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Title: "Trifecta"

Kabuto Yakushi - July 2, 2011 11:40 AM (GMT)
As a teacher and educator, one must show absolute the fruits of their labours by making sure their students show their knowledge to the world. Failure to do so not only reflects on the students' ability and education, but the lack of the ones who taught them as well.

The rain for the last few days has passed, and lately the sun has shown more of its face that the horrible weather seemed to be just a far off memory. The village of Otogakure was peaceful and quiet, none suspecting what awaits in its shadow. A silver-haired man was walking briskly, having multiple and aged scrolls tucked underneath one arm, A few people bowed their heads at him, and he nodded at them, adjusting his black rimmed glasses quickly. His inky black eyes were focused forward, he saw nothing else around him but his desired destination.

Today was definitely a good day.

He reached a moderately sized house. It was non-descript, and blends easily with the other house of Otogakure. If he wasn't paying attention, he would have missed it. If he wasn't paying attention. The man stood there for a moment, as he begun to slow down as he approached the house. He was looking at the floor before the entrance. When it was raining, the floor has become muddy with rainwater. It seemed such a long time ago, but at the same time, it wasn't. There were much more for him to learn, and if anything, he wished he had all the time in the world. All he could do now, was be patient and proceed with his plans, being calculative and analytical as possible.

He was now walking towards the door of the house he has chosen. He took a small gasp of air. Everything should go according to plan if a certain ninja wasn't there, yet there was no way of knowing who would be home at this early morning exercise. He placed a knuckle on the door, and quickly knocked, but with a different beat when his knuckles hits the door frame.

He looked down on his scrolls, and he gave them a gentle pat.

"I can only hope Hiroki-san isn't here." Kabuto thought to himself a bit too loudly, his eyes narrowing down at the memory of the fellow ninja.

Hiroki Fukashi - July 2, 2011 11:58 AM (GMT)
The door opened slightly for Kabuto, but there was no warm greeting. The handsome face of a Fukashi male peered from the slight crack in the door, held by only a single chain. His golden eyes were an unforgiving glare. "Of course I'm here." was the accused's reply. He appeared like a marvelous golden wolf at the door, with his eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at Kabuto with contempt. Hiroki slammed the door, and the sound of the chain being undone was slightly heard. The door was reopened, but Hiroki's expression and his words did not appear any more welcoming.

"Come in. You're here to train my sister for the Chuunin exams? I think she was expecting you."

He examined Kabuto, noting the scrolls tucked underneath his arms. There did not seem to be anything interesting about him today - or any other day, for that matter. He could either expect Kabuto to be in his ninja outfit or a dark and drab kimono or yukata. There was no hint at all that the man could be potentially courting his own student, nothing appeared sinister on the surface. Though he knew well what Kabuto stored in his twisted heart.
He did a final check - no visible gifts to sway his sister even further from the older brother's grasp. The only thing he could have done more was to frisk Kabuto or pat him down for hidden macarons or chocolates. He nodded as he motioned Kabuto to go inside.

"For most of the time, I will be supervising my sister from being with a creep like you. She's far too young to be receiving attention from a grown man, her teacher, at that..." Silence fell him, and he brushed away his golden hair from his eyes. Well, if they were living in a different time period, then no, he would have expected Kimiko to be married by now. Though he disregarded that - even if Kabuto was in a different time era, his methods and reactions were still alien and almost barbaric. The man just didn't seem quite the same from other humans. He was more like a robot or a puppet for someone else - and a robot that could love was unfathomable to him, unless it was commanded of Kabuto.

That's why he had to be so vigilant. He did not want a tragedy to befall his sister, and yet, he knew the greatest tragedy was if he were to separate the two lovers... He did not want to become the one to have to create another date or celebrate Tanabata for more than one couple. Though the thought of Kabuto as a cowherd was amusing.

"Yes. I still don't trust you." he added, making his contempt for Kabuto clear.

Kabuto Yakushi - July 2, 2011 01:06 PM (GMT)
"Of course I'm here."

Fukashi Hiroki's curt reply dashed away Kabuto's prediction. The silver-haired fox looked at the golden wolf, Kabuto's face no showing a reaction. When Hiroki closed the door to undo the locks, and with the 'bang', Kabuto released a quick 'tsk' from his lips. There was good enough reasons for him to feel a moment of frustration. Just as Hiroki doesn't trust Kabuto, Kabuto was not a fan of Hiroki's meddlesome behavior when it comes towards the younger Fukashi sister. In fact, the two recently had a quarrel regarding her.

Clearly, things would become sour very quickly if Kabuto were to callously step on the landmines that has Hiroki's mark on them.

The door was opened and Kabuto can once more see Hiroki in his full glory. Being named the head of the Fukashi clan showed in Hiroki's proud and confident behavior. Not only that, but Hiroki was a gifted medical ninja, and has a deeper understanding of the human anatomy that rivals even Kabuto.

Despite both men having the same practice, Kabuto can't help but feel irritated when he looks at Hiroki.

