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 The Shinra Alchemists, Protecting the Future from the Past
Posted: Feb 3 2008, 05:41 AM

Aristocratic Assassin

Group: Admin
Posts: 500
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Joined: 27-January 08

(Posted Image)
10 years have passed since the second coming of Sephiroth and now catastrophically mako infected humans, also known as Alchemists....are now among us in the world of Gaia. These mako altered humans now possess the ability to use materia powers without the use of a materia. Rufus Shinra saw this as a way to make an Elite team of soldiers fighting for by his side, thus creating The Shinra Alchemists. Since then six factions have combined forces to overthrow ShinRa thus starting The Shinra Dismantlement War. Join Kyoshiro and his elite team of alchemists to stop the enemy from harming innocent people and Rufus Shinra. Become part of the struggle to stop the mastermind behind the combined Factions. Help win key victories in the war. Get to level 40, learn bankai and show everyone what your made of. Join ACF's best and longest running RPG, in the 3rd Season of The Shinra Alchemists. Created Originally by Shyde

Season 1
This was the era of the Genocide War, where the Copycat Alchemist annonced a no peace treaty alliance with the Shinra Alchemists and declared war. It was also said that any alchemist that was in this war are now called Originals. Many alchemist on both sides died and the war ended after a defeated Kyoshiro was able to have victory over the Genova Alchemists faction.

Season 2
The Shinra mansion was raided by a team of professional soldiers. With this group was none other than Leon Crestmere also known as The Gunblade Alchemists. After the raid Leon escaped with Top Secret ShinRa documents, and the list of all Shinra Alchemist weaknesses. Shortly after a hugh battle between six combined factions and Shinra would begin. The battle ended with the unconfirmed death of Kyoshiro.

*Newcomers must pm Me to be assigned an Alchemist name. You may not start til you have one*


1. Make your posts at least 5 to 6 sentences long.

2. Make sure that you follow the orders of your superiors. If they are an Officer then you should treat them with the same respect as you do me.

3. If your are going to change your username, Me, Soulless, or Slader telling us your previous username, your alchemist name, and your new username

4. All members are to follow the general rules of the SA Forums

5. Dont run off on a rogue storyline. Most of the RPG is controlled and have settings in order to keep the story interesting. Failure to comply with may result in Demotion or possible removal from RP.

6. If you leave do to In Real Life problems then contact me or Slader before just leaving. By doing this we can hold your spot and your level without having to delete you, and this would help you feel like you dont have to start over.

7. DO NOT ASK FOR PROMOTIONS OR TO BE GIVE AN OFFICER POSITION. This will actually decrease your chances of getting one. Get promotions and officer positions through hard earned work.

8. Bankai CANNOT be achieved by anyone who is not level 40 or higher. Shin Bankai CANNOT be achieved by anyone who is not level 65 or higher.

9. You are only allowed to fight NPCs of your own level. If you are level 10 then plz do not act as if you can kill a Captain Class Alchemist who is 20 or 30 levels above you. Good quality post and activeness will earn you levels in this RP.

{Important Info}

This RP is Final Fantasy VII based with a splash of Bleach here and there. So do not assume the name has any relation to Full Metal Alchemist, bc it doesnt and I dont want anyone thinking that. Besides that everything else is original and created by me.

every week that you have posted more than 4 times. You will receive 400 gil to your bank Account which can be used to buy materia or weapons at the SA Weapon Shop. Another way to earn gil in my RP is by completing missions on the Mission List. Which will be provided to you within the first post that i will open up with for the Thread. Once again ty for choosing this RP, and enjoy your time in it. DO NOT GO OUT ON A MISSION FROM THE LIST WITHOUT THE IC CONSENT OF CYNUOUS OR ANOTHER SA LEADERS APPROVAL.


Commander- Kyoshiro

Major General- N/A

Lt. General- N/A

Brigidier General- Ryuzaki

Colonel- Kazekei

Lt. Colonel- N/A

Major- N/A

Captain- N/A

Lieutenant- N/A

Leader of Ansatsu Alchemists- Kyoshiro

Leader of Blue Berets- Charlie Nash

Leader of Recon Alchemists- Ryuzacki

Academy Instructor- Repraved


The Standing Ranks

{Legendary Alchemists}

The Anti-Alchemist - Cynuous Lv.91

The Dark Alchemist- Slader Lv.82

The Brave Alchemist- Soulless Lv.78

{Guardian Alchemists}

{Ascended Alchemists}

The Persona Alchemist- Kaizen Lv.64

{Veteran Alchemists}

The Assassin Alchemist- Satsugai Kaze Lv.61

The Crimson Alchemist - cloudfinal22 Lv.60

The Dragon Alchemist- Ryuzacki Lv.64

{Slayer Alchemists}

The Silver Alchemist- Gin Lv.53

{Elite Alchemists}

The Primal Alchemist- Divine Archangel Lv.45

The Phantom Alchemist- Mangusbrother Lv.40

The Shining Alchemist- Sinner Lv.42

The Dark Aero Alchemist- Takuya Lv.40

The Crystal Alchemist- Syeren Lv.42

The Reverse Alchemist- Charlie Nash Lv.45

{Master Alchemists}

The HalfMetal Alchemist- Halfmetal Alchemist Lv.38

The Wolven Alchemist- Nanaki Lv.31

The Rescind Alchemist- Repraved Lv.40

{Expert Alchemist}

The Zero Alchemist- Darkened_Slayer Lv.27

The Stasis Alchemist- Coldman9 Lv.23

The Illumni Alchemist- Shadow Jet Lv.21

{Skilled Alchemists}

The Spirit Alchemist- Lady Shenorai Lv.18

The EMP Alchemist- Raiden Lv.20

The Mist Alchemist- Amaya Lv.16

The Necro Alchemist- Reign Lv.16

The Mirage Alchemist- Zelarios Lv.16

{3rd-1st Class Alchemists}

The Mirage Alchemist- Zelarios Lv.16

The Divine Alchemist- Aeiou Lv.4 (2nd Class)

The Predator Alchemist- Asher Lv.3 (2nd Class)

The Vortex Alchemist- Justa Lv.7 (2nd Class)

