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Title: Like The Bottom Of A Well With No Way Out
Description: Haruko & Jericho; PM TO ENTER!

Hyuuga Haruko - April 21, 2011 04:19 AM (GMT)
It was hard to support the weight of both herself in such a state and Jinsei as well. His body was so limp now, it almost felt as if she was dragging dead weight. But she had no choice but to continue, and to get them somewhere safe; he was in horrible shape, and she wasn't much better. They desperately needed rest, and she needed to see to Jinsei getting some medical attention as soon as possible. His wrist needed to be healed quickly before it did anymore damaged.

She couldn't fathom that Hiashi had simply let them leave after everything that had happened. Her mind was still reeling over the fact that she had almost died, right then and there, writhing in pain on the floor at her uncle's feet. It would have been a hell of a way to go... a gross, cruel irony of some kind. She had vowed long ago that she wouldn't meet her mother and father in the next life only to tell them she had failed to change anything about the Hyuuga clan. She wouldn't shame them.

And Jinsei... he had almost died, as well. He was still close to death. If she didn't find him help soon, there would be no hope. She needed to get him to the nearest medical facility, and fast. She tried to scramble her brain in hopes of remembering where the nearest hospital was. Money wouldn't be an issue; she had plenty of yen on her person at all times, for instances like these.

"Hold on, Jinsei," Haruko told him as she dragged them both through the side-roads of the village. They were moving slowly, and really hadn't made much progress after leaving the compound. "I'm going to get you some help. Just stay with me!"

Jericho - April 21, 2011 04:34 AM (GMT)
Jinsei had slumped to little more then swagger in his steps. He was In a bad condition. He felt slightly hazed and dizzy. He had lost quite a bit of blood from the wound. He was breathing heavily almost fully relying on Haruko for support. He spoke weakly. He sounded like he was gonna pass out. "Haruko...I'm Glad were together you know....I'm sorry you have to leave you home..You can stay with me you know..." His words were weak. He began to slump more. His legs getting weaker. Almost all his chakra gone from his final barrage. "We should do something soon....Just me and you.....Yeah..That would be fun wouldn't it.." He was losing focus. His words trailing off talking of the future. Truth was he feared how bad this injury was. If he lost his hand he lost lively hood. And if he died now....No he was so close to happiness. There was a trail of blood behind them. dripping out from his broken wrist.

"Haruko...If this is the end I'm glad I got to spend it with you...I love you." He had stop stop for a moment he stopped moving his feet. and wobbled. "I'm so tired...I just want to sleep.." What was this. He was so weak. Had he used to much energy. Oddly injured as he was this was almost peacefully as his wrist slowly went numb. She was here. So that made it all easier.

Hyuuga Haruko - April 21, 2011 04:58 AM (GMT)
She could feel him growing heavier in her arms, and knew he couldn't fall unconscious yet. It was too dangerous. If he passed out from blood loss, that meant that death would follow quickly. "No, Jinsei! I... I love you too, but you have to keep your eyes open! I know you're tired, and I know you're hurt, but please! Just try to hold on... please try to hold on for me." She was beginning to become more panicked. There wasn't a medical facility in sight, and time was of the essence. She would not let him die now, or ever.

But what was she to do? This situation... this day... this life... it was all so unfair. Was this what everyone was fated to? A life of misery and loss, that's over as soon as we discover true happiness? It couldn't be. She refused to accept that as her fate.

She still had some chakra left... not enough to do anything substantial, but enough to get them out of this mess. She gripped Jinsei's body a little more tightly. "Hold on, Jinsei," she told him. "I'm going to move us out of here quickly, but this jutsu might be a little jarring for you. Just hold on tight." She managed to link her arms around his body and form some quick handseals. It was much harder to concentrate her chakra when she was under such pressure and her body was still in such a state. "Body Flicker Technique!" In an instance, they were traveling through the village at such a high speed that everything appeared a blur.

Jericho - April 21, 2011 05:13 AM (GMT)
Jericho chuckled lightly with the weak voice he had the laugh was so weak it was more sad then anything in sound. He was happy to hear those words. "I... I love you too". He toke it all as best he could trying to fight onward but he was tired and he knew she was weakened as well. They would both need help soon. A cool sweat took his face. His eyes grew heavy as he fought back the idea of sleep or rest. Knowing what result would be from such a thing. Dark rings began to form around then showing how tired he was.

He was so close to having it all maybe come-together, Yet so close to the end as well. His love could be with him for now at least. But it appeared another obstacle was thrown in there path. He toke in deep breaths fighting back the weakness. He was in a bad way. His chakra flow still hurt he was drained from it. His body was bruised and battered maybe a few broken ribs. His Wrist broken and bleeding badly. But most of all his mind hurt. He was worried for Haruko. Was she injured as badly. She need help as well. They would both be in healing for a bit it seemed.

He took in her words carefully and was curious as to what she was doing he felt her arms wrap around him. With a curious and nervous voice he spoke lightly. Haruko...what are you gonna do.." Then in a flash such speed he let out a loud grunt gritting his teeth from the pain of being pulled around in his condition. A grinding noise could be heard from his mouth. "Damn..."

Hyuuga Haruko - April 24, 2011 04:22 AM (GMT)
When they both screeched to a halt, Haruko was quick to check on Jinsei's condition in order to make sure that the trip hadn't done him more harm than good. The trip had caused her head to start pounding, so she could only imagine what it had done to him, in the condition he currently was in. "Are you alright?" she asked him. "I'm sorry about that, but we've got to get you some help as soon as possible. Do you live around here?" she asked. The nearest hospital was still far off. If she could get him somewhere safe so he could lay down comfortably, she could seek out a medical ninja to come to them. She needed to get him off his feet first.

Jericho - April 24, 2011 04:50 AM (GMT)
He was Dizzy and dazed his sight a little unfocused. He spoke dizzily still in pain but dazed as he was it was numbed for the moment. He was wobbly and couldn't barely stand at all now as uncoordinated as he was for now. His voice sound wobbly and confused. "My flat...isn't very far off..Just..around the next corner to the...Left...the second on to the left...Is Mine.." His head went from side to side slowly. He had never experience moving at such a speed before. It was a strange experience. he would wobble his good hand to point towards a street corner to turn from.