"Come in. You're here to train my sister for the Chuunin exams? I think she was expecting you."

HIroki's words was meant to be welcoming Kabuto into the Fukashi household, but all the silver-haired fox could feel was eyes going all over his body. He may as well have walked into the house naked, with no guard or weapon at his disposal. Hiroki was probably making out every distinct possibility of what Kabuto was carrying on his personal this very moment. To be honest, Kabuto didn't bring any sort of weaponry with him. If need be, he would just use his chakra scalpel. That would have been more than enough.

At the same time, Kabuto felt also that he was probably wrong at the reason why Hiroki was being so vigil that day.

Still, Hiroki was right. Kabuto was only there to provide aid for the younger sister. After all, the youngest Fukashi has potential and ability, and it would be a waste if she were to fail at the written exam, let alone survive the chuunin exams. As they walked down the hallway, Hiroki dropped another information that made Kabuto bite down his lip, on the side where Hiroki's eyes wouldn't see.

"For most of the time, I will be supervising my sister from being with a creep like you. She's far too young to be receiving attention from a grown man, her teacher, at that..."

This was news to Kabuto, and something he did not want. Hiroki was becoming meddlesome once more, and he believed that the older Fukashi may hinder their practice for the chunin exams. Kabuto wanted to say something, but kept his mouth shut. Opening his mouth when Hiroki was openly hostile would just bring more hostility. Kabuto has been keeping his mouth shut for awhile, and he could feel the saliva on his tongue drying. He wet his lips and stood inside the Fukashi house, looking at Hiroki, putting up his facade, pointless as it was. Hiroki can see what Kabuto intended, and may suspect there were hidden motives behind this visit, but Kabuto didn't care. He would rather fulfill his duty or die trying.

"Yes. I still don't trust you."

Hiroki's words brought no joy nor sadness to Kabuto. Frankly, he didn't care. It was good to have a man honestly saying out his thoughts out. It makes things much more easier to understand, and saves time manipulating information out of them. Kabuto shrugged, casually and easily.

"You have every right to." Kabuto smiled at Hiroki, tilting his head a bit to the side. He looked around in the Fukashi household. It was the same as he remembered it, neat and tidy and germ free. The way Hiroki's little sister liked it. Kabuto turned his eyes away from Hiroki, saying out loud his thoughts. "So... should I wait for Kimiko to come down, or will you show me to her room?" Then he paused. Kabuto smiled, realizing something. "Or maybe you'd prefer if I find her room myself?"

Kimiko Fukashi - July 2, 2011 02:01 PM (GMT)
She wouldn't call herself his girlfriend.

Not yet, anyway. Although her mind had such clear convictions, she could not help to be totally smitten by Kabuto. She tried arranging her hair in an interesting style, looking into a small handheld mirror that was on her desk. The young Fukashi girl was trying a small side braid that would form something like a headband. She tucked the braid behind her ear with a small pin, and she looked side to side, to see if it looked any good. It was okay - she couldn't try anything labour-intensive or fiddly, so this would had to do.

Hiroki spoke to her that she shouldn't be expecting romance from her teacher. Her reply was, "But he's not giving me love as a teacher. He's giving me love as himself," and his brother sighed and put a hand over his forehead as if to ease a headache. She still remembered the sensation of her teacher's kiss. She never thought he would have the boldness to even initiate something so intimate. As if a final good luck charm, she put a light layer of lip balm on her lips, as if hoping for something more.

Kimiko heard voices from within the house - her brother and her teacher were talking, and her heart wavered with excitement. She exited her bedroom, and followed the sounds of their voices. She found them, and quietly crept up behind Kabuto when he was in mid conversation with her brother. She leapt up on the tips of her toes, covering Kabuto's eyes with her hands.
"Sensei~" she giggled lightly. Hopefully Kabuto would have bent down, so she would whisper in his ear a few quiet exchange of words.

"Shall we go to my bedroom?"

Kabuto Yakushi - July 2, 2011 02:22 PM (GMT)
Kabuto was expecting some sort of rebuttal from Hiroki. What ever happened about not causing any sort of hostilities? Yet, there he was, already provoking Hiroki. The fox and the wolf could never get along. They might as well dropped the human speech and just growl at each other all day. Such a relationship with these two, Hiroki had Kabuto's full attention. If it was an exchange of spiteful words, Kabuto would gladly do it.

But the sounds of someone light running along the floorboards of the house, to jump and place small hands on his eyes, Kabuto felt his intense impulse to retaliate at Hiroki diminishing. More so, the weight behind him made him almost stumble back. His hand gripped tightly on his scrolls, suddenly protective, and Kabuto released a small chuckle, recognizing suddenly the nice scent of cherry blossoms, clean and fresh, but not too overbearing. Kabuto used his free hand, after making sure his scrolls were secured underneath his arm, before turning around to face Kimiko, but with eyes closed, and slightly bending over.