The Chimera Alchemist- Wynn Lv.1 (3rd Class)


Special Forces and Division Units

Ansatsu- Assassination Unit

Leader of Ansatsu- Cynuous

2nd in Command- Satsugai

3rd Seat- Gin

4th Seat- Repraved

{Requirements for being in Assassination Unit: Must tell Shyde that you wish to be an assassin/ninja type Alchemist before you fill out your Profile and start RP}

SOLDIER Alchemists- Special Forces

Leader of SOLDIER Alchemists- Slader

2nd in Command- Kaizen (SOLDIER 1st Class)

Operative- Charlie (SOLDIER 3rd Class)

Operative- Raiden (Cadet)

{Requirement to get into SOLDIER Alchemists: Must have a recommendation from Slader or Kaizen while in Academy}

Recon Alchemists- Task Force Infantry

Leader of Recon Alchemists- Ryuzaki

2nd in Command- N/A

Operative- Mangusbrother

Operative- Shadow Jet (Cadet)

{Requirements for Recon Alchemists: Must have recommendation from Unforgiven during Academy}


Hall of Fame

The Anti-Alchemist- Cynuous

- "One of four to be given the title of ShinRa's Edge. Which was given to Kyoshiro due to giving ShinRa an edge in any battle. Kaishiro is the most decorated soldier in the Shinra ranks. The Shadow-Edge Zanpaktou is feared by all enemys of ShinRa and is said that seeing the blade is the only memory you will have in the afterlife. Kyoshiro's assassination skills are unrivaled. Specialized in High Mobility combat, Kyoshrio may be the most feared person in all of Gaia."

The Dark Alchemist- Slader

- "One of four to be given the title of ShinRa's Edge. Which was given to Slader due to giving ShinRa an edge in any battle. Slader is the second most decorated soldier in the shinra ranks. The Dark-Edge blade is of legend and is known to be the brother sword to Kyoshiro's Shadow-Edge Zanpaktou. Slader's power and strength is overwhelming even for opponents of his level and is said to avoid face to face combat with him."

The Fullmetal Alchemist- Daniel Niekowal

- Loved and known by all, was killed by the Copycat Alchemist in the Genocide War. Daniel received the Medal of Valor for his sacrifice."

The Gunblade Alchemist and The Illusion Alchemist- Dark Squall/S. Mugetsu

- "First team to ever take down Kyoshiro and single-handedly take down Prototype Cloud Strife. Together they are the two most coorinated alchemists on the team making them a deadly match when these two use teamwork."

The Brave Alchemist- Soul

- "One of four to be given the title of ShinRa's Edge. Which was given to Soul due to giving ShinRa an edge in any battle. Soul is considered to be the right hand man under Slader and Kyoshiro. It has been said that Soul silenced and killed more alchemists in the Genocide War than any other member of the Shinra Alchemists. Soul is known to share a similar style of combat as Slader but it is considered more deadlier as far Swordmanship goes."

The Gravity Alchemist- X-SOLDIER

- "One of four to be given the title of ShinRa's Edge. Which was given to X-SOLDIER due to giving ShinRa an edge in any battle. X was the first person to ever join SOLDIER Alchemist. It was said that X-SOLDIER surpassed Slader when it came to Multi-Purpose Combat but is no where in contrast of strength and power compared to Slader."
Posted: Feb 12 2008, 06:02 AM

Aristocratic Assassin

Group: Admin
Posts: 500
Member No.: 1
Joined: 27-January 08


Click here for mission list assignments Mission List


Click here to view the SA Weapon Shop and Bank Accounts Shinra Alchemists Weapon Shop


Alright, this is how this is going to work. Next to your name if you have a slash...that indicates you have 10% exp. And depending on what level you are will depend on how long it takes you to level. So for instance, if your a Captain Class Alchemist (Lv.40+) it will take you about 1 or 2 post to achieve 10% exp. And once you get to 100% (meaning you need 10 slashes) guess what...thats right, YOU LEVEL. White slashes means exp that you have, black means the amount you have left until you level up

Gin- Level 53: / / / / / / / / / /

Mangusbrother- Level 40: / / / / / / / / / /

Coldman9- Level 23: / / / / / / / / / /

Syeren- Level 42: / / / / / / / / / /

Nanaki- Level 31: / / / / / / / / / /

Darkened Slayer- Level 27: / / / / / / / / / /

Wynn- Level 1: / / / / / / / / / /

CloudFinal22- Level 60: / / / / / / / / / /

Saddeus- Level 1: / / / / / / / / / /

Shadow Jet- Level 21: / / / / / / / / / /

Satsugai Kaze- Level 61: / / / / / / / / / /

Kaizen- Level 69: / / / / / / / / / /

Charlie Nash- Level 45: / / / / / / / / / /

Raiden- Level 21: / / / / / / / / / /

Amaya- Level 16: / / / / / / / / / /

Reign- Level 16: / / / / / / / / / /
Posted: Feb 12 2008, 10:10 AM

Shinra Guard

Group: Banned
Posts: 86
Member No.: 3
Joined: 28-January 08

Shikaru finally appeared in the battle. It was actually a good time too. It seemed that he had used his Shadow Wave attack. Once again the attacks of the Originals seemed ineffective against the Dead Reaper. While Soul was watching the fight between Shikaru-Kuto and the Dead Reaper, Mugetsu appeared right behind him as silently as he could. He was un-noticed. Thousands of Mugetsus' once again appeared around Soul. They all rushed for him at once.

Unforgiven for once was on the defensive. With great speed and effort he blocked the attacks with haste. He blocked all the attacks however Mugetsu stabbed him through the chest with is katana as Leon appeared right infront of him. Darkness was starting to eminate around his gunblades, Leon was copying his Angel's Punishment Shikai.. He could use it to the max of 3.5x the damage. Leon slashed upperward then unleashed a combination of 19 attacks, the darkness of the blade surrounded Unforgiven. Both Mugetsu and Leon stepped back far away as Leon snapped his fingers. Unleashing a chain of explosions totaling up to 40 of them. It was enough to knock out his Soul Fury form. "You'll become nothing more but a memory like everyone else that has fallen before you.. Even no matter how much you despised me."