He shook his head trying to get a forced sense of awareness at least it had shook him up enough to shake him from his weary pain for a bit. He was still hurting but was a bit more awake. less chance of just passing out to fade into a slow death. "That was...different...I'll point it out when we get around the next corner..." He really wanted to sit down. His arm was numb up to his elbow now. This was worrisome. He'd need help soon and he knew it. He worried for Haruko just as much. Was she still hurting. He had never seen someone react as she had to that seal. He'd have to find a away to help her be rid of it.

Hyuuga Haruko - April 27, 2011 12:50 AM (GMT)
Haruko was relieved to hear that his home wasn't far off. She was sure they wouldn't have been able to make it much further before they both collapsed. Even though Jinsei was in much worse shape than she was, she was still feeling the effects of the cursed seal, particularly in her head. It was pounding and every now and then she thought she could see three of everything in front of her. She felt nauseous and unsteady on her own feet. She had forgotten her forehead protector at the compound, and she was sure that if she had it, the soft padding around the metal plate would help to alleviate some of the pressure in her skull.

She kept her arms wrapped around Jinsei as best she could, as she led them around a large building in the direction he had indicated. She hadn't really been around this part of the village before; it was considerably less attractive than the front parts of the village, or the parts that everyone saw when they first arrived. This area looked far more depressed and rugged.

"Is it just up here?" Haruko asked Jinsei as she continued to drag them both forward.

Jericho - April 27, 2011 02:46 AM (GMT)
Jericho forced himself along helping all he could a few light grunts and groans from forced will to take some of the his own weight. His own body felt so heavy like it was made of stone. His arm wasn't in pain exactly. more or less this was because he could no longer feel it all the way back up to his shoulder. on if the broken area was disturbed directly would he feel truly pain in it again.

He rose his good hand and wobbly point forward to a shabby but decent enough looking flat. A good one story home he had been living in since he had entered the village a few months back. "Its not much...but its home...I'm sorry I don't have a better place to offer Haruko..." His voice was weak and tainted with a sorrowful tone. He wondered if she looked down on him for living in such a part of town. Would she regret having to leave her fine home for him to live in such a dirty part of the village.

The door was unlocked he felt as though he would pass-out soon. He looked toward Haruko and looked upon the seal on her head. The thing that seemed to cause her pain. It was hard to believe that just a small mark could cause so much pain and harm. He would take a sigh once they got within a few feet from his door. Perhaps it was the fear taking him or just the unsureness of what was to come. He had lost a good some of blood indeed. He would rub the emblem on her forehead for a brief moment forcing himself to hold himself up.His thumb moving to her cheek and he place his hand there for a moment. It was clear this was all extremely straining. He would lean in and kiss her curse seal then her lips once each. His voice was weak. like one who was about to fade away into sleep. Truly exhausted and fading off. "I'll get that....thing off you....I swear it." He could feel his legs beginning to lock and wobble. He didn't have long left.

Hyuuga Haruko - April 27, 2011 07:50 AM (GMT)
Even in this depressed area of the village, Jinsei's home looked far more inviting to Haruko than the Hyuuga compound ever would, even on its best day. The compound had always felt more like a fortress and a prison than an actual home. This place may not have been the nicest or most glamorous place to live, but to Haruko, it was better than she could have ever hoped for.

She managed to drag them both through the doorway, and had a particularly hard time lifting their bodies enough to get them over the threshold. The building was dark and poorly lit, but with her eyes, she managed to get Jinsei onto the large padded tatami mat serving as his bed. She nearly collapsed onto the padding with him, and was surprised when she felt his lips upon her forehead, and then her own lips. She could taste blood on his lips.

She pulled away in surprise at how weak his voice sounded. But even though the sound was weak, the promise was strong.

"I'll get that....thing off you....I swear it."

Even in such a state, he was still thinking of her, and of something so impossible. She tried her hardest to smile for his sake, but it was difficult to do in such a horrible situation. "Lay down," she instructed him. "I'll be right back, Jinsei. I'm going to find you some help. I promise I'll be back as fast I can."

Jericho - April 27, 2011 12:56 PM (GMT)
Jericho felt the soft mat underneath him. It was cool and soft it felt so nice against his weary body.. It made him want to rest and just sleep this all away. For a moment Haruko was next to him. He thought of future days.... Waking up to see her. He fought back the urge to sleep. Still knowing he needed medical attention. He would live but he needed to be tended too soon. But when he heard. "I'll be right back, Jinsei. I'm going to find you some help. I promise I'll be back as fast I can."

He would jerk his arm up as she left. His good arm would latch onto her wrist. He had sweat on his brow. The weakness was starting to show everywhere. His tried to speak once more. But nothing came out. His eyes didn't look up at her. That little exert of energy was his last. After all this to get to her and know she would leave. A light Delirious mind set setting in. His grasp wasn't very strong but he didn't want her to go.

He was so tired. She was the only one he wanted to hold near. But he didn't want her to go. His eyes weary as they would say it all.

Hyuuga Haruko - April 28, 2011 03:52 AM (GMT)
She could feel his hand on her wrist, restraining her, however weak his grip was. He didn't want her to go. She had told him, no, promised him, that she would be back as soon as she could be. Did he not believe her? Was there still room for doubt between the two of them? She shouldn't have been nearly as surprised as she was... after all, they had only known each other for a few days. How was she supposed to be able to reassure him that she wouldn't simply abandon him now?

Haruko gently removed his hand from her wrist and set it back by his side on the tatami mat. "I will be back, and I will bring help. I swear it. For now, you need to regain your strength. Rest, and I'll be back shortly." She wished there was some sort of way for him to know that she was being honest and sincere. But in their current situation, she didn't have much time to spend here. She needed to leave and get him help as soon as she could.