Kimiko's soft giggle brought a smile to Kabuto's face. Instantly, his facade was shattered. It has been awhile since he has visited Kimiko. He had been using messenger birds to share information with Kimiko. Hiroki was right in one thing though. Kabuto indeed wanted to reinforce Kimiko's endurance before the chuunin exams. But they have to proceed progressively, starting with the written exams. (Which is something maybe Hiroki wouldn't need to do?)

Regardless, Kabuto was indeed glad that Kimiko was glad to see him.-

"Shall we go to my bedroom?"

Kabuto felt his heart pause for a moment, before continuing. What did she meant by that? Kabuto found himself slightly perplexed, wondering why she whispered those words in such a different tone, let alone in a low enough voice as if to avoid Hiroki overhearing them. This was actually the first that Kimiko put on such a voice, that Kabuto was left wondering if she were sending some sort of hidden message. But wasn't it obvious that they will be doing the written exam prac in her room?

"Er... Yes. Of course, we'll be going to your bedroom." Kabuto replied with an innocent smile, oblivious to what he just said or the possibility of misinterpreting his words. Kabuto straightened up and looked back Hiroki, smiling still. "We'll be working on something else other than sparring first, and progressively move our way up. You'll probably won't be need to observe us."

Kabuto returned his gaze to Kimiko. He pushed up his glasses and grinned. "As for you, I have a special treat." he said, lowering his voice, but not so low that Hiroki can't hear it. It was not like Kabuto was trying to hide it, either way.

Hiroki Fukashi - July 4, 2011 02:14 PM (GMT)
His sister appeared, and Hiroki just felt like groaning and putting his face into his hands wearily. Not this sickly sweet lover behaviour - he just couldn't see them together in a positive light. Though, he refrained from exerting such behaviour and just shyly turned away.

He faintly caught the scent of cherry blossoms. She was using mum's perfume that she used when their mother was younger - the one that she said lured their father into pursuing and courting her. That girly, sensitive and rather conservative yet exotic smell that just heightened the ingenue persona of the youngest Fukashi.

Well played, Fukashi Kimiko...

Tradition never died out. At least Hiroki could be glad that Kabuto had traditional views. he could tell that Kabuto was happy to see her again. Then, his sister said something too low for Hiroki to hear, but it was in plain view of him.
As a Jounin, lip-reading was sometimes a useful skill to have, but also something of a double edged sword. At least with lip-reading, he couldn't read the tone of the voice, but the message was still there.

Kabuki's sheepish reply to Kimiko's words warranted an unimpressed eyebrow raise from Hiroki, as he exhaled sharply and crossed his arms. Where was the man's self control? Hiroki was severely dissatisfied with Kabuto, but he did take in account of Kimiko. Part flower, part nymph; she was as innocent looking as a newborn kitten.

For a mere man, he was going well. He covered up whatever indecencies he was about to commit with a justification.

"I see." Hiroki replied, his smile just showing the slightest hint of malice. "Well, I will be reading then. Study well," he looked over to his sister with a look of superiority and disdain.

When Kabuto was not looking and he established eye contact with his sister, he seemed to mouth these words.
'Nothing escapes me. Brother dearest can see through walls.'

Kabuto Yakushi - July 4, 2011 02:42 PM (GMT)
"I see." Hiroki replied, his smile just showing the slightest hint of malice. "Well, I will be reading then. Study well."

'That was too easy.' Kabuto thought to himself, almost surprised how Hiroki seemed adamant in observing Kimiko. He even felt that with Hiroki implying he won't be observing them, made Kabuto all the more wary. After all, this was Hiroki after all. His sister complex was ridiculous. There was no way he would retreat.

This lingering doubt was more effective than Hiroki himself being in the same room as Kabuto and Kimiko. If that was his intention, it was super effective. Kabuto felt like even more eyes were on him than a marked man by the special ops assassination squad. He only cast a quick look at Hiroki as he followed Kimiko to her room. Whatever Hiroki has in mind though, he would show his hand soon enough. But would it be too late for Kabuto to anticipate.

He didn't like this at all. Being in the Fukashi household meant being close to his enemy. But at the same time, Kabuto was intrigued by something inside the Fukashi household. Something worth risking his neck despite being in the wolf's den. A treasure of sorts.

As Kimiko was leading him, Kabuto found himself staring longingly at her lustrous golden hair. It must be a sin to have such eye-catching silken locks. It didn't help that the cherry blossom scent made Kimiko more enticing. His body was reacting weirdly and he felt like wanting to hug the young girl from behind, only to be restricted by his strength of will. He did not want to do anything weird in the Fukashi household, and holding the youngest Fukashi like so warrants that.

But why did he wanted to hold her, confuses Kabuto. He still didn't realize how deeply intoxicated by this golden kitten, ever since he rescued her from the last mission.

This was out of character. Kabuto shook his head, coughing a bit and massaging his forehead. He needs to focus at the task at hand. His hand gently stroked the scrolls he has tucked underneath his arm. "So, Kimiko-san. How have you been? Have you been studying for the chuunin exams?" Kabuto asked, as he followed Kimiko to her room.