He dropped his Buster Swords as the eminated into one again as he fell onto his knees. Soul coughed up alot of blood. He was paralyzed. He couldn't move let alone try to get up. A veteran of the Genocide war who killed 83 alchemists alone couldn't even have enough strength to defend himself. He was in a bad situation.
Posted: Feb 12 2008, 02:21 PM

Judge of paradise

Group: Members
Posts: 48
Member No.: 4
Joined: 28-January 08

As she sat on the ledge on the little bird, her codec sprung to life in her ear, the one who was on the other end was no other then Ms. snow, but she sounded very serious.

"Blue, once you arrive at the scene, you are to take defensive and supportive action."

She silently crooked an eyebrow.

"Does this supersede any order I might receive from S.T.A.R.S enroute to the location.”

"Indeed it does, make protection your primary concern, let other people bother about killing the enemy."

"roger that HQ, proceeding according to orders once I arrive.”

Ms. Snow terminated the communication and Shinki turned to Muroga.

"you heard her right?”

She spoke into the newly acquired headset. Before Muroga could answer, the pilot interrupted the conversation.

"We are coming up on the battle field; we have confirmed a Friendly Blackhawk circling the area."

The little bird flew over the battlefield kicking up dust; Shinki looked at Muroga and nodded at him. Without waiting for the helicopter to come to a stop and settle down Shinki jumped out of the helicopter in mid flight, hit the ground and rolled on the ground coming up in a defensive position surveying the area. Spotted three active enemies and two inactive enemies, noting her three allies two seemed unscathed or only lightly wounded, the other one was Soul bleeding all over and currently lying on the ground with a pair of enemies surrounding him. she had read about the two alchemists surrounding Soul, she had no doubt about that they were going to hand her her ass on a plate, she just hoped that she would be able to distract them long enough to get Soul out of here, or back into fighting shape.

She clicked three times in the codec, silently notifying Shikaru and Gin of her presence, as she doubted they had noticed her spiritual pressure just yet.

Then she put her fingers to her mouth and whistled. it seemed as the most stupid thing to do, but she had a plan, by drawing the two enemy alchemists away from Soul he might be able to recover somewhat, also giving time for the S.T.A.R.S time to deploy. It seemed as the most logical thing to do. The two enemy alchemists looked at her startled, surprised to see someone so weak among the enemies. Leon looked at Mugetsu and nodded her way.

This is not going to work it is too obvious. She thought for herself. Mugetsu disappeared she made a vague guess where he would strike from and successfully blocked his first strike.

"You don't seem so strong.” Mugetsu taunted her. Yet she kept quiet, after all, she needed to get Leon into this battle as well, even thou she knew about their fearsome combination work, she did not have so much a choice. She thought of the misc equipment she always carried, she had a smoke bomb, but she doubted it would work in her favor right now. In addition, she had a knife in her left boot; once again, she doubted she would hit either one of them with it. Without taking her eyes of Mugetsu, she brought up the Longinus lance and fired with the handgun at Leon. He dodged and charged at her too; meanwhile Mugetsu created an army of clones surrounding her. While Leon came from behind of her Mugetsu’s clone army came from the front. as the army converged on her, swords risen to impale her she went down on one knee bought out the knife into her free hand and just as Leon was about to land on top of her after a jump slash her she threw the knife towards him. he was too close to dodge it completely, still it grazed his eye and made a long wound from his face to his ear cutting it in two, momentarily blinded Shinki had time to roll and slash at the army standing around her just as they turned the swords in their hands to implae her to the ground. Disintegrating the first row, she got up and faced Leon. He had dropped one of the gunblades and held a hand across his wounded eye. She took a small second to look around her, the clones advanced more slowly this time, seeing, as the first try hadn't worked on her. She bought up a smoke bomb and dropped it to the ground, its glass canister breaking and mixing two solutions together. Shinki stood completely still letting the smoke fill the area around her.

"Shikai: Attack power.”

She knew it was foolish to use an alchemic spell when Leon was close by, but she hoped that he would opt not to assimilate that spell, trying to get the higher ups spells instead. She used all her force and jumped out of the encirclement landed next to soul bowed down next to him and said

"You look like you have had better days, how long do you figure it will take you to regenerate these wounds, the S.T.A.R.S should be here any minute, and they have medical supplies with them, either you regenerate those wounds, or you hang on til then."

Without waiting for an answer, she stood up bowed to him.

"Sir, I’ll be trying to hold attention somewhere else."

As she straightened up she felt a sword enter her back, narrowly missing the spine, missing both her lungs and her heart, it was the definition of lucky. She looked down and saw the sword protrude from her chest. She used her free hand and shoved the sword out of her, vomiting a small amount of blood.

She turned and looked behind her; all the Mugetsu clones were poised to throw their swords at her. She quickly bought up Longinus lance and blocked all the ones aimed at her. All around her and Soul swords stuck up from the ground. She slowly began to move away from Soul. Finally clearing him out of the danger zone.

"an eye for an eye it seems.”
Posted: Feb 12 2008, 11:22 PM

Flight of Dragons

Group: Members
Posts: 69
Member No.: 6
Joined: 28-January 08

Gin’s power flowed around him driving him into a trance like state. His body went limp as the bluish energy encircled him. Taking this as the perfect opportunity to strike Soul down Leon leaves Gin as a multitude of Mugetsu clones surround Gin. The sudden appearance of the clones shook Gin out of his trance. Looking around he was no longer impressed with these two bit clones Fool me once Gin thought as he tightly griped the handle of Shinso. The clones converge on Gin to little avail his movements at 65 percent of his overall was too much his movement unseen. A flurry of slashes turns the would be assailants to dust. As Gin destroyed the last of the clones that had surrounded him Soul had collapsed to one knee and was surrounded by Leon and Mugetsu. Gin was about to make a move to break up the slaughter when his attention is caught by three clicks coming from his earpiece. Gin’s attention turns to the newly arrived Alchemist, the one he knew as Sinner. To his surprise Blue attempts to get Leon’s and Mugetsu’s attention. She is very successful as Mugetsu vanishes and attacks, to Gin relief she is able to block the attack, As Mugetsu taunts her she raises her weapon and fire several shots in Leon’s direction as Mugetsu jumps back and creates many clones.

