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Title: Hyle's insult
Description: voting

Merc - February 28, 2008 01:59 AM (GMT)
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Ok, before you vote, take the following into consideration:

~Does the sprite look decent?
~Is it in some way humiliating?
~Was effort involved?

The vote is 1 through 10 as you can clearly see.


5 = Average

1 = Quit Spriting, now.

Don't start by thinking 10 automatically if it's good.
Work from a 5 and go up or down depending on the sprite, which means there should be very few 10's and 1's. Seriously.

In order for anyone to pass, you have to at least score an average of 3.00 or higher in your poll (with the exception of Azn who has to score 4.00 or more.)
If your final score is 2.99, your S.O.L . Sorry.

Also if your final score is higher then your opponents, you proceed to the next round and your opponent is eliminated.

Obviously the mug with a higher score moves on, which is the mug of the eliminated member.

Jake's mug of Bill scores 4.7
Bill's mug of Jake scores 1.8
Jake moves on.

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