Kimiko Fukashi - July 5, 2011 03:26 PM (GMT)
She didn't like it when her brother gave her that look - it signified that something more malicious was brewing, so she went with the person who she felt safer with - ironically, Kabuto. She should have feared him, respected him, not trust him so easily, but in the end, they were equals in terms of love, despite the age gap and differing ranks. She shouldn't have fell in love, but it was such an unavoidable emotion...

I should still be careful, Kimiko thought. Hiroki really would want him dead, but that would be considered treason AND murder if he decided to actually kill him...

Kimiko felt eyes staring at her. There was just this feeling of someone's lingering gaze towards her back, and she suddenly felt self-conscious. She stopped a bit, clutched a bundle of her prized flaxen hair, and turned towards Kabuto with a concerned expression on her face.
"Sensei? Is something the matter?" she asked him. Perhaps the girl didn't realise how much Kabuto was intoxicated by her - yes, she knew he liked her very, very much, but not to this degree. Perhaps her emotional reading was getting some interference today.

But for some reason, she felt like he was going to pounce.

Kabuto asked her a few questions, and she answered them all truthfully. "I've... Missed you, sensei. And I've only been practicing a little. Hiroki has been helping me," she opened the door to her room, and saw her diary left open from reading a previous entry - an entry that had a doodle of him and her together. She discreetly went up to her private diary and shut it forcefully with a snap.
She pushed the book aside. "Shall we get started?" she said with an innocent smile, distracting him from whatever he could have seen from her open diary.

Kabuto Yakushi - July 5, 2011 03:53 PM (GMT)
"Sensei? Is something the matter?"

Kimiko's sudden query took Kabuto by surprise. Was he staring that intently at Kimiko's hair that it was obvious? Was his hungry gaze made Kimiko uncomfortable? Or was his 'urges' that loud to Kimiko? Nonetheless, Kabuto shook his head quickly, dismissing Kimiko's query. He dare not answer nor does he want Kimiko to see his eyes. Regardless of how Kimiko managed to notice his avid attention on her, Kabuto should take note not to do it so frequently in the future.

"I've... Missed you, sensei. And I've only been practicing a little. Hiroki has been helping me,"

Kabuto paused for a moment on his step, but it was just a mere fraction and he continued following Kimiko. What made him falter in his step? Was it the wistful words at the beginning of her sentence? Or was it the lingering feeling? Kabuto felt like he did something wrong for Kimiko to miss him. Why? It's been only a few days since they've exchanged words, and the mutual agreement that they were... what was the word... a couple! Was he supposed to keep in touch with Kimiko? If this was part of the chuunin exams, he would have lost points. The question was, would Kabuto be able to retrieve them?

Kabuto coughed into his hand, nodding his approval. At least Kimiko has been studying and practicing. "As expected, Kimiko-san. You didn't let me down."

Kimiko's room was rather sparse, which almost reminded him of someone's bedroom. He expected more from Kimiko's room, since Kabuto got the impression that she was rather feminine. Was she actually putting up a facade when she goes out as well? If so, was the Kimiko he was seeing now the real one or the facade?

"Shall we get started?"

Kimiko's eagerness should have pleased him, but Kabuto felt like he was forcing herself too much. As the leader of the squad and looking and guiding after Kimiko, Kabuto should take his responsibility seriously, although maybe his emotions were fueling him more for this task. "Before we start, I have something for you." Kabuto said, placing the scrolls on the table. He gave the book that Kimiko sharply closed and pushed aside a glance. There must be something in there that would reveal Kimiko's real side. Should he peek or not? It intrigued Kabuto, but knew he should focus at the task at hand. He opened one of the scrolls, the bigger and chunkier ones, to reveal a small box inside. It was fashionably designed, and Kabuto opened it up. He paid a good fortune for this and he believed Kimiko would like it.

Then the dismay showed on his face as he lifted a macaroon, that should look delectable and mouthwatering... if it weren't for the fact that it was half-crushed, and the same can be said about the remaining macaroons.

"Ummm... Itadakimasu?" Kabuto said sheepishly, moving his hand towards Kimiko which held the macaroons, hoping she wouldn't notice it was half-crushed.

Kimiko Fukashi - July 6, 2011 02:49 PM (GMT)
Kimiko's eyes momentarily lit up upon seeing the box of macarons, but as soon as the ugly and crushed macarons were revealed, she refused to accept them. They were dead to her - to eat such scrappy looking crushed gems was akin to eating them off the floor for her - and there would be no way Kimiko would stoop that low to accept a broken gift. it was clear in her body language. She turned her head away when Kabuto offered one of the ugly and grotesque macaron to her, crossing her arms and putting one leg across the other with arrogant elegance.

He should have known better.

"I am not eating that. You should have handled them more delicately," she refused flatly.