Gin starts to move to help his comrade but is re-surrounded by an army of the Illusion Alchemist. Gin doges and counters the clone’s attacks dropping their number by more then half in less then a few seconds. Gin hears a smoke bomb go off as the last of the clones vanish into black smoke. Gin turns to see Blue hovering over Soul she speaks to him and soon after is hit by one of the clones sword, Gin couldn’t tell how bad it was but it didn’t look too good as is came through her chest. Gin attempts a quick step but is quickly halted by more of the Illusion Alchemist clones. Gin now really begins to lose his cool; he was getting tied of putting these half wits out of his misery. Gin powers up to eighty percent out put of his spiritual and alchemical powers and dashes with great speed past the clones. A trail of silver flashes follow him putting a crimson hue in the air as clones disperse in his wake. Gin’s form vanishes as Leon charges Blue. Appearing in front of Shinki as Leon comes down with a heavy over head chop. Sparks fly Shinso defects the gun blade to the side. Leon rolls as two Mugetsu clones come down on Gin from above. Effortlessly Gin dodges the two blades as silver trails cut up each clone turning them back into smoke.

Gin turns to Blue and smiles, and then a blade pierces Gin’s throat and chest. The two blades are pulled from Gin as his body goes limp, but the two clones violently erupt into smoke as Gin’s form wisps away in the breeze. Several feet in front of Blue Gin reappears and has locked blades with the real Mugetsu, sparks fly as their blades clash and bangs together. Mugetsu is just faster then Gin and gets the upper hand, and performs a series of flash steps that are meant to daze and confuse Gin. But being an adept study Gin is easily able to read the Illusion Alchemist every move. More sparks fly as Gin blocks every strike that is thrown. The two warriors vanish as the sounds of clashing blades can be heard all over the place. For ones not accustom to seeing people skilled in mobility fight Gin and Mugetsu aren’t even blurs. Even Leon was having some trouble in keeping up with Gin and Mugetsu’s fight. Mugetsu clone violently erupt as the fight breaks into their ranks, Leon dodges out of the way and then refocuses on Blue and charges the distracted warrior. Gin spots this and breaks from his fight with Mugetsu.

Shinso’s blade rockets past Blue’s head deflecting the Gun Blade aimed at her neck. Gin then counters and two shallow cuts tear into Leon’s uniform. Leon bounces back as Mugetsu pounds Gin with a hard thrust kick sending the Silver Alchemist spiraling back several yards. Leon follows up by chasing Gin down and swings with his sword, Gin rolls to the side as Leon opens up with fire driven Gin further to the left right into a trap set by Mugetsu. Two clones cut into Gin’s robes narrowly missing his body. A upward slash followed by one to the side quickly dispatch the two clones as Mugetsu drops down forcing Gin to back peddle blocking and guarding against ever more aggrieve attacks. Gin jumps over a thrust and lands on Mugetsu’s blade forcing it into the earth. As Mugetsu pulls his blade from the ground Gin makes some distance and positions his blade. Mugetsu then charges as Gin twist his weapon in such a way that it catches the sunlight momentarily blinding Mugetsu. Gin vanishes as silver flashes erupt around the Illusion Alchemist cutting into him lightly misting the air with his blood. But living up to his reputation Mugetsu avoids all the deadly slashes that were aimed at him. Gin reappears in front of a waiting Leon who had correctly assumed where Gin was going to be. A heavy knee doubles Gin over. Reaching down Leon wraps his hand around Gins neck and picks him up lifting him from the ground. With a sadistic grin Leon drops Gin into a thunderous side kick that send Gin fly several yards away. Gin slides to a stop in front of Blue, stabbing his blade into the ground Gin pulls himself to one knee. Gin then violently coughs up a good bit of blood and falls back to two knees. Never losing his smile he wipes the blood from his lips and regains his vertical base and pulls Shinso back into a defensive stance.
Posted: Feb 13 2008, 01:11 AM

Judge of paradise

Group: Members
Posts: 48
Member No.: 4
Joined: 28-January 08

"I hope you are still able to fight or it would put me in a troubled position."

She grinned at him and looked at Gin's back.

"You just continue dancing with Leon; I'll take out that clone master."

She charged at Mugetsu leaving Leon to Gin. As she charged Mugetsu began to back pedal, just a little bit faster than she was running forward.

"This is why I dislike fighting high mobility warriors."

She bought up Longinus lance and fired at him when he was in midair. She hit him just where she planned it straight into his left kneecap, destroying it. Mugetsu went down on one knee and squeezed the wound.

"Now you did it."

He stopped back peddling. Stood up again, and disappeared.
All around her as the rolling of a mist, a new army of clones appeared. Shinki realized that the only thing that separated the clones from the real Mugetsu was the knee wound she had given him and that she probably would die unless those S.T.A.R.S would arrive really soon. Suddenly everything went black and white, as if someone just dropped all the colors on a television. In addition, her senses went upside down, made Shinki feel sick. She bit on her tongue until she got the colors back and eventually the world spun back. Before she noticed, she had a Mugetsu trying to stab her in the chest again. In addition, at the same time several other clones amassed at her. Slashing at the impaler’s sword made him spin and tumble into another clones sword dying in the process, Shinki followed the striking motion all around slicing up several clones that could not move, she felt several small rashes, and wounds open up at her arms and torso. Another Mugetsu jumped high up into the air and tried to pin her to the ground with his sword. As he came down Shinki used the Longinus shield to redirect him into the ground next to her. Then she slashes the Clone over the neck, almost bisecting his head. She took a moment and looked around with her mind eye located something she assumed was the really Mugetsu She drew up the katana still imbedded into the ground and threw it parallel to the ground behind her. With the words:
"You forgot something.”

