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Title: Shop Inventory

FoK_Admin - January 17, 2011 11:14 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the Waves Weapons Shop, the largest weapons shop in the Land of Waves! Feel free to browse our fine wares! We hope you'll find something of use!

Weapons Inventory

user posted image
Kunai knife ($10 each)
The kunai knife is an essential part of a ninja's inventory. They are perfect as projectile weapons, for use as distractions, or for deflection.

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Shuriken throwing star ($10 each)
Like the kunai knife, the shuriken is also an essential weapon in a ninja's arsenal. Smaller than kunai, they are easier to throw long distances and are useful for activating traps.

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Fuuma (Windmill) shuriken ($30 each)
The Fuuma, or Windmill, shuriken, is a large and powerful shuriken capable of inflicting great damage to foes. Each shuriken is folded up until it is used.

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Dai shuriken [$40 each]
These huge shurikens are different from Fuuma shurikens in that they do not fold up before being used. Their blades are also shorter. These shurikens are extremely heavy and can only be wielded by the strongest of shinobi. Each has a hole in the middle to allow the user to tie it to their back, and also serves as the place the user holds onto when throwing. Each dai shuriken costs $40.

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Bladed knuckles [$150 each]
These bladed weapons add penetrating power to taijutsu techniques! They consists of sharp metal blades that can be extended with chakra. Each set of bladed knuckles costs $150 and does not need to be bought again unless it is destroyed.

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Exploding tag ($15 each)
A piece of parchment paper inscribed with a script that when activated, begins a slow burn that eventually explodes and deals damage to enemies.

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Smoke bombs ($20 each)
These exploding smoke bombs are perfect for escapes or for use in creating a distraction. Once the pin is pulled off the top of the bomb, heavy smoke will pour out all around the enemy once it is thrown. Each bomb costs $20.

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Bells -- requirement for some jutsu such as the Suzu Senbon no Genkaku -- Illusion Bell Needles technique) ($15 for two bells)
These small bells are often used in training scenarios and are also a requirement for the use of such jutsu as the Suzu Senbon no Genkaku -- Illusion Bell Needles technique.

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Makibishi [$30 for set of 5]
Perfect for traps and slowing your enemies down! These makibishi are small, multi-bladed metal weapons that are extremely painful if stepped on. A set of 5 makibishi costs $30.

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Senbon needles ($8 each)
Senbon needles are long, thin needles used for throwing, medical ninjutsu or other techniques. Some needles may be laced with poison to inflict more damage.

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Senbon umbrella-- requirement for some jutsu) ($60 each)
This umbrella is infused with hundreds of senbon needles. When activated, the umbrella is thrown into the air and spins at a fast rate, causing the concealed needles to propel at multiple enemies from all directions.

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Scrolls (requirement for some jutsu) ($15 each)
Scrolls are an essential tool for shinobi. They can be used to conceal weapons or as part of techniques.

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Summoning scrolls (requirement for some jutsu & summoning techniques) [$35 each]
Summoning scrolls are scrolls that contain a scribe used for summoning creatures. A blood contract must first be made in order to summon a creature.

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Metal wire (requirement for some jutsu) [$10 each]
Metal wire can be used in a variety of ways, from trap-setting to rappelling to restricting an opponent's movement.

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Puppet (requirement for some jutsu; does not need to be bought again unless it is destroyed in battle or an enemy is put inside it) [$80 each]
Puppets can be used for anything from Ninjutsu to entertainment. Each puppet costs $80 and does not need to be bought again unless it is destroyed in battle or an enemy is stored inside it.

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Needle Launcher [$100 each]
This contraption is perfect for catching your enemy by surprise! It fastens to your arm and can be concealed by clothing. It holds up to 10 senbon needles (not included). Each launcher costs $100 and does not need to be bought again unless it is destroyed.

Remedies, Pills & Medicine

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Poison antidote [$50 each]
This vial contains a very potent and effective antidote for neutralizing even the harshest of poisons. Each vial is intended for one use. Each costs $50.