Even if Kabuto was offering her a token of love, she would not accept something so inelegant and horrible as a box of crushed macarons. She expected them to be delivered in pristine condition, perhaps with a ribbon and a card to embellish the box and add a thoughtful gesture. That was how her brother had done it, after all - not by hiding them in scrolls with nothing personal on them. They could have been anyone's macarons!

"If that is what represents your love to me..." Kimiko said darkly, her voice almost as dangerous as Hiroki's. Her eyes turned into a fierce golden glare.

"... Consider yourself finished. I've got plenty of suitors - how are you going to show that you're worthy of me, Kabuto?" she taunted, her face remaining serious, and her words, solemn and challenging. Her lips rose into a smirk of utter disdain when she said her teacher's first name boldly. After all, Kabuto did say that he wanted her to call him by his first name when they were alone, so she took advantage of that, making sure to emphasise his name in case he missed it.

"Does your love for me come represented in a box of crushed macarons? I knew you were despicable, but this is just a tragedy."

The suitors were a lie. The only people she was aware that they were in love with her were Hiroki and Kabuto. Though, she was betting that Kabuto was oblivious to her lack of male fans. Kimiko looked over the past examination questions as she waited for how Kabuto would react to his student's challenge.

Kabuto Yakushi - July 6, 2011 03:27 PM (GMT)
"I am not eating that. You should have handled them more delicately,"

"If that is what represents your love to me... Consider yourself finished. I've got plenty of suitors - how are you going to show that you're worthy of me, Kabuto?"

Kabuto found himself blinking once, then twice. Kimiko's personality shift took Kabuto by surprise and he found himself wondering what triggered it. Kabuto saw arrogance and haughtiness in her reaction, dismissing the gift that he so carefully tried to smuggle into the Fukashi house. The way her eyes looked down on him, the way she was treating him him with such cold in her voice and she moved disgustingly away from him made Kabuto stare at Kimiko in stilled silence.

"Does your love for me come represented in a box of crushed macarons? I knew you were despicable, but this is just a tragedy."

His breathing could be said was normal, and his inky black eyes looked back at those darkned golden glares. Kabuto closed his eyes and moved his hand away from Kimiko, the hand that was supposed to be a present for her. It took him hours, trying to decide which macaroon she would like the best. He wanted to get her more presents, but it's not like he kept a lot of coin on himself, and he wasn't versed very well in the courting rituals of the time. He looks at the macaroon once more in his hands. He gingerly took a bite of it, and he could tell home the sweetness and the softness of this little delicacy was certainly worth the hours of procrastination.

Kabuto release what would be described as a small exhalation of breath. He adjusted his glasses with his other hand and turned his back to Kimiko, closing the crushed macaroon box. He shoved it slowly aside and was going through the scrolls he has brought with him. These too took Kabuto forever to compile and put together. Information and history were all gathered into these scrolls. He did intensive work, investigating what would be used as question materials for the chuunin exams. And even if none of the information he gathered today wouldn't be in the exams, they were still useful information a ninja would be able to use later on.

"You can go over the material. If you have any questions, feel free to ask." Kabuto said in a flat tone, pushing up his glasses as he straightened up. He gave the young genin a bare glance before walking over to the windowsill of her room, leaning on it and peering outside.

Hiroki Fukashi - July 7, 2011 01:36 PM (GMT)
Hiroki was disappointed in Kabuto. Really? Crushed macarons? Well, at least he had the gall to hide them in the scrolls. He did not catch that, but this problem of crushed macarons proved to turn the tables around on their courtship. His sister was not pleased, and Hiroki smirked. She really did have her superficial side, showing that their love for each other was paper-thin. It would fall more easily than a house of cards, as he would have known. Still, it was a pity that young love had to end this way. Sighing a pleased, somewhat malicious sigh with a smile on his face, he went back to reading his book.

In a packet of chips, a small TV set was aptly disguised within them, showing the layout of Kimiko's room. He knew that Kabuto was coming over, so Hiroki took extra precautions and installed a security camera in the stuffed teddy bear that he gave his sister, just this once to supervise them.

He took a chip and ate it, enjoying the story so far of "Icha Icha Paradise" by the famous Ero-Sennin of Konoha. Literature at its finest. Right now, it would was regarded as trash and pointless erotica, but Hiroki predicted that possibly in a few years time, it would turn into a work of pop-cultural significance. Despite its somewhat supercilious appearance, Hiroki believed that there was a lot more hidden meaning behind Jiraiya's words. That, or he was analysing it too much.

It was a few months since Fujita broke up with his unfaithful wife, ending their fifteen years of relationship. He still could not shake the feeling of her out of his heavy heart, and he ended up where he had started. Where it all happened. He met her at the Ichiraku Ramen Bar, and he was there again, his mind running away from his consciousness.
He was then approached by a voluptous lady, whose every molecule seemed to radiate sensuality. Then, his mind and body started to synchronize again, as he found a new relationship to be in.

1. One life ends, another begins. This is a parallel to reincarnation.
2. Sometimes a catalyst is needed for a chemical reaction.
3. Fujita experienced a revolution, and he came back to where he started, and he began something new.

