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 ACCEPTED: Kimimaro Kaguya
Kimimaru Kaguya
Posted: Apr 18 2011, 09:00 AM
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General Information
Name: Kimimaro Kaguya
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5,4 ft Or 166.1 cm
Weight: 49.8 Kg

Village: Otogakure
Rank: Member Of The Sound Five
Element: Non-Elemental
Bloodline: Shikotsumyaku
Jutsu Specialization: Taijutsu
Main Weapon: N/A

Personal Information
Appearance: The greatest mark left by Kimimaro’s Father is that of his porcelain smooth skin, due to his father being the main culprit behind locking within his cage. It seems to have not only stung his mental capabilities, but his physical as well. His green eyes seemed to be eternally stamped upon his stoic face. Though his expressions do not vary much, he sometimes borders a murderous look that could frighten the greatest of contenders. His Masculine features cause his stoic expression to be all the more imposing. His hair is always well groomed, gently gliding back into their hanging position just above his shoulders. And on his forehead, he keeps a constant reminder of the people he “raised him”, two red dots sit steady. The Cursed Seal of Earth given to him from Orochimaru, three curved lines perfectly spreading away from an invisible point, can be found just under his neck on his chest.

Unless the occasion for a disguise arrives before him, Kimimaro is usually can be seen wearing the traditional sound shinobi garbs. Which consisted of a lightly colored lavender which fitted loose, and could easily be zipped up. Black pants cut off around the middle of his calf, and bandages wrapped down to his ankles. Like most shinobi he sports the traditional sandels, and like the other members of the sound five, the inverted purple bow tied around his waist. Though it is unknown where his two red ornaments locking his white hair in their places have come from, it is known that they help to keep the hair from his eyes during battle.

Personality: Kimimaro is a calm, gentle soul by nature. Who seems to never show any emotions as though he lacked the entire possibly to even sympathize with those around himself. His only wish is to further his master’s dreams in every way possible. Though he does not dislike fighting or is a pacifist of any kind, he does not see any other reason for fighting than that of making use of himself in the eyes of others. Particularly in that of Orochimaru, whom he holds as the closest father figure he has ever had. Though he knew his father, and served him well, within that of his father’s eyes and his own by being of use, Now that he had been away from his father, the young kaguya had created his image of what a true father was. Though this vision was deferred by his past, he never beheld his father in his mind. The past was behind him, the cage marked but one part of his life.

Very few ninja pass his range of being a strong ninja, perhaps it is that of his skill which causes him to look down on his enemies. He is not opposed to disrespecting his opponents through verbal taunts or even by calling his opponents “trash” ninja. A word he has come to use for those he deems even unworthy to see the full extent of his power.

Perhaps one of Kimimaro’s greatest traits is that of his determination. No one could perfectly describe his inability to give in, or in other words never stop even if a mountain of enemies laid before him. Perhaps this determination will be the death of him, for it seems his will to move outweighs that of any challenge in front of him.

History: Life for Kimimaro has not always been the best life, not as though he knew any different. Being such a gentle soul, from what seems birth, you could never truly know the horrors of the captivity he was forced to face. By the hand of his own father, the young warrior bred kaguya was sealed away until his use was absolutely needed. This caged life was brought about by the fear of his kekkai genkai, Shikotsumyaku. The clan, his own father, due to the inherited fear of the very idea of a kekkai genkai murdered any chance for the young Kaguya to truly feel the world before he was even born. Had they not been the war mongering people they were, he might have not even gained the life he has had.

During the final day of his clan’s life the boy was released from his cage for battle. Though this was not the first time, it was surely the only notable time, for it was the day his families atrocity against him were brought about through the means of what some would call karma. Death struck the foolish bloodthirsty clan to the point that left Kimimaro, not only an orphan, but meaningless in his design. From that day forward he was free, but was freedom to someone who did not understand its true capabilities. All that was left was to do nothing, but wander the lands looking for a reason. It might have been some time, but he found this sense of possible accomplishment in that of Orochimaru. One who nearly contrasted Kimimaro’s persona in every way. Orochimaru needed him, perhaps pleaded to him in a way no other could have. And in return for this sense of purpose, he gave the legendary sannin his full loyalty.

Under his new master, he chipped away at the ranks that surrounded their world. Any mission that his master sent him on, he completed in what could be considered to Orochimaru as success. Also bringing forth the young Jugo, one who became his only close friend within the walls of Orochimaru’s many bases. The knowledge is unknown if it was his master who sent Kimimaro after his greatest test subject, or if it was he himself who beseeched the ill-tempered killer by design.. Nonetheless, the older subject of Orochimaru became the only true friend Kimimaro has ever had.