It impaled his left arm at the elbow making it unusable but he just went up in a puff of smoke just another of those clones. Suddenly Shinki fell down on one knee, vomiting more blood. She felt very weak for a second, and then regained her composure, that’s another problem, this hole I have in my chest is leaking blood, I need to await the S.T.A.R.S and then use “that” only then can I allow myself some rest. She gotup again, looked around her…
“all of these clones are meaningless Mugetsu.”
She closed her eyes, surveyed the area around them, not the clones… something beyond, something bothered her. THERE! She had found him, he had amassed this army and then fallen back to treat his wound. That would not do. After all this was a battle of attrition right now, and Shinki was losing. She spun on her feet and drew an alchemic circle in the ground using the tip of the Longinus lance. She opened her eyes Focused onto her, ignoring all the Clones that were just a hairbreadth away from her. Light particles began to emit from her. Soon she stood in what only could be described as a pillar of light…

“ Holy Atonement.”
The light flew out in great bursts seemingly melting every organic being inside the radius, after the second wave most of the clones where either so badly melted they were just pools on the ground, or were more scorched then melted, their black skeletons lying there for a second before disappearing. Still an endless swarm of new clones just sprung from out of nowhere. However, Shinki had bought herself enough time. She looked in the real Mugetsu’s way tried to judge the distance she bought up the Longinus Lance readied it for fire pulled it back, built up a membrane of Light photons around the gun barrel on it, readied it for fire.

“ Shining spear.”
She fired and the bullet roared as it flew across the open area, the already dispersed Light photons added to the spear, making it large then before. As it was about to hit Mugetsu several clones jumped caught it instead of Mugetsu, still the spear went cleanly through several Clones before stopping, only one clone away from Mugetsu himself.
After this however she was just about dead, she could barely stand, she was hungry and she was tired, if the S.T.A.R.S didn’t show up about now she would not last much longer.

Posted: Feb 13 2008, 02:35 AM

Aristocratic Assassin

Group: Admin
Posts: 500
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Joined: 27-January 08

The Dead-Reaper appears right in front of Shikaru with his face no further than an inch from his. Razin had a wicked smile on his face, he then goes to punch Shikaru in the stomach. However when he follows through with the punch Shikaru is no longer there, but is standing 10 meters from where they were. Shikaru had speculated that they were about even in speed as Razin might be a tad bit faster in this form. Razin began laughing historically and couldnt seem to stop. When he did stop laughing another hugh grin came across his face as began to speak words.

"....die......SONIC FLASH!!!!"

Razin threw his hand across horizontally and as he did a never ending beam going horizontal appeared. There was no point going right or left as the beam seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. Razin must be insane as this beam had the potential not just kill the Shinra-Alchemists but everyone in front of the flash...including his own men. The beam seem to stop as it spawned from the Dead-Reaper and moved in slow motion. But without a words notice it bursted into a speed unknown. Shikaru went into Shadowstep and came out of it behind Razin. Everyone else would also have the dodge the beam. Shikaru-Kuto prayed that everyone would get out of this safely.
Satsugai Kaze
Posted: Feb 13 2008, 06:09 AM

Harbinger of Purity

Group: Members
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Muroga wasted no time getting off the helicopter. In a flash, he spotted Mugetsu and Leon, along with the SOLDIER alchemists Gin and Unforgiven.
"Stay sharp people." Muroga now sent all of his orders over the headset. "This area is hot. Unless you have a good reason to tell me, try and follow all orders to the letter. Part of us getting out of this mess means we work as a team."

He drew out his daggers. "Little Birds will rotate shifts after fire support. Work on helping Gin and Unforgiven. Avoid Leon as much as you can, but if possible, keep hounding Mugetsu. He's right up my alley, but I'm right up his. If we tire him down somewhat, we may have a chance of eliminating him once help arrives."

On a finger click, missiles from the Little Bird's rocket pods tore into the ground, taking out a large portion of the Mugetsu clones and forcing many others to jump back.

No sooner than the dust started to settle, Muroga tore through some of his clones with an Iado Fang, in a single backhanded lunge. Most of the ones he went through died. Except one.

A low chuckle sounded through what Muroga could only term as a dull silence. Mugetsu had hardly used effort to block the spell. He stood as the clones around him faded away.
"A worthy effort. But, overall, futile."
Muroga said nothing. There really was nothing to say.
"You really believe that such a low-class trick could leave a mark on me? You'll seriously have to do better than that."
"Low-class, sure. But I would think that making a thousand pathetic versions of yourself would be just as low-class."
Mugetsu said nothing, but drew his own weapons, and they circled each other, both fading and disappearing like perfect chameleons, seemingly in silent taunts.
"Let's go."

Mugetsu struck with a speed that Muroga found difficult to counter, each strike a mere shadow. Were it not for the fact that Muroga could sense most of Mugetsu's camouflaged lashes, he would have been stabbed to a pulp. Mugetsu simply outclassed him and Muroga knew it, breaking off the attack with a surprise blow to the legs followed by a heavy punch with a sandstone forearm, his Ultimate Gates skill.

Mugetsu flew backwards and lightly touched down on the ground with his feet. The blow had sent out shockwaves, but Mugetsu seemed like he wasn't even scratched.
"Such childish tricks..." Mugetsu did not sound so confident, however, and was more wary. Nevertheless, there was not a scratch on him.

"Um... Valfreja. If you can, try and help annoy this guy. Let Toyama and Shimata keep Unforgiven company. Let's hit him with all we got."
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Flight of Dragons

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"I hope you are still able to fight or it would put me in a troubled position."
Gin slightly looks back as these words leave Blue’s lips in time to catch her smile
"You just continue dancing with Leon; I'll take out that clone master."
She continued, and with that she dashed off after Mugetsu. Gin’s attention then turned to Leon who had reacquired his second Gun Blade and was now making his way back toward Gin. With little hesitation Gin charges his oncoming opponent and vanishes. Gin appears high above Leon and comes down with a thunderous strike. Leon brings up both Gun Blades in a X and defends rather effortlessly shoving Gin to his left. With a hop Gin straightens himself and re-engages his fight against Leon using nothing but his natural speed and cunning. Leon falls back dodging and blocking the multitude of thrust and stabs aimed for his chest throat and head. The speed and precision of the attacks made countering very difficult, but eventually Leon is able to catch Gin’s sword between his Gun Blade and is able to connect with a kick to the gut. Two slashes tear into Gin’s robes and hakama leaving a shallow X shaped cut on his sternum. Gin stumbles back but quickly regains his footing and vanishes. A flurry of slashes come from Leon’s left then right. The speed and direction from which the attacks come forces Leon to be completely defensive. Cuts open up on his arms and face as now his blood lightly paints the air.