He heard footsteps approach behind him, and he looked up to the window that was positioned above him. Kabuto was peering out of the window, appearing deep in thought. He curled up instinctively, minimizing himself, but the ninja did not seem to notice Hiroki's presence. After all, when one opens the door, one doesn't look at the back of the door. They look at the room. When one gazes out of the window, they don't look down to the ground, they look at the scenery.
He mentally breathed a sigh of relief. Though, he did have an alibi. He was sitting in a sunny spot, eating chips and reading perverted novels - seemingly innocent behaviour, right?

Kimiko Fukashi - July 7, 2011 02:14 PM (GMT)
"You can go over the material. If you have any questions, feel free to ask."

His lack of response to her playful taunting played alarm signals in her mind. He actually believed her paper-thin lies. It wasn't her fault, she decided, and she blocked out whatever thoughts of guilt that were going to seep into her mind. She closed her eyes and sighed in quiet frustration. There was no way she was going to apologize. Her sensei was the one at fault here - treating her with gifts as if she was some kind of baby kitten that would accept anything, even a dead bird, to perhaps toy with!

She was however, lying to herself. Yes, she felt guilty, but she did not dwell on it. Besides, written examinations were her forte. There shouldn't be anything here that would be too difficult for her, and she would do what she liked and did best. She drew out a past practice examination and had a look at the questions. They seemed to be part-riddle, part practical situation and analysis of events. Perfect for her. She didn't need sensei's help, at all. It was time to let go of his constant direction and guidance.

It was too early for her to leave the safety of Kabuto, however. Her pride got in the way with answering the questions, and she went immediately to work, answering the first half swiftly and with dexterity, deciphering the questions with frightening ease. Though, she left a few questions blank, and when she stopped at the last question, she was horrified to how nerve-wracking this whole examination was. There was no sure way to tell that she was right, but she tried not to show her own fear to her teacher.

Distractedly, she looked over to the crushed macarons, and regretted her actions earlier. That little box of french delicacies would have cost a huge chunk out of Kabuto's wallet, and she refused them without even wasting a dollar, in less than the space of fifteen minutes.
No words came out of her mouth, not even a 'sorry', but it was clear that the young girl was troubled, but she did not want to admit her own failure. She remained in stony silence, hiding her gaze from Kabuto.

The clock's ticks became exaggerated and menacing, almost drawn out, heightening her own state of abandonment, and she dared not to look at anything anymore. It was too hard to be in a room with him when the most obvious and polite thing to do was to apologize to him, but she couldn't.

The bear that her brother gave her meditated on her fine locks with a glassy, vacant stare.

Kabuto Yakushi - July 7, 2011 02:47 PM (GMT)
What am I doing?

Kabuto kept his sigh to himself, and felt the gentle breeze blow at his face. It truly was a nice weather today. The sky has become much more clearer, and there wasn't a sign of rain. Yet, he felt dark and cold inside. It was taking a lot out of him to keep himself composed. This was truly ridiculous and stupid. Kimiko's words were scathing, but nothing compared to Hiroki's, so why was he affected so much from it? He didn't think she would crush his self-esteem in such a way, especially after he went to all the trouble in finding those delicacies.

Nonetheless, he did promise to help Kimiko with the prac exam, and lashing out at her over something as trivial as food would make him look like an even bigger fool. All this pondering was giving him a headache, and it's unheard of for a teacher to look out through a windowsill and have his back turned to his pupil.

Kabuto pulled away from the windowsill, scratching the back of his head after stretching his arms up. He turned back to Kimiko, who was working diligently but silently. At least she was serious with her studies. He quietly looked over her answers, noticing a few blanks. He wondered whether Kimiko doesn't know the answer or she was going to return to them later. Kabuto gave a small smile, and pulled away, walking behind her, silently and solemnly, watching her small back bunched up. Was she stressing? Were the questions difficult? Or was she just panicking?

Maybe Kabuto was reading too much into her body language. Maybe she writes in that manner? He has to teach her proper writing posture or she would grow up with a bad back, and there's no such thing as a ninja that has a bad back.

"Don't worry about any time limit." Kabuto spoke in an easy tone, pushing his hair back over his glasses. "Right now, you just need to relax. The actual exam may have a time limit, but you shouldn't let such minor details hinder you." Kabuto paced behind Kimiko's seat, making hand gestures as he spoke. "You also need to focus and hear nothing else but the scratching of your own pen and your heart beat."

Kabuto paused, peering once more at Kimiko, to see if she were distracted with his monologue. He certainly hopes she has trained herself to ignore things around her, but at the same time, kept herself aware. If she can attain that sort of clarity, it'll be brilliant to see Kimiko achieve it at such a young age.

The speech though left Kabuto wanting sweets. He went towards the macaroons and opened the pack, taking one that was beaten up. He noticed that there was an un-squashed macaroon inside, and figured he would get that later. These things were certainly delicious, and Kabuto found himself wolfing down on the macaroon he picked up. As he was about to pull away from the macaroon though, he smelt that cherry blossom fragrance once more from Kimiko. He thought about what transpired before, then thought about what could have possibly made Kimiko do herself up so much when they would be sparring soon.