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Solder pills [$100 for 3]
These pills taste horribly bitter, but pack a punch! They can temporarily boost your chakra, strength and agility and take effect instantaneously! $100 will buy you 3 pills.

Aburame Shino - January 28, 2011 04:37 PM (GMT)
Buying: 2 Kunai knives
2 Shuriken throwing stars

Hyuuga Haruko - January 30, 2011 01:38 AM (GMT)
Give me two kunai and two shuriken.

Hatake Kakashi - January 31, 2011 04:23 AM (GMT)
Ill take 10 Kunai and 10 shuriken.

Uchiha Sasuke - February 1, 2011 12:48 AM (GMT)
I'll take two kunai and shuriken

Hyuuga Hiashi - February 3, 2011 04:19 AM (GMT)
5 kunai, and make it fast.

Uchiha Sasuke - February 3, 2011 11:31 PM (GMT)
I'll take two kunai and one shuriken

Takara - February 10, 2011 02:18 AM (GMT)
I'll take one exploding tag and two kunai.


Uchiha Sasuke - February 16, 2011 11:53 PM (GMT)
I'll take one metal wire

Tatsuya Nakamura - March 15, 2011 02:00 PM (GMT)
5 Needles

Soujiro Matsuda - March 21, 2011 08:15 PM (GMT)
3 Soldier pills!


Raiden Kozayashi - March 25, 2011 04:26 AM (GMT)
"I'll take five Kunai and one Smoke Bomb"


Burai Harutomo - March 27, 2011 01:16 AM (GMT)
I'd like to purchase five smoke bombs, please.


Soujiro Matsuda - March 27, 2011 01:33 AM (GMT)
Two Smoke Bombs!

FoK_Admin - March 28, 2011 04:35 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Burai Harutomo @ Mar 27 2011, 01:16 AM)
I'd like to purchase five smoke bombs, please.


Pssst... you don't have enough money for 5 smoke bombs yet, but you can buy 2!

Karasu Ayame - March 28, 2011 04:39 AM (GMT)
Can I have that Needle Launchers, please?


Raiden Kozayashi - March 30, 2011 04:53 AM (GMT)
One Fuuma Shuriken, two exploding tags, and two shuriken


Soujiro Matsuda - April 2, 2011 11:26 PM (GMT)
One Kunai that has 'From Matsuda; maybe it'll save you" engraved in it.


Karasu Ayame - April 3, 2011 12:22 AM (GMT)
2 senbon needles.


Daisuke Yuki - April 4, 2011 03:16 AM (GMT)
1 summoning scroll.
5 senbon needles


Satoshi Uchiha - April 4, 2011 04:54 AM (GMT)
x1 Kunai
x2 Metal Wire
x1 Exploding Tag.
1x Summoning Scroll
1x Fuuma Shuriken
Thank you.


Kimiko Fukashi - April 4, 2011 10:54 AM (GMT)
10 senbon needles, please.

Taguchi Heishiro - April 7, 2011 09:38 PM (GMT)
  • Four (4) kunai.
  • One (1) Fuuma shuriken.
  • Three (3) soldier pills.

Total: 40 + 30 + 100 = $170

Sasuke Uchiha - April 13, 2011 01:39 AM (GMT)
1 Kunai and 1 Shuriken.

Genma Shiranui - April 13, 2011 01:58 AM (GMT)
Five Kunai Knives
Five Shuriken
1 Exploding Tag

Please :]

Yakushi Kabuto - April 13, 2011 06:35 AM (GMT)
  • One (1) kunai.
  • Ten (10) senbon.
  • One (1) smoke bomb.
Total: 10 + 80 + 20 = $110

Abi Aso - April 18, 2011 09:31 PM (GMT)
I'll be buying:
4 Kunai
4 Shuriken
1 Exploding tags
1 Smoke bomb


Raiden Kozayashi - April 20, 2011 10:27 PM (GMT)
Two summoning scrolls: $70
Four Smoke Bombs: $80


Kimiko Fukashi - May 30, 2011 10:34 AM (GMT)
Three soldier pills, please.


Haku - June 26, 2011 08:00 PM (GMT)
40 senbon please.

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