It is at this time the Dead Reaper unlashes a devastating horizontal slash that let loose what appeared to be a sonic attack aimed at Shikaru, dodging left or right seemed to be to little avail seeing as the attack was so wide that it threatened to cut friend and foe alike in half. Luckily Gin and Leon was on the other side of the Shikaru-Kuto : Dead Reaper fight and the attack wouldn’t phase them. Gin could only hope that the rest of Shin-Ra Alchemist would be able to duck or jump the attack. Leon the re-catches Gin’s attention by bringing both Gun Blades out to the side Gin then reappears before him sword ready. A sinisterly dark energy envelopes the blades as he pulls back targeting Gin. Gin instantly recognizes the attack it was Soul’s the very one that Leon had used to put Soul down. Gin falls back a little ways and begins to bounce awaiting the attack. Gin didn’t have to wait long as Leon dashes forward with a surprising burst of speed unleashing a violent upward slash when in striking range. The upward strike lands home and sends Gin skyward as the darkness on the blade separates and tacks on an additional 19 hits. Leon looks up with a devilish grin as he pulls his right hand to the side taking a step or two back Leon then snaps his fingers causing the dark energy to erupt in 40 violent explosions. As the smoke cleared Gin’s body was gone and Leon momentarily froze as he felt Gin reappear behind him. Now back to back Gin begins to lightly laugh.

Leon: “What’s so funny!”
Leon shouts as he spins with a horizontal slash. Gin leaps up in the air and lands on the Gun Blade and balances himself then squats so that he can be heard.
“My, my that was close why so scary all of the sudden. I only laugh because I finally figured “it” out.” Leon pulls back with his right hand as he lashes out with his left. Gin springs boards off the retracting Gun Blade and doe a spinning back flip dodging the on coming attack and gracefully lands several feet away.
Leon: “What, what have you figured out?!”

Gin lightly chuckles as unfastens his now tattered robe and tosses it to the side. After securely cinching Shinso in his cloth belt Gin then addresses The Gun Blade Alchemist.
My, my so impatient. The “it” I have figured out is the holes in your offense and defenses. Why the puzzled look, you know your weakness very well and are covering them quite nicely. But one of my gifts is the ability to read my opponent very precisely and find the subtle hints that they display. In example you two biggest weaknesses are number one you fall in the same category as Soul and Slader you all out attack strength along with duel wielding. This puts a major weakness as mobility and high mobility fighters. You covered that nicely by teaming up with Mugetsu. You assimilate opponents attacks and use them against them and other people. Although you perfect the attack increasing both accuracy and speed along with attack power. Now here’s the part that is intriguing, you still fall victim to the laws of physics. That last attack was Soul’s and you executed it exquisitely, but I observed both him and you performing it, his weapon is much bigger then yours so it takes you less effort to swing the blade. Meaning you have to compensate by slowing the attack down, which you didn’t, or by counter balancing you weight after that heavy swing which you did by throwing you left arm and gun blade out. This threw your attack off by .04 millimeters giving me ample space to dodge. “

Leon roars in with a flurry of slashes and cuts, bringing his right Gun Blade up and crossing it over his left Gun Blade he squeezes of several rounds. Gin back peddles then dodges the squeezed offed rounds. Gin regains his balance as Leon comes back in with another flurry of attacks causing Gin to again to back peddle evading his attacks. Leon’s left Gun Blade levels with Gin’s face as he pulls the trigger. Gin doesn’t even try to dodge as the Gun Blade fires. Leon blankly looks at Gin as his right Gun Blade tears into the earth missing its mark. My, my did I fail to mention that I realized you carry two different Gun Blades? The one in you right hand is the ranged type that can fire off rounds like a normal gun. While the one in your left hand is the percussion type that uses the exploding gun powder to vibrate the gun blade causing the cut to have more impact.” A smile crept across Leon’s face as he backed up and calmed himself.
Leon: “This may be more fun then I originally thought.”
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Goro arrived in Neibelhem. It was partly cloudy, with some places with sunshine. It was in the afternoon hours. Goro couldn't tell exactly what time in the afternoon because, he broke his watch on the way here. The village, was quite different from what it he remembered but it didn't bother him to much.

He worked his way to ShinRa Headquarters, where his new job awaited. It was the huge mansion in the back of town. Goro neared the gate. The place looked just like it used to, that short time ago. He stepped inside the gate and made his way towards the huge maroon doors. "This is it, my new life is about to begin." Goro said exictedly, as he pushed the doors open.

Inside, Goro passed into the threshold of the main lobby area. He looked around, and took in the sights of the HQ. He then noticed the ladt sitting at the reception desk. Goro stepped up to the desk and was greeted by the secretary Ms. Snow.

"Hello we've been expecting you Vortex Alchemist"

"Hi, I'm here to pick up my-

"Yes, I know why you're here, here is your key to your room, number 12."

Goro took the key,and placed it in his pocket. He picked up his bags
and turned to leave, but Ms. Snow stopped him.

"Your roomate is The Demi Alchemist-Eeyug Tamaly"
Goro nodded.
"He is also your partner as well."

Goro never really had a partner before but it should be fun to work with someone. He picked up his bags and walked towards the staircase that lead to his room. He stepped onto the first step and made his way up. Goro was at the top soon after and made a left in the direction of his room. He pulled out the key and slipped it into the lock.

Goro turned the key. A clicking noise rang from the door. He then turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. Inside the room was pretty big, enough for maybe 4 fully grown people. "This is a pretty nice place. He walked over to one of the beds and placed his bags on it. As he started to unpack, the intercom in the room came on.

"Goro, please come back to the desk please, there is something here for you."

Goro left his stuff on the bed and walked out the door. He continued on to the stairs all the way down. At the desk, Ms. Snow was holding a large envelope.

"Here take this, inside it is your required credentials. One of which is your ID card for your person and another which is the little card right there for your cadet training, which you must complete for full ShinRa access."

Goro nodded yet again, and took the envelope.

"Where is the sparring room?" He asked in a perplexed look.

