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Title: "Difficult" (CLOSED)

Kabuto Yakushi - June 5, 2011 10:45 AM (GMT)
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Standing by the gates of Otogakure, a single man waits. His hands were in his pockets, and his eyes were closed. His silver hair danced gently in the wind as a breeze blew by. It was quiet in the village, and he finds himself deep in thought of the things he has been doing lately.

Yakushi Kabuto looked up, checking the shadows of the trees and the gates. He was patient and calm. It truly was rare for him to receive peace such as this. With the missions and lately events he has been experiencing lately, he would like a chance for some peace.

At the same time, Kabuto has a reckless streak. He does not care for peace that dwindles time. He would like to keep himself busy, at the very least. He slowly closed his inky black eyes, and gave a slow, deep breath.

Hyuuga Haruko - June 7, 2011 03:47 AM (GMT)
The trip to Otogakure had taken a lot longer than Haruko had anticipated. Though she had been on numerous missions before, she had somehow never quite made it to the Sound Village. All of her missions had, for some reason, conveniently managed to steer away from it. There was something foreboding and seemingly forbidden about it. Given the recent developments with Hiashi and the rest of the Hyuuga head family, Haruko was certainly not going to stay away from the Sound Village simply because someone had told her to. Never again would she be taking orders from someone like Hiashi.

She jumped swiftly through the trees of a thick forest before the gates of Otogakure became visible in the distance. Her eyes also locked onto the thin outline of a white-haired man wearing spectacles. She smiled in satisfaction: so Kabuto-kun had remembered their arrangement. It seemed like she had been waiting nearly weeks for this day, as her battered body had taken much more time to heal than she had been anticipating.

Once she was close enough, she jumped down from the trees and landed gracefully on her feet. She would have removed her Leaf headband for the time being, seeing as she was so close to a foreign village, but as Kabuto-kun was still wearing his, and seeing how her cursed mark would be plainly visible if she did, she opted to leave it on. She slightly bowed her head in Kabuto's direction as she approached him. "Kabuto-san. Thank you for meeting me."

Kabuto Yakushi - June 7, 2011 10:53 AM (GMT)
Kabuto-san. Thank you for meeting me."

There was a gentle sound of someone landing quietly before him. Kabuto opened his eyes to meet the all-too familiar eyes of the Hyuuga clan. He gave a small smile, a greeting for the ninja.

"You arrived earlier than expected." Kabuto said to Haruko calmly. "We should go somewhere to eat. You must be exhausted." She has traveled long and far, so no doubt she'd be fatigued. Kabuto was actually expecting her to arrive late that night. The fact that he was at the gates was maybe he was underestimating the young ninja's ability. He will have to re-evaluate her.

Kabuto observed the young ninja over his shoulder, impressed, but hiding it. For someone who suffered a near death scenario in their life, Haruko seemed to have recovered. Then again, surviving death and being ninja comes hand in hand. And not only that, Hyuuga Haruko came to Otogakure of her own free will, despite knowing the background of this village.

"There is a bar that we could go to. They can serve us refreshments, unless you are starving?" Kabuto queried, as he lead the way into Otogakure. "I'm afraid the Sound Village can't offer much. They're mostly rice farmers, after all."

Hyuuga Haruko - June 14, 2011 03:01 AM (GMT)
[OOC: I apologize for my absence >___<]

It was true-- Haruko was rather tired. The trip to Otogakure had taken much more out of her than she had been expecting. She had never known just how great the distance between the Leaf and the Sound was until she had traveled it herself. She had traveled great distances on missions, but never before on her own, and never before when she was still recovering from so grave an injury. But her body hadn't disappointed her, and she was still standing, and thankfully, still very much conscious.

Halfway through the trip, she had had to stop to catch her breath. For a moment, she had thought she had pushed herself too much. She had wondered she why hadn't thought to bring some soldier pills with her. But she had managed to continue the rest of the way to the village, where she found Kabuto waiting for her.

She was hesitant to accept his kind invitation. She was very tired, very thirsty, and very hungry, but it seemed odd that he would offer such a thing and they barely knew each other. Then again, he was probably just being polite. Haruko didn't see much harm in it. If she had been in top shape, she would've declined and instead opted to get to the training as soon as possible. But right now, she thought, some nourishment would do her body well. "Some food sounds great. Thank you, Kabuto-san."

Kabuto Yakushi - June 15, 2011 01:36 PM (GMT)
(OOC: It's cool~ :3 )

Kabuto smiled. The younger ninja was indeed tired. Training her now won't be a good idea until she has at least rested and fed. Otherwise, her training would be too dangerous, especially with low chakra output.

