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Welcome to Estonei Weyr! Tread lightly, for the invaders might hear you, and they quite honestly won't mind having you for a snack! Times have become quite bleak in the last few Turns, we do, however, enjoy the company. ^_^

Just so you know, we're an alternate 7th Interval! The Turn is: 2004.

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 P| Kaizyth : Looks To Weyrwoman Syralin
Posted: Jan 16 2011, 07:18 PM


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When I looked to you, I said...

Age: 13 Turns
Colour: Gold
Bonded To: Weyrwoman Syralin

Personality: It is easy to say that Kaizyth is the more serious one between her and her bonded. She won't brook for much nonsense on her rider's behalf, though she would be lying if she said she wouldn't hold her tongue every now and again for her beloved's sake. Apparently one needs a little play in life. Kaizyth is the kind of dragon that adores being clean and being cleaned. She often demands to be oiled a little more often that she absolutely needs to be, but won't grumble too much if she is declined. She craves her rider's attention, though she will often trade that out for a little sunning on a warm rock outside when Syralin is too busy to tend to her, or amuse herself with the other dragons.

Appearance: Kaizyth is a little on the larger side for a Queen, her length measuring out to a grand total of 44 feet, though this and the slightly longer wingspan almost seem to be making up for the fact that her legs are a little shorter than most. Her hide is a soft golden yellow colour, for the most part. She has a splash of pale, pale hide on her chest just below her neck that seems almost white in colour. This also so happens to be her favourite spot to have her rider rub. Kaizyth also have darker markings, almost brown, that go along the underneath of her multi-faceted eyes, and down her spine right to the tips of her tail, with some thin 'strands' straying from her back onto her sides.

Mind Voice: A soft alto

Will be edited over time as needed once the game is underway.
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