Kabuto then realized something, and erred greatly. The way she done up her hair, the clothes, they were all signs which he has missed. For all his technical preaching, he was truly blind to the simple truth before him. He slowly, but cautiously wrapped his arm around Kimiko's shoulders from behind the seat, pressing his cheek to her golden lustrous hair. He gave a small sigh. "You look beautiful."

Kimiko Fukashi - August 5, 2011 10:25 AM (GMT)
Many things annoyed Kimiko - the pacing around the floor wasn't noisy, but she could feel him do it - an unnerving action that the examiners of the exams would often do, at the mercy of the students' concentration. Even his hasty action and noise of devouring the sweet macaron made an eyebrow twitch with annoyance and a hint of exasperation. The pressure she was putting on the paper with her pencil had left an indent in the page, and as she tried to rub it out, it left a small crater.

She won't bring it up that she wanted him to stop doing it. There were always other times to make Kabuto feel uncomfortable - and other methods as well. If she was stuck, she could have always asked Hiroki for suggestions.

Kimiko straightened her posture and glanced at Sensei, and declared a surrender to one remaining question. "Help," she requested simply. It was the pentultimate question, and it was on trajectory and projectiles. Kimiko read the question out to Kabuto with a clear voice, not strong or forceful. It was rather like her voice was wilting underneath the pressure.

"A kunai is thrown from an elevated surface of 22.0 metres with an initial velocity of 16.5m/s. The target is standing 37 metres away from the elevated surface. A) Predict the time required for the kunai to hit the ground and the horizontal distance between the starting point and the Kunai's landing location. B) Does the Kunai reach-"

"You look beautiful."
She gasped delicately as Kabuto wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pressed his cheek to her hair, and she felt the rush of blood creep up to her cheeks. The pencil that was only loosely grasped between her fingers slipped and it fell on the tatami, making a dull noise. He was so close to her neck, and she could feel her heart stir. She couldn't apologize to him yet, but she could take the compliments with heartfelt longing.

"Thank you," the girl replied tentatively. She touched Kabuto's hands and urged him off her, but she couldn't deny the quietened and cautious passion that she felt coming from him, and the equal, tentative love in her as well. She caught the sweet, confectionery whiff of a strawberries and cream flavoured macaron lingering on his breath, and she forgot how angry she was with him, and how desperately she wanted to taste the macarons.

Kimiko turned in her chair to arise and kiss him, savouring the expertly crafted taste of strawberries and cream - non-artificial, perfectly geniune tasting strawberries, that collided with the rough, dark yet innocent feeling of sharing her feelings with her teacher - her favourite flavour. She would be sorry later, she just knew it. If it wasn't from Kabuto, it would somehow be from her brother.

Kabuto Yakushi - August 5, 2011 02:45 PM (GMT)
Maybe he shouldn't had jumped so soon on the petite girl. She was asking something about her work, but Kabuto couldn't find stop himself from being swayed by this sudden urge. Holding Kimiko felt the most natural thing in the world, something Kabuto himself didn't realise. Being himself didn't feel natural to Kabuto either. The young genin's sweet scent was gentle, but a welcoming fragrance that he felt meant something, a deeper, lingering sense.

"Ok... the hint is this. The range of a projectile is R = (v02sin2θ0)/g. If v0 is constant, the range is a function of-" Kabuto trailed off when Kimiko spoke. Over his blabbing regarding her question, he was surprised to hear it.

Kimiko's innocent 'thank you' was enough to banish away any dark thoughts and emotions Kabuto had been harboring. She pulled his hand off her, and Kabuto felt for a moment a cold dread. It was such a simple action. It could have meant a lot of things, yet why did he felt anxious? But Kimiko's sudden kiss was a pleasant surprise, and he never realised how much he missed her small lips. Kabuto only planned to hold her and embrace her tightly, but with this sudden development, he feared he may have deterred her from her studies.

And yet, he welcomed the innocent passion Kimiko showed. He found himself closing his eyes, momentarily, almost lost in that void called bliss. A mere moment felt forever to an eternity for Kabuto, and found himself unable to tear away from the genin.

Opening his eyes slowly, to find the gentle colours of golden rays atop Kimiko's head, Kabuto placed his hands on her shoulders. He gently pulled away, wanting to look at her eyes. He saw more gold, and Kabuto looked away to his right, suddenly. He made a personal note to himself to never look people deeply in the eye. It showed intimacy and trust, since the eyes were the windoes to the soul. There were rare occurrences he has done this with Orochimaru-sama, but they were rare. To willingly want to see Kimiko's eyes meant something to Kabuto.

This troubled Kabuto, despite how casual he was holding Kimiko. Once more, he felt unnatural, but natural at the same time. A contradiction that he finds himself when he's around Kimiko.