"Some food sounds great. Thank you, Kabuto-san."

Haruko's response to his invite made him think better of her. She was at least not crazy enough to learn medical jutsu at the sake of her own health. After all, the mandatory thing of using medical jutsu was to have a clear head, a body that can take the stress, and enough chakra to use mentioned jutsu. Right now, Haruko was low on those.

"Excellent. I know a place nearby that we can just quickly order." Kabuto stated, leading Haruko to a restaurant that has outdoor sitting. It was simple, and the table was at least clean. Kabuto sat down, motioning for Haruko to do the same. Someone from inside the restaurant stepped out, alert of them. Kabuto spoke to the waiter, asking for edamame and miso soup. Kabuto was worried that it may not be enough. She may need more than vegetables and soup. "I would recommend their hainanese chicken. It's one of their dishes this restaurant is popular with." Kabuto said offhandedly, sitting back in his chair, a casual smile on his face.

"Now, while we wait... I want to discuss with you about your training. You just want to learn the basics of medical jutsu, yes? Or is there any particular jutsu you'd want to study on?" Kabuto queried, just as the waiter came back with their miso soup. It was hot and perfect for a nice afternoon like that day. Kabuto took his miso soup and drank it gently, waiting for Haruko's response.

Hyuuga Haruko - June 19, 2011 03:30 AM (GMT)
Haruko followed alongside Kabuto as they walked into the village. She thought it strange that no one apparently minded or even took much notice of her Leaf headband, but she was still keeping her guard up incase that changed. Other villages did not take kindly to foreigners unless they had a valid reason to be in another village... Konoha was no exception to this. She also felt a little safer hanging around Kabuto. For all intents and purposes, they were still strangers, and she was still a tad suspicious about how he was able to use such advanced jutsu as a Genin, but he seemed to be fairly capable of handling himself and had an air about him that seemed to tell the Sound villagers to keep walking.

Once at the restaurant, she sat down across from Kabuto and listened to his suggestions. The menu didn't seem to have much on it-- it was a small restaurant, after all-- so she was grateful for the advice. "I think I will have that," she nodded to the man taking their order. "And some tea, please."

When the man disappeared, Haruko was surprised that Kabuto went straight back to business. She appreciated it, though. She was really pretty awful at small-talk, especially with strangers. Training was the only thing she really had on her mind at the moment anyway. "Yes, I would like to learn the basics. I'm particularly interested in learning Shōsen Jutsu*. Do you think that would be possible?"

[* Shōsen Jutsu = Mystical Palm Technique]

Kabuto Yakushi - June 19, 2011 01:31 PM (GMT)
"Yes, I would like to learn the basics. I'm particularly interested in learning Shōsen Jutsu*. Do you think that would be possible?"

At least Kabuto knows what Haruko was after. He gave a small grin when she mentioned Shōsen Jutsu, the one jutsu he was proficient with. Apparently, things would be 'easy' from here on out.

"I take it that you've at least learned a bit about performing medical jutsu?" Kabuto queried, just as the food has arrived. The hainanese chicken and the edamame were fresh, and smelt good. Plates were given and Kabuto helped himself as he took hold of the serving chopsticks left behind. After getting a bit of the food, leaving an ample amount for Haruko, he took another set of chopsticks and begun eating, bit by bit and with small bites, so he can converse with Haruko. "Applying chakra to mend the flesh and suture any wounds is pretty difficult, since you need to use the correct amount and focus on the desired area. Use of any more would either drain your chakra unnecessarily or apply injury instead of healing." Kabuto paused, giving a satisfied moan as he bit into the chicken. Then, he continued, "I can not stress the importance of chakra management when using medical jutsu."

Kabuto remained silent for a moment as he took a graceful sip from his miso soup. His inky black eyes looked up to Haruko. "If you have at least done a bit and understood that much, then yes. It would be possible for you to learn the Shōsen Jutsu. It won't be perfect at the start. But that's why we have something called 'practice'."

Hyuuga Haruko - June 22, 2011 02:51 AM (GMT)
Haruko nodded in response to Kabuto's question, knowing that it was a lie. She really hadn't had much time to do anything other than rest her body after the ordeal with Hiashi and Neji. She had certainly wanted to leave the Hyuuga compound, but had been bed-ridden for a few days and even then, she hadn't had enough time to read up on the subject. She didn't think it would cause her much trouble, though. From what she had heard, and from what Kabuto was telling her, the biggest factor was chakra control, something she excelled at.