Once Jinsei was laying on the bed, Haruko once again rose to her feet and headed to the doorway. She tossed one more worried glance in his direction before she stepped outside and began walking-- more like limping, really-- in no particular direction. Now that she was outside, she didn't actually know where she was going to go. As embarrassing as it sounded, she had never actually been to the village hospital before. All of that sort of care had always been provided at the Hyuuga compound.

Even though she figured it was probably a big shot in the dark, she didn't know what else to do. She closed her eyes and opened them again, activating her Byakugan. She would search the village for a medical ninja, or someone with a similar chakra flow. She would have to get lucky sooner rather than later... right?

Jericho - April 28, 2011 04:11 AM (GMT)
He took in a sigh as his sight began to blur lightly. He laid back on the mat and took in her words. He didn't speak. He believed her. He just didn't want to be separated from her yet. He saw he glance. And watched her leave out the door off to get help. He laid there staring at the ceiling. A sinking feeling in his stomach. Feeling helpless and useless at this moment. He tried to take in all that had happened these last few days.

He never wanted this to be this way again. To be left in a bed unable to help anymore. He would make sure he would be better next time. With a new meaning to move forward, Decisions were made. New people to hold, New people to kill, New answers to find. It was all so much to take in. But his new goals were clear. He chuckled to himself. He had never let his emotions take him and drive his actions before. "I've always triumphed in the face of adversity...But now my biggest challenge this..this thing called love...heh...Well I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was." His voice was weak as he muttered to himself.

His eyes grew heavy and his body grew weaker. A weary feeling washing over his blood and bones. The numbness growing. He just wanted to sleep at this point.

Hyuuga Neji - April 28, 2011 04:36 AM (GMT)
Neji turned the corner swiftly, hefting a battered box in both hands. It was Haruko's. Hiashi had sent Neji out to deliver it to her and to reaffirm his uncle's ultimatum that she was never again to step foot in the Hyuuga compound again.

The box wasn't very heavy. Like him, she probably didn't have many possessions. Possibly a bed roll and some clothing, and whatever other personal items that decorated her room. Neji thought he had an old, unused shogi set somewhere in the bottom of the dresser that had always been a part of his room. He wondered whether Haruko had anything of that nature in her box.

...but he didn't look.

He made another left, moving as quickly as he could. He had no idea what had happened between Hiashi and his cousin, but apparently it was pretty serious. Perhaps Haruko could enlighten him, if she happened to be in the mood. And speaking of Haruko, Neji saw her anxiously hurrying about, looking very worried.

"Haruko-chan?" Neji called out.

Hanabi Hyuuga - April 29, 2011 06:27 AM (GMT)
Hanabi had heard by the family grape vine that the branch family had a member kicked out recently and that one of the would be bring their effects to them today. She was interested to find out who was kicked out and if possible why there were and why there aren't dead instead. She hoped that this act would not be taken at as president of how rebellion would be taken by the main family. Perhaps their were spacial circumstances' in there 'freedom from the compound. She saw Neji preparing to leave with a largish box and resolved to fallow him. Waiting from him to be a little bit ahead of her and writing a note to her father so that he wouldn't worry. He stopped at a certain door and looked surprised about something she stayed slightly behind him to the left watching with her public mask firmly in place. " Is every thing well here?" She spoke in a calm monotone with only a very slight hint of concern in response to his own.

Hyuuga Haruko - May 2, 2011 02:36 AM (GMT)
[I don't mean to ignore Hanabi mid, but I got confused as to who she's talking to XD]

Panic was beginning to swell in Haruko's chest again, threatening to bubble over like a boiling pot of water. This was really bad. Why didn't she know anyone with a background in medical ninjutsu? Why hadn't she had her lessons with that Kabuto guy yet? Where was he when she needed him now? Wasn't it sort of his MO to appear unannounced and save the day at the last possible minute?

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice. She deactivated her Byakugan and felt as though she could fall over and faint right then and there. She couldn't think of anything that could make this worse. Hiashi had chosen to send Neji to bring her things to her now? Couldn't he have waited until Jinsei wasn't this close to death? Of course he would do something like this.

Judging by the confused look on her cousin's face, she could only assume that he was thoroughly dumbfounded at seeing her running around like a mad person. But she didn't care right now. Maybe this was a godsend. Maybe Neji could help. "Neji-san," Haruko hurriedly replied, "quickly. I need someone who knows medical ninjutsu. Do you know of anyone? It's urgent!"

Jericho - May 2, 2011 03:10 AM (GMT)
He took in slow breaths resting his arm carefully trying not to agitate the wound further. A cool sweat had taken him as he became flushed and his cheeks and brow took on heat. His vision was blurred unable to focus on the ceiling above him. As his vision fled he kept listening for the door to open once more. Waiting for Haruko. It was he who needed saved this time. He wanted her near. It felt as if he was drowning in his own weakness. As injured as he was he couldn't help anyone and she was out-there seeking help while he bleed and remained useless. Or at least this was how it felt. The silence was a torture like no other. A dark loneliness set in.

He felt weak and tired. His energy gone for the time. All he wanted to do was sleep and rest. But he knew he couldn't yet..and more then that he didn't want to sleep alone. A few tears began to fall down his cheeks as the idea of dieing came into mind. He was so weak and had lost allot of blood. He just wanted Haruko back. He wanted to just be with her for the time. Not to talk of the past. Not to talk of there trouble. But just to lay with him for the time.

The feeling of being weak was washing over him. weighing down on him almost drowning him. He hated feeling so useless. All he could do was lightly weep as his senses faded away. Weeping and waiting for his love to return once more to make him whole. "So tired....."

Hyuuga Neji - May 2, 2011 04:28 PM (GMT)
Neji had been followed. He turned to see who had spoken and was annoyed but unsurprised to see Hanabi approaching. Oh, the runt. Had Hiashi become so weak that he must rely on the eyes of others instead of his own, or was she merely being an intrusive little ferret of her own accord? Neji shot her a look of disgust and turned back to Haruko. Even on the best of days he would not indulge his youngest cousin. He definitely wouldn't bother at all if she was trying to play "daddy's little girl".

