to f.t.w.w.w, we're a lovely southern real life roleplay site thats been going for two years now.. insignificant to some I'm sure, but to us? well we're pretty damn proud. we're set in two fictional counties of texas, with a posting guide of 300 words, its not to put you off but over the duration of our existence that seems to be a consistent minimum. so please don't join and post fifty words and expect us to be happy campers, we take our hobby seriously. you can expect a clique-free environment here and have a lot of fun while you're at it.





everything you see on F.T.W.W.W is copyright to the admins and it's members. the characters are copyright to their respective owners, along with their plots and all posts, unless otherwise stated. please do not take any material from F.T.W.W.W and try to pass it off as your own. everyone associated with this site has worked incredibally hard to make it what it is, so please don't copy anything without permission from an admin. the skin and graphics (unless otherwise noted) were made by Bella. sidebar coding, by brook (never look back) pop it menu coding, by dynamic drive



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