILLIGAN-WINCHESTER - December 7, 2010 05:19 AM (GMT)
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Before he knew what was going on, the girl was on top of him, attending to his wounds. He watched her every move carefully. Every thing seemed to be moving in slow motion. That was probably the result from bumping his head too hard. Their eyes met as she hesitated before looking at the wound on his head. "Oh um...yea sure..." Before he could even fish out a reply, she was all over him.

He tried to move his leg once again but it continued to throb and a new pain shot through his leg. He winced, but didn't make a big show about it. He had to man up. He looked pathetic in front of this girl. Not impressive at all. He could hear her rambling on about something, but his mind was somewhere else. He finally came to at her last few words as he mustered out a reply so he wouldn't come across as rude. "Oh's alright really. Sorry if i scared you as well...didn't expect to see anyone out here.." In fact he kind of did...he half expected an angel to show up to claim him any second now. Maybe she was a spy or something for them. The thought made him a little antsy and nervous.

He gathered what energy he had left and picked himself up, focusing his weight on his stronger leg. Things were still slightly spinning, but he would have to deal with that. He didn't even know where he was. He was lost. "This may sound a bit odd....but do you have any idea where we are? Im kinda....lost." He hated to admit it, but it was true. He had let his feet take him wherever they may after his escape from Bobby's and he hand't really paid attention as to where that was exactly.
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