"No, Haruko-chan. I don't. Are you hurt?" Neji asked instinctively, though he realized the stupidity of the question the moment he'd finished asking it. Haruko had been through the academy just like he had, so she'd also learned how to administer a proper field dressing. She might have been hurt, but if it was bad enough to require a medical professional, then she could hardly have been the one up and about looking for said doctor.

"Who is it?" Neji demanded before clarifying, "The injured person. Who?"

Hanabi Hyuuga - May 2, 2011 04:52 PM (GMT)
Hanabi saw the look of discust neji shot her and dis regarded it for the most part. She didn't care what he did to he so long as he didn't send her home. She was well aware of neji's blantant dislike, boarding on hatred of her father. She how ever didnt have a share in that complete hatred. He was mostly indifferent to her even at the best of times he neither hated her nor was he nessacarily nice to her. " Is there some thing you need cusion and is there anything i may help you with?" This time she spoke derectly to Haruko and stepped out into view from the door. If they ask her she would try to get help for the one who was hurt becuase while she was not cruel she would not move a muscle until she was asked. She would just watch and consider what could be done. She tried to look into the house to see what was in side and better yet who was inside.

Miki - May 5, 2011 03:47 AM (GMT)
TO Miki it was another swell day. Early in that morning a wealthy woman had twisted her ankle and Miki was only a few feet away! Her luck was fantastic! Even better, since she was able to administer healing so quickly that the woman was thankful she could finish her wlak without delay she had been given a hug tip despite her normal charge. SHe made as much as she normally charge for 13 stitches! Phenomenal. She was on an emotional high for hours then, but as she was coming down off of her high and contemplating the best way to budget her new sack of coin she heard a desperate cry nearby her current place of wandering. It didn't sound like a dying gasp or someone injured but still her curiousity led her in that direction.

She came around the corner just as the lady hyuuga called out, "quickly. I need someone who knows medical ninjutsu. Do you know of anyone? It's urgent!". She blessed her timing but didn't move forward right away. It seemed like a private conversation and she didn't want the disappointment and embarrassment of running up to them and offering her services only to find out the boy knew someone.

"No, Haruko-chan. I don't. Are you hurt?" , said the boy and Miki gave a nod. Yes, she was needed. With a hop step the modestly dressed girl walked over there with a worried expression on her face. Without her armor on she definitely looked more nin then ronin except for the lack of a village headband and a regular cloth one in it's place. Coming forward she spoke clearly as soon as she was close enough not to have to yell. her tone was cultured and collected. "Ummm, sorry to barge in. But I overheard you need a medic. I trained in medical ninjitsu if I can be of assistance."

Hyuuga Haruko - May 5, 2011 04:06 AM (GMT)
Haruko didn't know whether to cry or scream. She felt such relief at seeing Neji's face-- just seeing someone she recognized and that she didn't hold such hatred and contempt for made her feel a bit better-- but knew that both her and Jinsei's situations were dire. She wasn't in nearly as bad a shape as he was, but she knew that once this was all over, she was probably going to collapse. She could feel that she was running on pure adrenaline. Once it ran out, she was going to be drained.

He seemed concerned about her, and as soon as she was about to dismiss his concern, he seemed to catch onto what she was silently trying to tell him with her eyes. "Who is it? The injured person. Who?"

She suddenly had a decision to make. Did she tell Neji the truth about her sudden relationship with Jinsei? If she did, it would just lead to more questions... such as why she was kicked out of the compound in the first place. But he would probably be able to piece that part together himself. After all, he was considered the genius of the Hyuuga clan. She finally decided that she had to tell him the truth, even if it didn't bode well later on. Jinsei was too important to leave hanging in the balance because of social awkwardness.

"His name is... Jericho," Haruko finally said. She would at least only give Neji his alias and not his real name. "I... I love him. He's been badly injured. If he doesn't get help, he's going to die!"

Suddenly a much smaller voice addressed her from behind Neji, and when Haruko noticed Hanabi, her much nobler, though younger, cousin, she had to restrain herself from saying something out of anger. This whole situation was Hiashi's fault. It took every last ounce of energy she had not to berate Hanabi for the actions of her father. She tried to take a deep breath to calm her shaken nerves. "No, Hanabi-sama. This doesn't concern you."

Suddenly, her luck seemed to take a turn for the better, when a stranger seemed to appear out of nowhere. She was about to tell the woman to mind her own business, before she said something about being trained in medical ninjutsu. She immediately ran to her.

"Medical ninjutsu?" Haruko asked. "Yes, please! It's urgent! I can pay you, but please follow me!" Without waiting for the woman to say anything else, and without another word to Neji or Hanabi, Haruko ran as quickly as she could back toward Jinsei's home.

Jericho - May 5, 2011 04:30 PM (GMT)
Jericho had slowly managed to pull the majority of the bandages off his hand. This was painful but he just had to see what had become of his sword hand. This would also take almost all of his last bits of strength he clanged too. He used them to normally help grip his blade when in a fight. He was glad he hadn't chosen to wear gloves this day or the pain would have been double what it was getting those off. He was tired and weak but those sticky bandages blocked how bad his injury was. He needed to see. As he peeled back the final layer a sticky sound of like stickers comeing loose was heard as they peeled off slick with both wet and dried blood. He felt a churn in his stomach that made him want to vomit. He barely stopped himself from doing just that. He hadn't eaten much this today as nervous as he was about going to find her. So there wasn't really anything to puke up.

The wound was severe and disgusting. His hand was stained red with blood and pale more in color now on the parts that weren't bloodied. Right above it the flesh was torn a slit and teer going out from three ways. A cracked bone peeking out that had cut its way through. Seeing his own wrist bone and tattered wrist made him go into a daze and possibly a slight shock. The whole area was stained red and indeed a bit above the wound had pooled blood as well and it was still bleeding out even now. The large wound couldn't just scab over. His head went light as he fell back onto his pillow. The shock was perhaps to much. His eyes slide close as a glimps of Haruko flashed in his mind. Softly and weakly. "I'm...Sorry..."Too weak to finish as he passed out his heart feeling empty as if he knew he would soon die. He thought she would only be halfway to the hospital by now so there was no hope. As he lost all Consciousness thinking he would soon be dead. There would be dried tears in his eye when they found him. He had no idea help would soon arrive as quick as it would.

