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 A Proposal, tag: vash || toby
Posted: Jun 12 2012, 04:53 PM


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user posted image
Spring 11th

Vaschel "Vash" Valentine was, it should be noted at this point, a good physician.

Not a very experienced one, having spent most of his time in an office instead of actually practicing, but he was intelligent and quick to master complex but essentially routine tasks. He had sped through a joint seven year program with modest colors, neither the top of his class nor struggling. Had it not been for the (inevitable, as he saw it) fall from grace he had suffered not too long ago, he might have had a promising career.

It must also be noted at this point that in spite of Vash's talent and intelligence, none of this really clicked with him. His mind was wrapped up in major conspiracy theories and almost always fell into enormous depressions, usually at the drop of a hat (note: not entirely a figure of speech at this point; he has actually been depressed due to the dropping of a hat).

But even pathetic, small men faced with no other options can rally some sort of ... something. And that was why Vash was on his way to the Barking Dog, a fishing ship that he had not heard of when he was last in Flowerbud (ten years ago), to offer his services. His quite limited, tinged with grief and quiet desperation, services.

"Captain Tobias!" he called out in something that sounded little bit like a cat's wail, although Vash was perhaps completely unaware that his voice sounded that way. "I have come to your door ... plank to offer my services!"
Posted: Jun 13 2012, 06:46 PM


Group: Inactive
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A year. The planet had revolved around the sun once. The moon had arched across the night sky 365 times (roughly). All of the celestial bodies had done their routine like clockwork, casting their light down on all those who walked the planet, among them one Karu Thorn. What had he done in that year? He had prepared medications, hunted, fished, swam, but overall he had failed in his promise to his deceased family.

Karu's time in Flowerbud Village was suppose to be brief. He had planned to stay a few years but at this rate he was going to be spending a few times more than just a few years. The reason for this delay centered around Karu's inability to sell a product. He had a difficult time selling his products to those that came to see him. Selling, after all, was something that his family had little experience with. When they had traveled around the world they traded their resources for food and shelter, not coin.

The medicine man knew that, although medicine is what he did best, it wasn't his only skill. After hearing in town about a fishing ship that was looking for crew Karu swallowed the last of his pride and decided he would join just a crew. He had experience fishing, though little of it was at sea. He was in great physical condition, with a small appetite and quiet demeanor. Not to mention his skills at medicine would be useful isolated at sea.

As Karu approached the ship strangely labeled the 'Barking Dog' (was it too late to turn back?) he saw another figure standing outside. When Karu was within ten feet of the door the man who's back was to Karu called out the captain's name in a manner that sounded more like a shriek than the voice of a man almost as tall as Karu. For a moment Karu stopped, his usually blank face twisting into a look of horror for a moment. This man wasn't looking to join the crew too was he?

Standing several feet behind the other man, Karu waited patiently, his face once again calm, steady, and unreadable. His business was with the captain of the ship not this fellow visitor. Moving and standing in such silence the other person probably wasn't even aware Karu was behind him and the Karu was glad of that.
Posted: Jun 14 2012, 02:18 AM

attorney at lawn.

Group: Admin
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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

The night before this particular day had been a pretty normal night for Toby Aldebaran. Then again, normal meant a completely different thing for him than other people; it was strange for him to come home, fall asleep, and wake up peacefully the following day. No, Toby came home piss drunk, with fresh bruises on his face and dried blood on his knuckles, and usually awoke with a bitch of a hangover that could only be cured with a bit more drinking.

So, in other words, when he heard a voice outside his door, he wasn't exactly in the most presentable state for employee interviews. He groaned, shifting slightly on his frayed, smelly, and sunken couch until he just fell off of the damn thing, the bottle in his lap falling with the crash to the floor. "Jussaminnut," he called out, burping in his throat and letting out a long breath, attempting to hold his eyes open.

Dear god did he have a headache; what time was it, anyway? Was that light he saw out of his window? What kind of a person came around during the daytime, anyway? Weren't they aware these were his days off? Oh yeah-- a job, right. Someone was actually looking for a job with him as the employer. He even laughed to himself at the thought as he stepped around glass and a fresh puddle of whiskey and opened the door leading out to the deck of his ship.

He leaned against the doorframe, eyes squinted against the bright light. It was clear that he wasn't exactly in the best state of mind at the moment, just from the way he was reacting like a vampire to the outside world. He managed to open his eyes enough to see two people standing there-- or was it just one, and he was seeing double? It was hard to tell. Clearing his throat-- and burping again-- he focused a bit more and determined that they were, indeed, two different people. "How may I help you?" He asked in the most sober voice he could muster, holding his hand above his eyes to shade them from the sun. He chuckled a little bit to himself, though for what reason even he wasn't sure. It might have had something to do with the fact that he was clad in nothing but boxers and a dirty white t-shirt.
Posted: Jun 14 2012, 04:54 PM


Group: Inactive
Posts: 106
Member No.: 134
Joined: 7-June 12

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Tobias Aldebaran was quite the sight. Even if Vash hadn't been too wrapped up in his own overwhelming paranoia and quiet desperation to notice the man who had come up behind him, the appearance of a still half-drunk filthy man in boxers and a white shirt that looked like it smelled like dry liquor would have drowned out all other considerations.

Let it stand as a testament to Vash's desperation, or to his completely senselessness and remarkable naivety, or to something that the sight of Tobias (while certain attention-grabbing) did not make him spin on a heel and march down the pier immediately.

To say that this fact meant there was something wrong with Vash would be perhaps redundant, as that point should have been obvious long ago.

“Captain Aldebaran!” Vash cried/moaned/wailed/said/did-something-with-his-mouth. “I am a son of Flowerbud who has recently returned in disgrace and I am looking to request a position on your boat to in some way redeem my honor --”

(Yes, there was something most definitely wrong with Vash. The sight of that man on that boat, and the very name the Barking Dog should have been enough to chase the word “honor” out of any sane discussion.)

“-- or failing that, to allow the sweet embrace of the Mother Ocean to carry me away into that dreamless sleep to which we all must go.”

Note: it is entirely possible that all of Vash's interviews had gone this way. It should not be surprising he had difficulty finding employment.
Posted: Jun 18 2012, 06:49 PM


Group: Inactive
Posts: 84
Member No.: 6
Joined: 16-February 11

From the darkness there came motion, and from that motion came forth a man... a hung over man. The only thing missing from this image was a bottle of hard liquor in the man's grasp. It would be difficult to describe the emotion that Karu currently felt given his situation. There were recognizable emotions such as shock, amazement; but really there was a lack of words to describe the unique combination of disappointment and irritation. Reflecting this, Karu's eyes closed and his eyebrow ticked with annoyance. Was this the captain or was it some kind of cruel practical joke? This was just Karu's luck really.

Adding salt to the wound was the man standing in front of Karu. This time the pain wasn't in Karu's temples so much as his stomach like someone had kicked him hard there. It wasn't just the man's cat whiny voice but his choice of words were... was flamboyant the best choice? Still, Karu knew that this job would pay well and still give him the freedom that he required.

"Drowning is not a pleasant death." Karu's voice was soft but resonant as he moved to the man's side. "For better or worse, I too am here looking for employment. My reasons are my own." He gave a glance over to the whiny man in an almost comedic way before looking back at the owner of the barking dog... or at least Karu hoped (hope was a strong word) thought this was the man he had come to see.
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