Once the food arrived, she grabbed her chopsticks and eagerly snatched up a piece of chicken from the platter. It tasted better than anything she had eaten in recent memory, but part of it was probably due to the fact that she hadn't eaten in hours. She ate several vegetables in the brown sauce before taking a small sip of her tea. Kabuto made everything sound very technical, but it didn't intimidate her. Using chakra to affect an enemy's chakra control system in the Jyuuken sounded about as complicated as this. If she had already mastered the Jyuuken, she was sure this new technique would probably not give her much trouble.

"I don't have any concerns about controlling chakra," Haruko told Kabuto. "Chakra control and manipulation is something that every member of my clan excels at."

Kabuto Yakushi - June 22, 2011 04:25 PM (GMT)
"I don't have any concerns about controlling chakra," Haruko told Kabuto. "Chakra control and manipulation is something that every member of my clan excels at."

"That is good to hear." The silver-haired Kabuto smiled at this. Haruko's confidence was at least a good sign. He watched her eat a bit, noting that she may have been ravenous for a long while. It was good that she was feeding herself at least. People who don't listen to Kabuto were just wasting his time. Haruko at least took heed of his words, and that was already a good sign that he was trusted.

She could have at least checked if the food was poisoned first. Too much trust would be fatal. Then again, there was no point for her to do that since Kabuto ate the food first. Again, another attempt of Kabuto showing trust to Haruko so that she can trust him back.

For now, at least.

Kabuto was done with the food, and he placed some coins on the table. He didn't' say anything, only waited for Haruko to finish. She seems to have regained a bit of energy and life while she ate. She should have plenty enough strength now to perform some jutsus. Maybe this could be seen as an exercise as well, using what little chakra you have and using it sparingly to perform medical jutsu.

He can't wait to see what Haruko could possibly do. But first, they need to go over the basics. Kabuto stood up, when it looked like Haruko was finishing up. "Time to go!" Kabuto stated with a sated smile. He walked around the table and begun leading the Hyuuga away from the restaurant, and heading towards a nearby pond.

Kabuto looks over his shoulder at Haruko, pushing his glasses up with his index finger. "You don't have any problems handling fish, do you?"

Hyuuga Haruko - June 27, 2011 02:59 AM (GMT)
As Haruko finished eating, she noticed that Kabuto placed money on the table without a word. Once she finished, she set down her chopsticks and nodded her head respectively in his direction. "Thank you, Kabuto-san." She had plenty of her own money, and plenty on her person at all times, but she was still appreciative of him for paying for the meal. She had been saving the money she earned from missions for years, hiding it away in a wooden box with a hollowed-out bottom where she kept her forehead protector when it wasn't being worn.

She rose to her feet from her chair and followed Kabuto outside into the warm sun of the Sound Village. As hostile as everyone in Konoha got whenever the Sound Village was even mentioned, it certainly seemed silly now as she followed Kabuto through the small village. It was so tiny compared to the Leaf Village, and didn't look nearly as menacing or as demented as the Leaf people seemed to think. It was always possible that it was just a front, however. Haruko knew not to take everything at first blush.

She could see a pond coming into view as she followed behind Kabuto, and almost felt a desire to go swimming. She fought back a smirk when he asked her if she had any trouble handling fish. "It is one of my duties to catch fish back in Konoha."

Kabuto Yakushi - June 29, 2011 08:02 AM (GMT)
"It is one of my duties to catch fish back in Konoha."

"What a prestigious duty in your household." Kabuto noted, giving a small laugh. He turned away, hiding a small smile different to the one he showed to Haruko. He faced the pond and knelt down. He eyed the water for a moment, watching some small fishes swimming past. Suddenly, he took a swipe at the water, flinging the fish to the ground with a wet 'plop', just a few feet from Haruko. He stood up, adjusting his glasses and walked towards the fish. It flailed, squirming and twitching on the ground until Kabuto picked it up by its tail.

"We'll start the exercise with this." Kabuto stated, the fish still flailing before him as he locked eyes with Haruko. He had his head tilted, almost casually, yet there was a seriousness in his tone as he spoke. "As you can see, fishes are very fragile, just like a normal human being." Soon, the fish's twitching was weakening, until it looked like it was breathing through its gills. But it did not need air, it needed water. "So, for this exercise, I want you to use your chakra, and keep the fish's heart beat long enough to get it back to the water. Don't use too much chakra, though. Too little on the other hand, and it'll die."

As he spoke, Kabuto stepped closer to Haruko. The fish has halted its movements, and it swung back and forth limply. Kabuto stretched out the arm that held the fish and dropped it suddenly to Haruko's hands. "Time starts now."

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