When they would enter he would be in a cold sleep. His cheeks red and flustered lightly from the dried tears. His brow would be slightly hot from a set in fever but besides that the rest of his body would be paler then usual and even cold to the touch. At first glance till he was touched and the fever could be felt it may look as if he was dead. His nasty would was fully exposed and he also had a slight cut on the back of his head from the collision with the hard wood floor of the Hyuuga compound. The red blood could be seen in his light blueish hair. His chest would be lightly bruised still from Hiashi barrier and from Harukos training session two days prior when he had also first tasted her lips. If they took off his loose black shirt the new and old injuries would be seen.


He didn't have long though as he was slowly fading and drifting from this realm. Only thoughts of the life he has yet to experience kept him going. In his mind drifting away dreams would take him. He would see his old master and his family. There faces blurred it had been so long since he'd seen them. He would be in a daze stumbling about. He wondered if he would still be a outcast. They gave him smiling faces in his own mind though. He would walk through them smiles and tender looks but no one speaking as he went past the blurry faces. He would walk through the paper doors sliding them open and outside would be a new place once more. Only one person did he truly want to find? So he searched with all he had.

In this new room he began to run towards a door far in the distance. This new room was dark and had things he didn't wish too see. There was blood and tears all around. A feeling of hunger ached him here. A sense of loneliness he could sense hardship here. A feeling of failure and poverty...hunger as well. A swooning pool of dark misery that tried to take him as he ran towards this door. He would run leaping through the door tearing past it and rolling into the new room. A hard to do maneuver as dazed and confused as he was now.

He would look back and see nothing behind him the door gone replaced with a white wall he was in a bare heavenly white yet unnatural room with people facing away from him. Some people he could almost make out. He started to feel heavy now as well. It looked if he wasn't mistaken...Daisuke, Isamu,Miki,Raiden,And even Haseo and Hiashi as well and the two other genins from Raidens team Abi and Satoshi seemed to be in this room. All the new people he'd met. Indeed these last few weeks had been some of the most eventful in a long time in his life. They were divided to each side of the room almost evenly. It was like a long white hallway. It was cold here but somewhat welcoming at that. At the end of the room Daisuke stood his back to Jericho but he was closest to the door. The thin paper door had a dark silhouette on it. A shape of a women behind it. As Jericho walked closer to the door the people he past would swiftly turn and gesture there hands towards the door as if he was welcome to keep going. There faces with smiles and after they turned they never would change there poses again. His body felt heavier and heavier as he moved on. He had past his rivals and the genins now as his he became weak this only intensified as he past Miki and Isamu and even Hiashi however Hiashi was the only body that didn't move It just stood cold as ever.

A would sprouted open on his hand and all his wounds he had now began to grow on his body. The pain was allot and only added to his weariness. A trail of thick blood swirled and curved around making shapes and dark emblems as he walked. Omens of death as his arm bleed heavily but still he pushed on. Daisuke seemed to only get further though as he moved forward. The door as well. It took him so long just to get close. But alas he would collapse Only a few feet from the door at that. Daisuke would turn and look down at him not saying a word only giving a light smile like all the others. He would however take the door and begin to slide it away after a few short moments.

In a pool of his own blood laying on the floor in this unnaturally heavenly white room. He would look towards the door as the blood felt like it was engulfing him and draining him as it pooled around him. A bright light was behind the door and the women now in sight. He looked at her face and let a slight warmness wash over him....

(I'd much appreciate Miki to chech him all over for injures to make sure his is fully taken care of! xD)

Miki - May 6, 2011 11:02 PM (GMT)
((Btw Miki is a girl 19 years of age Miki Buuren))

Hanabi Hyuuga - May 7, 2011 12:32 AM (GMT)
Hanabi smiled at the respect that haruko paid her even has she was panicking over her lover apparently. She relayed that information to neji but hanabi heard it just the same and filed it away. when the nin showed up she smiled she was just about to seek one no matter what haruko said to the contrary and one shows up it was excellent timing really. Hanabi moved fallow behind the two girls grabbing the medic nin by the arm to get her attention. She whisper low so that her cousins could not hear her.

" whatever your fee is, i'll pay it. Heal them both if that's what it requires and then come see me for your fee. I'm the daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga and i will take care of this for my cousin because that's what i do. She's family and she's hurt. Do not under any circumstances take money from my female cousin, please. She'll need all she has. Would you do this for me, let me pay for my families actions. And please do not tell anyone you saw to them, the family would prefer this is kept quiet.Thank you if you agree come back here when you are done, i will wait." Hanabi was armed with money to pay the nin and would pay her handsomely for her silence as well as her care of her cousin and the boy she loved. She was more like her father then her sister and her mother,she could do what was necessary even if it was unpleasant. She loved her sister and respected the memory of her mother but things had to get done. And her father got them done, it was truly that simple.

Miki - May 7, 2011 12:49 AM (GMT)
Miki no more then got out her words then the woman's face lit up with joy. "Medical ninjutsu?" The woman asked "Yes, please! It's urgent! I can pay you, but please follow me!" Without warning, she tore off leaving the two she was JUST talking to in the dust. Miki looked form them back to Haruko, shrugged and sprinted off after her, not looking forward to leaving a potential client to die. It would do horribly for her reputation.

On the way she was mentally checking off her supplies she had brought with her having no idea what injuries she would face. She mumbled to herself. "Gloves, mask, scalpel, syringe, sedative, painkilling herb, knife, tweezers, chakra needle, I have those too almost forgot."