"It out around back, you can't miss it, and good luck."

"Thanks." Goro said as he turned to head to the back.

Goro stepped back out the maroon door, and went around to the back. The sparring room was much bigger than he had anticipated. 'So this is it, I wonder what kind of training I'll be given.' he wondered. Goro stepped to the front doors of the sparring room and entered.

"BEGIN TRAINING!" Goro yelled out.
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Judge of paradise

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She only nodded at the S.T.A.R.S captain, preferring to let her actions speak for themselves.

She shrugged of this feeling of discomfort she felt seeing the two most skilled mantis assassin styled warriors duke it out. Circling around Mugetsu, she came up behind him, and charged him. she would prefer not to, but orders are orders, she struck out with the Longinus lance, trying to impale Mugetsu when he disappeared as she attacked, she fell more than dodge into the ground, she slowly got to her knees and elbows, before getting kicked in the gut, she spitted out blood and stomach acids. She rolled onto Mugetsu's foot withdrawing the sterling cross she got from Gin, quickly transmuted it so that the lower part turned sharp, and shoved it into his thigh, feeling the muscle inside split she knew she had hit the right spot. She narrowly dodged his sword and got up, upper cutting him in the chin as she did, temporarily stunning him.

"I am sorry sir; I don't think I’m in any shape to contribute further to this battle. This will be the final; I’ll leave the rest to you."

She got up and reused her favorite Shikai.

"Attack power."

She could feel it, all her strength returning and with that all her stamina, all her fatigue was like gone with the wind. She charged at Mugetsu, who was unable to get away fast enough on one leg. He tried to defend himself, but since his left leg was practically useless, every left swing that Shinki would throw at him left him off balanced. She continued to just hammering at him, making him leave the ground with every hit. Not caring much for her defense, she went all-offensive. Leaving several deep gashes and wounds on him, even a few puncture wounds. Mugetsu's sword on the other hand both had time to block her strikes as well to make deep gashes in her body. She gathered all her remaining strength and after a feint strike with her weapon kneed him in the gut, finally got her revenge for that kick earlier. After this knee kick, she felt all her power leave her and she did not even have enough strength left to actually stand, she hoped that Muroga somehow could move the fight further away from her otherwise she might lose her life. she remotely heard someone else scream something, and after that something akin to lasers appeared, but her vision was to clouded to see who or how they were there, the world faded to black. And she only had time to faintly remember something obscure she had heard earlier in her life.

"Laser is not difficult, ze."
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Flight of Dragons

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Leon’s smile faded as he charged Gin with deadly aggression. Sparks fly as the two lock up in deadly combat. For all his power Leon couldn't get in a good solid hit due to Gin’s overwhelming speed. Gin vanishes as a well aimed overhead slash bisects his after image. Gin pours on the pressure as he comes from Leon’s left with a flurry of jabs. Leon back pedals blocking strikes all the way. Dodging a hard forward thrust Leon throws a quick sweep. As Gin jumps the sweep Leon uses the momentum he gained performing it to come back up with a powerful side thrust kick. All Gin can do is cross his arms to absorb most of the shock. Gin rockets back and lands on his back hard several yards away. Gin forces himself to his feet as he shakes both arms to regain some feeling in them. But before Gin could reengage Leon he feels Blue’s Spiritual presence fading. He looks to his left to see her collapse in front of a Mugetsu. Before Gin could react to this Leon comes down with a thrust that Gin narrowly dodges. Gin quickly regains his vertical base and runs up Leon’s sword as he starts to pull it from the earth. Rocketing over Leon’s right shoulder Gin firmly plants his left sandal squarely in the middle of Leon’s shoulder blades as his right pounds the back of Leon’s head knocking him over his Gun Blade.

Seeing that his attacks have dazed Leon Gin vanishes from view reappearing before Blue leaving two deep gashes across Mugetsu's chest. Mugetsu erupts into a dark cloud. As Gin figured it was only a clone. He peers over his left shoulder to see that Muroga was still engaging a Mugetsu perhaps the real one. But that was of little importance because as of right now Gin’s top priority was to get Shinki over to the STARS personnel guarding Soul because he refuse to lose the first person he thought of as a friend in twenty years. Gin bends down and gently lifts her into his arms then turns, using his speed while holding another was going to be difficult since he had never done it before. But he pushed that though out of his mind as he vanishes from view. Moments later he reappears in front of the heavily armed STARS and startles them. He walks past them with out a word and softly paces Blue by Soul. He then turns and walks back in between then guards and looks to each before speaking. “If you allow either one of theses people to get killed… before Gin could finish he sees Leon getting up holding his ranged Gun Blade in their direction. Gin quickly steps forward slashing out as Leon fires the last three shots in his chamber. Shinso destroys the bullets with precision. Gin then turns back to the soldiers “….I’ll personally gut the both of you.” As Gin’s after image fades the two guards only shuddered at the thought, it wasn’t the threat, but rather Gin’s presence and voice that made their skin just crawl.

Gin quickly reengages Leon who had just finished reloading his weapon. He brings the blade up just in time to block a strike aimed at his coronary artery. Leon then counters with a jab to the gut which sends Gin stumbling backwards, capitalizing on the situation Leon dashes forward with a X slash hitting Gin square in the chest causing him to spin in mid air and to hit the ground hard. Gin forces himself to his hands and knees as blood pours from the opened wound on his chest. Stumbling Gin forces himself to his vertical base. Gin pulls Shinso’s sheath from his cloth belt and brings it into a defensive form alongside Shinso itself. Gin’s whole body ached, he thanked his schools grueling training or he may have already died. Gin steadies and calms himself. Then with out warning vanishes from sight appearing before Leon with a flurry of sword and sheath strikes. Both Gin and Leon take turns attacking and defending as the overall war raged around them.

Posted: Feb 15 2008, 05:14 AM

Formerly Sephira

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As Heaven tried to demand an answer the receptionist just stared at her awhile. "Certainly madam" She got off of her seat and moved off to a cabinet and pulled out a form which she gave to Heaven. "If you would like to follow me you could fill out this form for me then i'll pass it on. We are busy so you should get a reply from the Commander within 3 days" She told her while walking to a small room on the first floor. Heaven sat down on the seat and began filling in the form. "Date of birth" She mumbled to herself. "I don't know when I was created" She carried on mumbling. 'N/A' She wrote in the space. Carrying on writing down the page she reached. 'Background Information’ but she couldn't really write much about that either.

