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Title: Halberdier package
Description: Fixed!! Come get your copy here!!

b0nest0rm99 - March 31, 2009 09:39 AM (GMT)
user posted image
The pack has the insertable frames. You need to
import Ephraim's animation from FE8, even if you
are using this for FE8. It also contains the sheet
itself. I don't need credit given. If you can't import
animations(This is a spriting community) then go
to Tactics Universe and read Flamemonkey's
importing tutorial. Don worry, you don't need to
join TU to see it XD
Either that or ask a friend.
Very nice, very smooth, no more annoying stray pixels. Simply moving
the shield fixed a lot of cut-off problems. Download it!! :D

oranj - April 1, 2009 04:21 AM (GMT)

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