She didn't get any farther as suddenly she was caught by the arm by the little girl. Miki stopped for a second continuing to glance after Haruko not wanting to lose sight of her. As she spoke in a whisper to Miki, it was obvious it was important, secretive, or better yet. Both." whatever your fee is, i'll pay it. Heal them both if that's what it requires and then come see me for your fee. I'm the daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga.." For a moment Miki stopped listening. The daughter of Hiashi? ANY PRICE? She listened again in silence carefully remembering what she was saying."Do not under any circumstances take money from my female cousin, please. She'll need all she has. Would you do this for me, let me pay for my families actions. And please do not tell anyone you saw to them, the family would prefer this is kept quiet.Thank you if you agree come back here when you are done, i will wait." Miki understood completely. So she gave a nod of agreement and turned to continue pursuing Haruko having to sprint to make sure to catch up.

As they continued Miki was thinking about what kind of reward. She of course never changed her fees for specific injuries so that wasn't something to worry about, but the reward for silence sounded nice.

Hyuuga Haruko - May 7, 2011 05:09 AM (GMT)
[OOC: Whoops, sorry about that, Miki XD Fixed!]

In a matter of moments, Haruko was already back at Jinsei's home. She ran inside and slid the paper-panelled door open so quickly and with so much force that it was a wonder it didn't fly off the threshold keeping it in place. She ran to Jinsei and fell to her knees so she could be eye-level with him. He looked as though he had slipped into unconsciousness, and the color of his skin was a deathly pale white. He looked horrible. His wound looked worse.

"Quickly! In here!" Haruko shouted. She wondered why the medical ninja wasn't right behind her, and was irritated by it, even though she logically knew that the woman had had no idea where she was being led. None of that mattered right now; the only thing that mattered was that Jinsei was taken care of. Judging by his frail and stark white appearance, he didn't have long at all.

Jericho - May 8, 2011 02:21 AM (GMT)
Jinsei stirred in his sleep the pain that was soon to come would surely pull he from this. But for now he was at peace in it. Just resting and waiting for that moment for his love to wake him. For in his dreams he was being pulled down by the dark blood that was consuming him. Almost like a pit or a hungering void that desired him. In his own mind he was being dragged down into it now. He could see Haruko behind the door in his dream. She was the women with a bright light behind her. He screamed and reached out but she just smiled watching him. Never looking away but only smiling like all the others.

In the world his body was still battered so horribly. He took in a deep breath and let out a slow gasp and uttered something from his dream. A slow. "H-Haruko" He said in a slow whisper of pain. His voice weak but he was still out. It sounded more like if he could have spoke louder that he would have been calling for her. He just wanted to get to her in his mind. And in life he just wanted to see her. But sadly he was still out. His weakness keeping him from awaking.

So there he would lay. His blood still pouring out and himself still stuck in a deep sleep. Once more a slight utterance. "H...H-help me..." He called this out. But it was for the girl in his dream. He had not idea she was so close now. Now idea at all.

Miki - May 8, 2011 03:28 AM (GMT)
Miki had sprinted to catch up and was only seconds behind. As soon as she entered, she looked around for where the woman went but didn't see her. However she hadn't even looked around the room once when, "Quickly, in here!" Came from the other room and she rushed in the stench of blood hitting her like a wall. She almost stalled seeing the mangled man in front of her.

"Jericho!? What happened to him!?"

She wasn't really asking anybody in particular more herself as she recognized her patient. Someone had really worked him over. Without even finishing her job of summarizing his wounds she pulled out a 2 syringes and needles almost instantly and assembled them, loading a sedative to numb the pain and keep him from moving in one and a tranqualizer to slow his heart even further to limit blood loss and further dim his muscle use. Walking over she tapped the needles together to get the air bubbles out of both, walked over, and injected them straight into his neck. Normally this was bad since it could further injure a patient but she needed to make sure he didn't die first off.
Secondly she began to make handseals. Going to launch into 2 jutsus one right after the other and at the same time making it one in each hand. "Kaikaku no Jutsu!" As she said this jutsu, beginning to make hand signs for the second jutsu, her left hand ignited with a green chakra, matching the shape of her fingers but extending outwards. "Shigeki no Jutsu" As she made the final handseal for her second jutsu her left hand immediately went for the biggest wound she saw which was the mutilated wrist. At the same time her right hand ignited in a red chakra that enveloped her hand looking like a chakra scalpel if not for the red color. She took that hand and went over his heart. At the same instant she spoke in a solid tone to Haruko "Hold down his arm!" She gave only a second for Haruko to respond before she crudely guided the jutting bone of his wrist. It would be extraordinarily painful but she would be ruthless about it until it was set near it was supposed to be. At the same time exactly. Her right hand was on his left pectoral over his heart. That jutsu would now get more energy and the red chakra would seem to melt into his skin. The jutsu was taking a few cells in his heart and causing them to rapidly reproduce, creating more blood at a much faster rate then normal. She could only keep this up for so long, but if Haruko could donate chakra she could go longer. For now she had about 30 minutes of doing this. The green chakra on her other hand would stay where it was but her fingers would hover over the gashing, and visibly it would seem to be piecing itself back together as Miki picked up the cells and moved them back where they belonged. This was also draining but not nearly as much as the red chakra. Both were jutsu of hers she didn't know that they were special to her body.

Hyuuga Neji - May 10, 2011 04:00 AM (GMT)
Wait, wait, wait. Had Haruko said that she loved him?

Neji would never have thought of her as the kind of person who could have opened up emotionally to somebody else like that. Somebody he'd never heard of or seen or known about either, apparently. The fact that he was not of the Hyuuga clan explained full well the reason behind the dour expression that Neji's uncle had worn when they parted less than an hour ago. Star-crossed lovers is what it was called in some of the books Neji was acquainted with.

Not wanting to make himself a nuisance, Neji waited outside of the apartment where he sat perched on the box of Haruko's things he had been sent to deliver with a bored expression on his face. When the commotion died down- if the commotion died down- he'd remind Haruko that he was still carrying her old possessions around.

"What was that all about, cousin?" Neji asked Hanabi, who seemed to be hovering outside the same as he was.