Handing it back in the receptionist Began typing away. "While your waiting for us to get back on this place try to settle down in this town. There’re a few places to rent out around here.” She smiled as Heaven began to walk out. Looking around it was all too new, a structure stood in the centre of the town. Standing by it she looked around and saw a place with "for rent" in the window.
Satsugai Kaze
Posted: Feb 15 2008, 06:25 AM

Harbinger of Purity

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Muroga cursed as Shinki fell and was quickly pulled out of the battle, and with a grim determination, he slugged a sandstone fist into Mugetsu with the force of a jackhammer. This time, Mugetsu landed heavily, skidding backwards on his good leg. He was far from giving up, though.
"You're lucky you have good friends to help you." Blood from his leg dripped slowly onto the ground.

"I'm more lucky than you think." Muroga clicked his fingers again, and the Little Bird came out, with both its mounted miniguns blazing. Mugetsu jumped and dodged with an amazing fluidity for a man who had a stabbed leg. By the time the helicopter stopped to reload, however, Mugetsu was sweating.

"You're also very cheap."
"Well, no-one said anything about honour, did they?"
They clashed again, this time at an equal. Mugetsu's handicap was, in hindsight, hardly worth the effort - Shinki wasn't just another soldier to be sacrificed like that.

Muroga's flowing wrist clashed with Mugetsu's solid blows as they fought in a dance like motion of both the blade, feet and fist. It ended with Muroga's uppercut to Mugetsu's chin, sending him flying up into the air. Following him, he struck him several times with solid fists of rock, before making contact with Mugetsu's blade, cutting a gash into his forearm.

Before they dropped to the ground, Muroga attempted his Iado Fang again, the vortex of air coming off his blade rushing towards Mugetsu once again. This time, he only half blocked it, and the two men fell heavily to the ground, kneeling with their backs turned to each other.

There was a large wound on Mugetsu's side, but Muroga had practically the same wound as well. Mugetsu seemed to laugh wildly, nostrils flared like a panicked animal, while Muroga fought to clear his mind from the blinding pain.
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Shinra Recruit

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Eeyug walks in the main door of Nibleheim Mansion, and puts down his bags in the entrance. With a tone of relief ha hadn’t felt for about a month he said:
“Ahh. Finally the day has come”
Wondering what events expect him, he starts to explore the house but accidentally bumps into a woman coming round the corner. Without even looking at the person who she bumped into says:
“Watch were you’re going Mr. And do you normally barge into people’s houses as if it were your own?!?!”
After she looks up, she starts thinking.
“Wait. Sorry but I didn’t recognize you Darkmatter Alchemist. Welcome to Nibleheim Mansion. I am Ms Snow. I will help you around here. First off, here is the key to your room. Now I must bid you farewell as I have other duties to attend to.”
Ms Snow gives Eeyug the key to his room and quickly goes out of Shinra Mansion.
“Wait! I don’t even know where my room is!”
All of Eeyug’s shouts were in vain because Ms Snow never re-appeared. Eeyug, not knowing were to go, started exploring the mansion to find a door that opened with his key. He started with the basement. The door there wouldn’t budge at all and the key wouldn’t fit. When he saw that there wasn’t any other room down there, he went up to the base floor. The only door there was a huge one that led to what seems to be a dojo.
“A Dojo !! But I guess I better go unpack first”
Eeyug then headed up to the first floor and started reading the names written on the doors there.
“Shikaru, Slader, Soul, Heaven, Muroga, Hamaza, Raiya, X, Shinki, Gin,Eeyug & Goro (Room #12). I guess this has to be my room.”
Eeyug puts in the key and opens the door. The room is quite bare but big.
“at least they give their guests big rooms!!!”
On the table in the middle of the room, there was a note. It read: “Dear Darkmatter Alchemist, when you finish unpacking, go to the dojo at the back of the mansion, go in the middle, and shout “Being Training”. I suggest you take your weapon with you. Ms Snow”
“Finally some action. I haven’t fought someone in ages. All that chocobo riding got me out of shape.”
Eeyug unpacked everything were it should be placed, and while unpacking even found out that there was a family of mice living under his bed. When he was finished, he put on his ShinRa Metal Gloves and headed to the dojo. He stood in the middle and shouted:
“Training begin”
Eeyug got in fighting pose but nothing happened.
“What’s supposed to happen! Why did I need my gloves if nothing was supposed to happen. All I had to do was shout BEGIN TRAINING….”
A hologram of a person suddenly appeared
“So It was begin training not training begin…”
A voice from the background: “Darkmatter alchemist Vs. Static Alchemist.”

The Static Alchemist instantly shot Eeyug but luckily Eeyug managed to avoid the shot due to the static alchemist’s bad aim. Eeyug quickly dashed towards the static alchemist and hit him with a punch in the stomach that made him slam against the wall, but before Eeyug had chance to catch his breath, the static alchemist shot an Electro Shot at Eeyug. Eeyug quickly used his Tactical Cover shikai which put up an energy barrier and protected him against the Electro Shot. Suddenly the static alchemist was right in front of Eeyug and was going to shoot him in the head, but Eeyug quickly grabbed the static alchemist’s arm and flipped him to the floor using his Judo skills. Eeyug was going to slam the alchemist but he had gotten up already and was going to use his static punch shikai. Eeyug wasn’t at all distracted and used his D-Vort shikai which created a vortex right between the two alchemists and nullified the static punch and gave Eeyug enough chance to go right behind the distracted alchemist and hit him in the neck. The static alchemist fell to the ground and the hologram disappeared.
“That was quite easy for a surprise battle…”
Suddenly the door to the dojo opened and in came what seemed like another alchemist. Eeyug quickly ran to the side of the dojo were he stayed hidden. The alchemist went in the middle of the room and shouted
“Begin Training”
The voice in the background was instantly heard. This time it said
"Vortex alchemist Vs. Frost Alchemist”
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