Name: Cursed Seal Of Earth
Rank: Unknown
Type: Fuuinjutsu, Cursed Seal
Description: This cursed seal is considered one of the strongest among all the seals given by Orochimaru, though it’s counterpart is of equal strength. Kimimaro is the only known shinobi to be given this particular cursed seal. Although little is known about the extent of his abilities in the level one state, it is known that he perform a partial change. Taking on certain traits the cursed seal can bestow upon him without full contact with the cursed seals possible drawbacks.
During his level 2 state, Kimimaro takes on the form of a dinosaur complete with a tail. On his back, during this state, large bones protrude out in a wing-like formation. His skin, which usually is porcelain white, turns to a darkened maroon. While the cursed seal is active, no matter the level, Kimimaro gains increased chakra levels, and physical capabilities.

Name: Yonagi No Mai (Dance Of The Willow)
Rank: N/A
Type: Kekkai Genkai/Taijutsu/Kenjutsu.
Description: Kimimaro utilizes his Kekkai Genkai by creating several long bones from his body. Two of which protrude from his palms, while the others rip from his elbows, knees and shoulders. The length of these long bone blades transform at the will of Kimimaro. This allows him to relieve the chance of having to alter his movements, allowing for a more effective chance at striking his opponents. This dance’s form is filled with acrobatics, using spins and charges. He maneuvers himself using the named movements to create positions for long sweeping attacks that allow him to stay at a slight distance. This distance allows him to form perfect counters due to distance, or ward off his enemies from trying to close this distance.

Name: Karamatsu No Mai (Dance Of The Larch)
Rank: N/A
Type: Kekkai Genkai/Taijutsu
Description: Kimimaro uses his bloodline abilities to create the perfect defensive structure on his exterior. Though these bones protrude in any direction, and are never truly the same from one use of this jutsu to the next, they have the innate abilities to ward off an enemies close range attempts. These bones are nothing more than extensions of his bone structure. They can grow at an incredible speed, be used to block and trap strikes from his enemies, and can make seem as though he is untouchable in close range combat.

Name: Teshi Sendan (Drilling Finger Bullets)
Rank: N/A
Type: Kekkai Genkai/Taijutsu
Description: By hardened bones at the end of his finger tips, Kimimaro, can shoot ten bullets at a time at any direction he so chooses. A direct hit from any one of these spinning bone bullets would excavate skin, rip flesh, and splinter bones.

Name: Tsubaki No Mai (Dance Of The Camellia)
Rank: N/A
Type: Kekkei Genkai/Taijutsu/Kenjutsu
Description: Through the talents of his Kekkei Genkai the young kaguya pushes his humerus through the backside of his shoulder. This protruding bone is the hilt of his bone sword. This bone sword is compressed to be harder then steel, and is lighter then that of any blade. Making this weapon, and style to be a dangerous force. Kimimaro, when using this dance, can be seen making quick almost blur like cuts and thrust to disable his foes. His graceful speed, and fluent movements shows the bone blade as a clear extension of the kaguya's arm.

Kimimaro performs this jutsu by modifying the humerus (upper arm bone) of either his right or left arm to create a short, hilt-less bone sword. Since he can increase and compress the density of his bones, he can make the sword harder than steel. He then uses the sword to fight; his style uses quick cuts and thrusts to disable opponents quickly. He is extremely proficient with this sword and can, not only deflect shuriken, but also dispatch a large number of Shadow Clones with this techniq

Name: Tessenka No Mai (Dance Of The Clematis)
Rank: Unknown
Type: Kekkei Genkai/Taijutsu
Description: The only dance of all the kaguya’s dances that has two different forms. One of which is known as Tsuru (Vine) for Kimimaro can use his kekkei genkai to pull out his spinal column to use as a weapon, and regrow his spine. This weapon looks much like a staff, though can be used as a whip. This allows him to bind his enemies, although it could just as easily kill the intended victim. The vertebrae are made to be stronger, and sharper, thus creating a potentially lethal weapon. The other of the forms of this dance is that of Hana (Flower). During this version of the dance, Kimimaro encases his entire forearm with a giant drill. The weapon is of course made from his own bone, through compression this weapon has been dubbed the strongest of all his bone weapons. Though these are two separate weapons, their usage is best described together. While he holds his enemies within his spinal weapon, he can burrow his drill like weapon through his enemy’s chest as they stand helpless within his grip.

Name: Sawarabi No Mai (Dance of the Seeding Fern)
Rank: Unknown
Type: Kekkei Genkai/Ninjutsu
Description: One of Kimimaro’s most powerful dances, or at least considered as much by the enemies who have seen the capabilities of the jutsu’s performance.. Using his bloodline once again, he creates a tidal wave of bone spikes to burst from the ground fashioning a giant forest. Once the forest has been created, Kimimaro is able to move through these bones at will. Anyone caught within the forest is in immediate danger, for any words spoken; movements made, are constantly within the kaguya’s senses.

Notes: It has been some time since I have been able to role play, especially in within the domain that is known as Naruto. Much has most likely escaped my initial read through. I hope to constantly develop the Kimimaro everyone knows and loves into something else.
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Posted: Apr 21 2011, 04:00 AM
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Excellent! Welcome aboard! Also, I'm going to change your username to "Kimimaro Kaguya". It looks like you just made a small typo ^^
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