( OoC: Sorry. I don't know what else to do and I've already given this thread one pass, so... forgive my abundance of nothing much really. D: )

Hanabi Hyuuga - May 13, 2011 02:07 AM (GMT)
"what ever do you mean, cousin?" Hanabi turned to her seated cousin and looked down at him as she was slightly taller standing then neji when he was sitting. She smiled like she had a secret keeping her smile small and knowingly smug." do you really want to know what i was doing, cousin?" She glanced behind her into the house to make sure haruko was safely out of ear shot. She didn't want the others to learn of what she promised.She had a feeling her father wouldn't be pleaased with her for it if they found out. " if i tell you, you must swear not to tell my honored father. i don't think he will be pleased with me and i want to tell him my self." Hanabi looked neji in the eyes like they were equals or more. She took out a small purse in which she carried her money. She carefully weighted it in her hand considering exactly how much of it she would have to offer in order to buy the nin's silence and of course pay for her services on top of that. She took care of her promises." Will you send me home if i don't tell you?" Her voice was soft and calm through her questions.

Hyuuga Haruko - May 16, 2011 03:38 AM (GMT)
Haruko completely forgot about her other two cousins standing outside, as she focused all of her attention solely on Jinsei. She knew Neji would know better to wait outside, as would Hanabi, despite how young she was. This was no time or place to have a room crowded full of people who would only serve to get in the way, even if it wasn't their intention to be bothersome. The room was small enough as it was.

"Just hold on!" Haruko told Jinsei. He looked awful. The medical ninja needed to do something quickly, or he wasn't going to last much longer. "Just hold on! We're going to help you! You'll be fine!"

Suddenly, the female medical ninja that had run inside with her shouted Jinsei's name-- at least, his assumed alias. She knew him? Haruko blinked momentarily in surprise, before holding down his arm as she instructed her to. She hadn't been aware that he had been in Konoha long enough to meet anyone else. She didn't feel angry, or even slightly jealous. Just surprised. But it quickly wore off as she focused on her next task. The woman's hands glowed with an eerie green aura as Jinsei's wounds began to heal. She couldn't help but wince when she watched her re-set his broken bone. It had to be horribly painful.

"Just hang in there, Jin--" She almost let his real name slip. She felt like an idiot. "...Jericho. Hold on. It's almost over."

Jericho - May 16, 2011 04:35 AM (GMT)
Jinsei's eyes snapped open the bone had ripped back through the skin the dried blood haveing new wet blood squirt out over the wound as a light crack was heard as it snapped back in place. He shot up almost breaking free from Haruko and wakeing up. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..AHHHHHHHHHH." He screamed so loud he started to choke himself and heave lightly. He smacked back on the ground. Even with the anesthetic. He still fought back. The pain clouded his mind he wasn't even aware his love and his friends were the ones near him. He jerked from right to left his broken ribs and bruised sides only hurting him more. He screamed again and again. They were so loud it would sound like he was dying to those outside.

Half the bed was stained in dried blood as he seemed to beg to be let go. He stopped shortly after as weak as he was tears in his eyes from pain the strange healing hurt tremendously. He looked up realizing who was holding him down. H-..Haruko.." He spoke her name sadly his wrist felt so bad it made his head feel with a headache as well. It felt like a pain that could drive someone to death. His free hand jerked too her hand that held him down and squeezed it. He jerked his head back letting out another scream. and then biteing his lip hard so hard a little blood leaked out.

Miki - May 17, 2011 01:25 AM (GMT)
Just as she expected. Jericho snapped awake as abruptly as she snapped his bone back into place. Some of his warm blood sprayed onto her forearm but she ignored it and poured chakra into the wound on his wrist. TO others his wrist would look like the skin was swallowing up the bone and blood as sh repaired it all at once, she had to put all of her weight on his forearm though. This would hurt even more than before, but it was to get his biggest wound out of the way as soon as possible. She did her best to pin that wounded arm down with both her weight and her strength. Still by his screams she could tell the sedative hadn't fully kicked in yet. She didn't have time though. He was still a little low on blood, so as the wound sealed on his wrist the chakra glow around her green hand dimmed considerably as her hand glowing red over his heart glowed brighter. Her face was set in a determined grimace as she began to sweat and the sapping jutsu was beginning to set in. The red chakra gave more of a tingling sensation and a body filing warmth as it made more blood within him at a highly unnatural rate. Of course Haruko couldn't see this but it would be obvious as his color returned.

Her work had only just begun. While She might have finished healing his wrist, still she could tell by his wracking screams there was more to him. She stopped both jutsus for the exact moment so she could get a breather in and sum him up. She already knew she was going to strip him bare so she could see all of his injuries and the rest she could look for internally.

Miki said in a soft voice that already sounded a little tired."The worst wound is fine..."

Hyuuga Haruko - May 24, 2011 11:44 PM (GMT)
Haruko had always considered herself to have a pretty strong stomach, as well as a strong will. She had never felt woozy or nauseated at the sight of blood or wounds during or after a battle. But seeing someone she cared so deeply for in so much pain was making her feel ill. She could almost feel the same pain Jinsei was feeling, and it was unbearable. She wished she could do something to take it all away, but knew she couldn't. She had to leave everything in the hands of this medical shinobi for now, and could only hope that she knew what she was doing. The worst of his wounds seemed better now, but he still wasn't out of the woods just yet.

"Just hold on!" She tried to shout over Jinsei's pained screams. She grabbed his good hand and squeezed it as tightly as she dared. She knew the medical ninja was only trying to help him, but seeing Jinsei in so much pain made her wonder if she wasn't only making it worse. "Please, just help him!" she told her. "Just take him out of this pain!"

There was some sort of odd red aura about the woman's chakra, and Haruko had never seen it before. Her eyes could only see traces of it, until she activated her Byakugan and saw it clearly. What exactly was that? Was that what medical ninjutsu was? The warm red color was almost comforting. She tore her eyes away from it when the woman spoke.

"So is he going to be alright?" Haruko asked.

