The year is 2008, the place is the state of New York. Ever since life first appeared on the planet billion of years ago it has steadily been evolving, become stronger with each generation. Over the eons various races have ruled as the dominant species of the planet, that was until humans came along. For thousands of years they have ruled and believed themselves to be the pinnacle of evolution, they are sadly mistaken. For years the government has known of and studied the newest species, mutants. Some merely wish to monitor them while others want to imprison or wipe them out but regardless of their desires, the ones caught in the middle of the citizens. Mutants are not yet public knowledge but with the sudden rush of activity, it may not be long before they are.

So the question must be asked, Where are you in this?


Welcome to Evolution Begins! Feel free to have a look around.

We are a board based around both the X-Men: Evolution television show and the Ultimate X-Men comic book. Ideas from both are integrated into the plot as well as most characters. If you do not know much about either of these two mediums then feel free to ask an admin. You'll find that we do not accept anything you may take from wikipedia or Marvel Database as both sites are not counted as reliable sources by anyone's standards and as far as this board is concerned, it should only be used to give you a general idea of the two worlds and of whatever characters you may chose to be. Thank you for your time and enjoy your stay here.

As the board begins to grow we will expand opening up more forums and allow for more character from the Ultimate Universe to by played. For now some will be used as event character but hopefully in time we can and will expand into a more universe setting then just X-Men. So for those of you that are comic fans make sure to read up and for those that aren't, ask as we do not allow the any wiki as they are not good sources.

B A Y V I L L E . N E W Y O R K

MOMENT;; September, 2008
WEATHER;; Partial Cloudy
With school back in session Bayville may experience many mutant related events.


C O N G R A T S . T O :


We the staff would like to thank everyone of you that have joined the board. As soon as we have enough members we'll hold an COTM contest but until then, enjoy yourselves.

- Evolution Begins Staff

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