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Title: somehow you're feelin' down, now i'm the villain
Description: TAG; SEANx3

Albert Hunter - January 30, 2012 02:30 AM (GMT)
Albie was sitting in his library as usual, dressed in black satin pyjamas which were his cure for feeling sick and nursing his sore ribs by laying on the nice leather couch in there, door locked and the curtains up so he could see out at the twilight.. he sighed and admired the trees outside before picking up his newspaper and beginning to read, he started at the comics, the child within him was still very much excited by the gaudy cartoons depicted. He smiled to himself and read them, a small chuckle escaping as he got to the punchline, then he sighed and flicked through the pages until he got to the announcements..

It was an important thing for him to know what was going on after his stint in jail.. he'd got so paranoid that he would miss something or didn't know something, that he'd taken to reading and re-reading the announcements.. just in case. He stopped at obituaries though, just to see what was going on. After all, after his 'death' Albie had become very interested in deaths.. he was obviously special, and holy to have been spared death.. after dying no less.

He skimmed them, and frowned when he saw the name Sheldon.. but it wasn't Sean, he knew that because he'd just seen Sean upstairs.. and he was fine, but Ralph Sheldon. That name rang a bell.. yet it was only when he read the last part that he connected the two names. "Mother.. fucker," he breathed out as he ripped the corner of the page out then got to his feet, albeit a little slower than normal due to his ribs. Albie then made his way as quickly as he could to Sean's room in the vast castle then hammered on the door with his fists before almost falling in after releasing it wasn't locked.

Slowly he caught his breath then thrust the page out to Sean. "Have you read this?" he asked as if it was a message from someone important who'd been missing for years. He knew Sean's uncle was important to Sean.. and he knew that he probably shouldn't be the one telling him if he didn't know.. but he needed to let him know so he wasn't in the dark.

Jake Martins - January 30, 2012 05:38 PM (GMT)
Sean had had a long day and he was ready to unwind. Sitting in his room, laying on his bed in short shorts and a beater, he stared up at the ceiling. He really wished he knew why his family, what was left of it, had been acting so weird. However, Sean put that behind him now. He was glad that he got to see Albie. He really had missed the boy and wished that they saw more of each other. Even though they did lice in the same house, Sean barley saw Albie. He didn't even see him in school. Since he was out already.

Sean sighed and turned his head to look around his room. He wondered where he would be in life, or if he would even be living if Albie hadn't offered him a room. He smiled and sat up. Pulling out his phone when it rung that he had a message. However, Sean was startled at something coming bounding into his room. It was Albie. "Careful" Sean said, giving a light laugh.

"See what? The newspaper? No, I don't read the newspaper. Why? Did you make it in there for something you did? I couldn't have." Sean said, smiling and moving over. "Take a seat." However, Sean had no idea what Albie was going to say and he thought it was nothing bad. Little did he know that his life was going to change forever

Albert Hunter - January 30, 2012 06:16 PM (GMT)
Normally, Albie would've joked with Sean and smirked.. perhaps even saying that yes.. in fact he was on page twelve. Which funnily enough he was.. although not by name, just by the term 'youth'. It had been a routine drug shipment that Albie tended to help his friend Rick with from time to time.. even though he'd been put in jail, he still did it. After all, it was fun and a way to make money.. However, right now it was the last of his worries as he was obviously about to tell Sean about, well.. something that would upset him. The twenty one year old was faced with a choice now, should he tell Sean? Or should he leave him to find out? Well.. as much as he'd rather just leave it, he guessed that was the last thing he should do. After all, if Sean found out that everyone had effectively known before him, it could really harm him.

So he watched as Sean moved so he could sit on his bed with him, then he gingerly walked forward, being careful of his ribs that were twanging badly.. and actually had been made worse by Albie himself. "I'll give you a word of advice… don't ever have sex while your ribs are broken, mine are in absolute agony," he groaned as he made himself comfortable next to him. Albie waited for a few moments to garner silence then sighed as he looked up at the taller boy and handed him the crumpled corner of the newspaper he'd ripped out detailing his uncle's death. Sighing he looked down to the duvet then rested his hand on Sean's waist, just for comfort then sighed, "I'm sorry."

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