Jericho - May 25, 2011 12:55 AM (GMT)
Jericho stayed on his back his eyes were wary as he looked dazed pain keeping him from passing out. He took long drug out gasps as breaths. He was weak but the healing jutsu was healing his body even though it felt more like dieing then being saved. He squeezed her hand tight in his he could't make out through vision but her voice made her known. He was dazed and confused but some part of him was comforted she near. His brow was covered in a cool sweat as his fever still set in a bit. His cheeks were flushed lightly from the loss of blood.

He took in slow breaths fighting to hold off the pain as his eyes shook the pupils dilated. He laid back trying to focus on just staying awake and aware. He listened to the words around him. "Haruko..." He said in a gasp as he squeezed her hand as to if to make sure it was her. His wounds were still being heard as he let out a another long drawn out grunt of pain.

Miki - May 25, 2011 01:49 AM (GMT)
Miki had finished giving him an external exam while he was still clothed. Most of it seemed to be his chest area. To double check, she pulled out a scalpel and safely cut open his shirt and placed her hand on his chest as her hands began to glow that normal bluish green of regular medical ninjutsu. At the moment she was searching for internal wounds, but she mostly found broken bones and bruises. With a sigh of relief she answered Haruko's question with a weak smile, only weak since she was already tired." Yes he'll be fine. I did my best with his wrist so it won't be useless forever, but he will have to take time and retrain it. Let me finish quickly." After this last bout of healing, she would literally be able to sleep sitting up in a chair. Taking her hand of his chest she repeated her earlier process. Her hands ignited in alternate green and red chakra as she placed the red over his heart again to continue making blood to replenish what was lost as her green chakra she placed on his sternum and spread the green glow of her chakra over his entire chest cavity, doing this gave her a look of strain on her face and she was sweating at the's a good thing she was pressing down on his chest since healing all the bones and vessels at once would hurt worse than his wrist. Though it would only last about a minute before the chakra on both her hands flickered and ceased and she almost fell over. The pain would end at that point. His bruises would be literally non-existant, his ribs would be partially healed and would take time to finish healing, his wrist would take time to heal and he had enough blood to at most remain concious. Trying to be athletic would cause him to pass out.

Miki did her best to stumble away from the bed and lean against the wall feeling more drained then she has ever been.

Hyuuga Haruko - May 30, 2011 05:50 AM (GMT)
"It's almost over," Haruko assured Jinsei as she clutched his hand. His grip on her hand was beginning to grow weaker, but this time, it wasn't because he was close to death. In fact, he looked like he was going to fall asleep... not fall into unconsciousness again, but sleep. Hopefully, it would be a peaceful slumber free of pain.

The medical ninja seemed to know what she was doing, and Haruko breathed a big sigh of relief when she was assured that he would be fine. The news about his wrist didn't surprise her; she had suspected that he would need to take it easy for a while and would have to train with it again until it was back to normal. She was more relieved that it wasn't permanently broken. A swordsman without his sword hand was... well, they were no longer a swordsman.

"Thank you," Haruko gratefully told the female medical ninja. Her eyes widened as she noticed the woman was swaying on her feet after her healing was complete. The woman had to be exhausted. "Whoa," Haruko placed an arm around her shoulders to help steady her. "Please, sit down and rest," she suggested, pulling up a small chair for her. "Are you alright?"

Jericho - May 30, 2011 06:31 AM (GMT)
He laid in the bed and drew in slow breaths as he focused to stay awake but he knew he would soon be out. He tried to clear his throat out some dried blood sticking to the back of it making his throat dry and scratchy. He actually used his right hand to force himself to a sitting position his back again'st the beds headboard. He was so fatigued his eyes kept going in and out of focus. He gave winces of pain as he forced his body so. He could only make them out for a minute before they would get fuzzy and such would keep repeating in his vision. He let a shaken and weak chuckle before he would speak in a weak but almost positive tone.

"Miki...Heh...I supposed I owe you a thank you......" He leaned his head again'st the headboard as he felt weakened and himself feeling heavy and hot for some reason. "Haruko...we...we need....we need to tal......." We need to talk never came out. His eyes had closed while his head leaned again'st the headboard and he was out sitting up. He took slow breaths as he eased to a nice sleep. He would have sweet dreams this time. His nightmares keeping away as he was no longer a inch from death. His mind would cool and be whisked of dreams of a better tomorrow and dreams of his loved ones. Perhaps even a better Tomorrows.

He would be out for some time chances are he would wake during the night since it was still early.

Miki - May 30, 2011 07:52 AM (GMT)
She smiled as Haruko gave her some support and guided her to a chair. She didn't even really care if the chair was under 4 feet of dust. (I don't think it is just saying she wouldn't care.) She nodded thankfully and plopped into eh chair to lean sideways in it to get as comfortable as possible. She was already fading into sleep when she heard jericho's voice which warranted one eye a glimpse. A weak smile and then she was out, curled up in a strangers house in a stranger's chair. She was practically in a coma. THough she was in no danger of dying. She would wake up after easily 12 hours of rest, hungry, and her arms would feel like lead.

Haku - June 2, 2011 10:56 PM (GMT)
(please dis regard)

Hanabi Hyuuga - June 2, 2011 10:58 PM (GMT)
Hanabi heard the bustle the the other rooms which seemed to die down. She approached the door the house cautiously watching every step and stopping every few steps as though she expected to be rebuffed or attack for trying to approach the dwelling of her cousin. When she reached the door she turned around and beckoned for neji to come too and pointed to the box he was sitting on once, indicating he might as well bring that too. Hanabi rapped on the door once, twice, three times and when she got no answer she figured they were still busy and tried the door opening it and calling out. "Haruko may i come in? i have some business to attend to here and Neji still has a box for you that must be delivered.I also have something for you." She out of respect did not plan to enter until permitted. Hanabi had in her possession some of the healing salve there family makes. Her father generously gave her a generous amount when she asked for it, though he didn't ask what she wanted it for. Some of it would be for her own personal use but she planned to offer as much as Haruko would take to her as a present, for the good of the family.

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