He willed his deep black eyes, inky and dark, to take in Kimiko's. He was only close to her one time, when she was sleeping innocently on his bed. She was indeed gorgeous, gloriously in fact. Yet, it was more than her beauty that teased him to show this sort of interest.

"Look into my eyes."

Hiroki Fukashi - August 17, 2011 12:44 PM (GMT)
Things were happening on the screen that monitored the two lovers - he got a perfect view of them doing things that weren't... studying. It didn't matter if his sister perpetrated it or not. Kabuto was an adult - he should have known better.

Hiroki snapped the book shut, and with the two crisps that were clenched between his mouth, he bit down on them, chewing as noiselessly as possible. He got out a kunai with malicious intent, and he chuckled darkly to himself. Hurriedly, he written on a scrap piece of paper and tied it to the ring at the end of the handle of the kunai. He saw his mother at the other side of the clinic, and he aimed the kunai to land by her feet. His mother glanced at the kunai with curiosity.

"Ara? I wonder what this is," Hiroki saw her mouth the words out (at this distance, he couldn't hear very clearly), and he saw her pick it up and read what her eldest son had written.

Yakushi-yatsu has made his move. It's Operation Mother-Brings-The-Yuzu - make sure to put poison in a manly glass.


"Haah... Why is Hiroki-kun always up to these elaborate plans?" his mother complained. Hiroki shot her a glare, and his mother glanced at him and gave him a weary thumbs up and went to the kitchen to prepare what Hiroki had asked for. In a secret drawer, there were jars all lined up neatly - poisons and Eastern Medicine. Some of it was illegal, and the rest were rather harmless. Hiroki had suggested something as strong as Aconitum, but she didn't see the need... so she just put Rhododendron in his teacup, choosing a plain white one with a red cross on it. Nausea, vomiting and depression should be sufficient for causing stress to Kabuto, right?

Kimiko's teacup had a cartoon cat on it - definitely a child's teacup. There was absolutely no way that they could get it wrong.

As she carried a tray of the teacups, she had bought the two refreshingly chilled cups of Yuzu tea. When she was at the door, she had noticed that Hiroki had left - but he was simply on the roof now.
"Kimiko! Mum has made you some tea for you and your sensei!" she called out.
Hiroki smirked.

Kabuto Yakushi - August 17, 2011 02:01 PM (GMT)
Kimiko's mother's voice rang loud and clear, her cheerfulness something Kabuto can't comprehend. Still, she was a nice woman, and she was the life-giver to the gorgeous young maiden before him. Kabuto reluctantly pulled away from the genin, almost glad that their moment was interrupted, and almost upset that they were unable to continue. He contained the exasperated sigh that wanted to erupt from his lips and went to the door swiftly. He opened it, and as he has assumed, Kimiko's mother was there. He has made a face that would be suitable enough to show gratitude and politeness, thanking the elder Fukashi for the beverages. He took the tray with both hands, letting Kimiko's mother close the bedroom door for him.

There were two tea cups on the tray, one that appeared to be for Kabuto, and the other in a much more childish design. He gave an honest smile and a small chuckle, amused at how cute the cup that was certainly aimed for Kimiko. He turned back to Kimiko, bringing the tray to an empty spot on the desk they were currently studying on. Kabuto took his cup, (the one that wasn't designed like a cat) and deduced it was yuzu tea. Suddenly, Kabuto found himself thirsty, bringing the cup to his mouth.

He paused, thinking he should wait for Kimiko to drink first. Kabuto was the guest in his student's house. It was more appropriate to wait for his hosts to have the first sip. And since there was nowhere to sit in the room, Kabuto approached Kimiko's bed. As he was about to sit down, a thought occurred to him. Would it be rude of him too to sit on the host's bed? Was Kimiko the type to have outsider's germs on her bed? Kabuto realised that while he was pondering, he had held a half-sitting, half-standing position. In the end, he decided to be act normal, and slowly sat down on Kimiko's bed.

"You have a very generous and thoughtful mother." Kabuto said with a small smile, before taking a generous gulp of the tea. He tasted the citrus flavor and was quite pleased with it. "Let's take a break for now, anyway. We've been working hard for awhile-" Kabuto suddenly felt hot and he blinked several times. He felt flushed , and Kabuto had to check his temperature. This was rather odd. Why was he reacting like this? He pondered for a moment if sitting on his student's bed was giving him raunchy thoughts. Of course, that was impossible for Kabuto as he was instead pondering about the cat tea cup. Or maybe it finally hit him he was alone with his student in her bedroom? No, that was definitely not it. And yet, he couldn't stop sweating and blushing hot.

"Kimiko-san... can you come here for a moment?" Kabuto asked, trying to calm himself down by drinking more of the yuzu tea. "I just want to talk while we're on break, that's all." His hand patted the spot on the bed, next to him, indicating she should sit there. This was hardly inappropriate, but he needed to make sure that he's in control of the situation. If not, he'll probably have to leave prematurely. He doesn't want any accidents happening while they're studying.

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